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F.S Chapter 36: Eriri’s Plan

“It turned out that you know Eriri!” Hearing Mu Fan’s explanation, Asuna said with surprise.

“Yeah.” Mu Fan nodded and looked at Eriri and greeted her: “Hello, Eriri-san!”

Regardless of what he thought, he needed to greet her politely.

Eriri smiled, revealing her little tiger teeth which made her look cuter.

“Hello, Mu Fan.”

If any boy saw this smile, they will fall in love with her directly, but in Mu Fan’s eyes, Eriri was just a young miss.

And although he knew her, he wasn’t very familiar with her. After that greeting, both of them remained silent which made the atmosphere around them somewhat awkward.

Asuna immediately said: “Mu Fan, since you are here, do you want to go shopping with us?”

After saying this, Asuna’s cheeks became hot, this was her first time inviting a boy to go shopping with her.

In fact, since the accident in the club, Asuna started feeling secure whenever Mu Fan was around.

Although Asuna knew that this may be a psychological effect, but she still wanted Mu Fan to accompany her.

Just… This invitation made Eriri became a little tense.

Mu Fan saw this and smiled. It seems like Asuna still didn’t know about Eriri’s secret identity.

The message he saw in Asuna’s phone said that she needed Asuna to be a model for her. Probably Asuna assumed that Eriri was making a simple manga.

Wanting to draw Asuna as the heroine of your manga, how can he let that happen?

If she draws her, he was the only one allowed to see.

Of course, Mu Fan thought about the illustration for Accel World. If Eromanga didn’t accept to draw it, he could just make Eriri draw it.

Eriri was in front of him, he wouldn’t let such an opportunity to slip by just like that. Mu Fan still have the SAO equipment with him so he said: “Although I don’t have anything to do now, wouldn’t be inappropriate to go shopping while I have this equipment?”

Hearing his refusal, Eriri eyebrows were picked up and a happy expression appeared on her face.

Mu Fan was paying attention to her expression and seeing this, he was convinced of his thoughts.

Sure enough, she had other motives for asking Asuna to accompany her.

In Fact, the equipment wasn’t that heavy, they won’t be a hindrance to go shopping like that.

However, when he said this, Mu Fan had some concern, if Asuna didn’t say anything else and let him go, he won’t stay.

  It’s like a game choice, if he chose the wrong one, he will have to leave.

However, if he agreed directly, Eriri would be suspicious all the time.

Mu Fan’s answer made Asuna disappointed.

After thinking for a moment, a joyful expression appeared on Asuna’s face as she smiled and said: “Mu Fan, how about you put the equipment in the car that we came in, and when we are going back we can send you along the way?”

“Oh, a good idea.”

Mu Fan was happy, his eyes looked at Eriri and the latter was biting her teeth and staring at him. If stares could kill he would be dead over a dozen times over.

She seemed to say: “If you dare agree, you’re dead.”

When Mu Fan saw this and looked at her, Asuna turned to look at Eriri too, the latter’s face returned to normal, the look from before completely disappeared.

However, Mu Fan could tell that there is something going on.

Since Asuna agreed, he would go, what can she do?

The Asuna protecting plan started!

“Thank you so much, I didn’t come to Akihabara that much, so I long since wanted to go shopping here.”

Seeing Mu Fan agreeing, Asuna who seemed nervous eased up and smiled joyfully: “You’re welcome, You helped me solve the crisis I faced in the club and I still didn’t repay you.”

“I am also a member of the club, what I did is normal.”

Mu Fan returned a faint smile and followed Asuna to the car which attracted many people eyes which were full of envy.

Asuna opened the door and put the equipment inside then said:  “We’ll be back later.” And then come in front of Eriri and said with care: “What happened Eriri? Why aren’t you talking anymore since Mu Fan arrived?”

A light bulb appeared and disturbed her plan, she was in a very bad mood right now.

She had to come up with a new plan.

Mu Fan smiled in his heart, even if she comes up with another plan, Mu Fan can think of most of them and also counter them.

“Ah… Nothing at all.”

Eriri immediately shook her head and her ponytails swayed with her head in a playful manner. She glanced at Mu Fan who was next to Asuna and grasped her arm and said: “Asuna, I heard that there is a good bookstore near Akihabara, do you want to go see it?”

Asuna nodded and then said: “let’s go check it, what do you say Mu Fan?”

“No problem.” Mu Fan spread his hands, he mainly wanted to get the equipment today, so he didn’t have anything else to do. The bookstores here mostly sell light novels. That’s probably why Eriri wanted to go.

Seeing Mu Fan agreeing, Eriri took Asuna’s hand and dragged her toward the Bookstore and Mu Fan immediately followed up.

This was the largest bookstore in Akihabara, many light novels were on the shelves but most of the covers were of beautiful girls which Otaku often liked.

For example, Mu Fan saw a book cover which you can tell how much the artist researched the psychology of the otaku.

As for Asuna she just looked at them and shyly blushed.

Upon seeing this, Mu Fan chuckled: “It seems that Eriri-san is very familiar with this that’s why we come shopping here, right?”