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F.S Chapter 35: The secret identity of Eriri

The next day, the weather was as clear as ever and they entered the summer season. Today was much hotter than yesterday, which was a good day to dry the laundry.

Early this morning, Mu Fan turned the washing machine on to wash his school uniform and Sagiri’s underwear.

He put on a cool white shirt as he waited for the washing to end. Finally, he took the laundry and hanged them to dry on the balcony.

Since today is Sunday, he can go and get SAO’s equipment. After preparing something for Sagiri to eat, he placed the plate in front of her door and shouted: “Sagiri, I’m going out, I will be back before evening.”

For a long time, there was no sound coming from inside.

He wasn’t in a hurry for Sagiri to open her heart to him.

Mu Fan comforted himself and went downstairs to eat. After finishing he put his shoes on and closed the door and windows the same as every time and then left.

He arrived at Akihabara in about half an hour.

The place of SAO boot was the same as yesterday. A lot of people gathered there.

So many people are here to get the equipment, what should he do now?

Looking at the long queue in front of him, Mu Fan took a cold breath. No wonder in his predecessor’s memories, the ACG culture was the most prosperous in this world.

As for SAO, RECT said that this game could change the world, known as the world’s first VRMMO.

The Official website of the game was clicked a few billion times daily. If you took that into consideration, this many people coming early morning for the equipment is somewhat normal.

Yesterday, he had Tomoya with him, but today he’s alone and it will be boring to wait.

Why did I think like this?

This thought flashed in Mu Fan’s mind and he couldn’t help but shudder.

Didn’t this sound so gay?

There is nothing he could do but wait in line until his turn.

Fortunately, this time there was nothing much to do today, he just needed to give the staff the Equipment voucher and he will receive the equipment, he didn’t have to leave any information like phone number or anything.

Finally, his turn is here, Mu Fan took the number 100 and 101 Voucher and handed them to the staff. The staff turned around and gave him two boxes. Then he looked at Mu Fan and smiled: “This here is the equipment and also the instruction manual. Just go back and connect to the internet following the instruction, then start the game. There is a reward for the people who can level up the fastest. I hope you can work hard and get the rewards.”

“I see, thank you.”

Mu Fan nodded and took the boxes, as long as he had some knowledge about Pcs, this would be a piece of cake.

Although the boxes were somewhat large, they were only helmets and some cables. They were advanced technology which wasn’t that heavy, they were about 5kg.

As for the last thing the staff said, Mu Fan could only smile. He had to go to the Cooking club and write the novel. The game was only for relaxation.

It didn’t matter to him if he gets the fastest level up reward as he didn’t wish to turn the game into hard work.

“Mu Fan, you’re here?”

Mu Fan slightly glimpsed back and found Asuna standing behind him looking at him with a smile.

Asuna was wearing w short-sleeved shirt and a pure white skirt and also white stocking which gave her some kind of a youthful charm.

In Akihabara, there is no way you could see Asuna usually. She is too famous and people would normally swarm around her. But how come she’s here today.

Mu Fan quickly came back to his senses and raised the boxes in his hand and said honestly: “I’m here to get the equipment, but how come you’re here?”

“Oh, I came here with my friend.” Asuna smiled a little and stretched her finger toward a petite delicate and cute girl with a double ponytail as she said to Mu Fan: “Mu Fan, this is my friend, Eriri Spencer Sawamura.”

“I’m friends with her classmate.”

Mu Fan looked at the familiar double ponytailed girl and smiled.

Eriri Spencer Sawamura was half British and half Japanese girl, a very talented person in the art department and she became famous as soon as she entered the school.

She was one of the cutest girls in school in the eyes of the boys.

The reason Mu Fan actually knew her is because she is actually Tomoya’s classmate. He didn’t talk to her before and it surprised him that she and Asuna were good friends.

However, Mu Fan could guess that they knew each other because of their families and became good friends after that.

However, Mu Fan still found it a little bit strange as Eriri wasn’t the kind of miss that was unapproachable. She talks normally with her classmates. She shouldn’t be interested in the ACG culture and that why she came with Asuna right?

After a moment, Mu Fan had an idea as he recalled the message Asuna got while they were in the cooking club.

That sentence came from a person named Kashiwagi Eri.

 Kashiwagi Eri? Eriri Spencer?

In other words, the name of the two is somewhat similar.

He unexpectedly found a secret. A smile was drawn on Mu Fan’s mouth.

It turns out that the school’s Miss Eriri Spencer was the super popular Mangaka, Kashiwagi.

Haha, I’m so smart!

And Kashiwagi made Asuna accompany her here is probably because Asuna already knew about this or…

Asuna was also an otaku.