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F.S Chapter 34: My sister’s clothes I will wash.

This… Seems to work?!

Mu Fan frowned as he drank the tea and felt his mind refreshed. He couldn’t help feeling shocked.


Although it was bitter, it’s really cool and suitable for this weather.

She did a good job making this.

However… This tea seems to have nothing to do with her.

“Mu Fan, Are you writing a novel?”

At this time, Gabriel noticed Mu Fan typing in his phone and couldn’t help ask him.

“Well, I’m like this every day.”

In order to avoid Gabriel’s annoyance, Mu Fan could only say this.


Gabriel opened her mouth in surprise as she said: “I have never read a novel before. After finishing it, can you show it to me?”

“Of course.”

Mu Fan smiled as it was better to get more readers. Moreover, Gabriel seems to have never read a novel before which could get her interested in his novel.

Although there are some parts Mu Fan liked, he can’t make a pure girl read them.

It seems like I will have to give an excuse so she doesn’t read them. I don’t want to corrupt her.

“That’s great, thank you.” Gabriel excitedly said.

“You’re welcome.”

After a long time, the system finally finished the restore and after it started booting, Mu fan connected the network cable to the pc and opened a web page. The latest news of the RECT company appeared on the webpage.

It seems like the SAO sold tens of thousands of equipment today.

Mu Fan had some doubt and tried to test the network while looking for more information.

Today RECT officially published SAO and the game seems to have an unprecedented sales. A total of 50,000 pieces of equipment were sold and that’s only the result of the morning until 2 pm. Even though many still couldn’t make it, they would need to get the equipment next week. According to an insider, only 10,000 sets would be sold next week so players would need to make an early appointment.

  “Mu Fan, what are you looking at?”

Suddenly Gabriel looked at Mu Fan with her beautiful eyes as she asked this question.

“Nothing.” Mu Fan shook his head and turned the news off. If he was found out by Gabriel, she would annoy him to death. He might skip some days of school playing which she might not like.

“The problem is already solved, it was a system problem and I fixed it, you can surf the net as much as you like now.”

Seeing that she can finally get online, Gabriel immediately stood up and thanked Mu Fan.

“You’re welcome.”

At this time, Vigne wearing an apron walked out of the kitchen and glanced at outside, as she saw the sun about to set she smiled and said: “Mu Fan, today I will be preparing the dinner. Do you want to join us?”

“Oh, Vigne, you can cook?” Mu Fan looked at her with surprise.

“Well, I’m slightly worse than you.”

“I just have a few dishes I can make.” Mu Fan smiled and said: “Thank you for the invitation, but I still have things to do at home.”

Mu Fan said apologetically, although he was happy about the invitation, he still has a little sister to take care of at home. So he decided to go home and take care of her.

Saying goodbye to Gabriel and Vigne, Mu Fan returned home and opened the door and said: “I’m back.”

But no knocking was heard from upstairs.

He was a little worried as he thought.

Did she sleep after eating?

He also thought about what his sister was doing every day.

After thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t tell what she was doing. He through these thought at the back of his head as he was preparing to go take a shower. The weather outside was somewhat hot and he sweated too much today so a shower would be nice. But as soon as he took his clothes off and came in front of the bathroom door, he heard the sound of water.

Although the door’s glass was blurry, Mu Fan could still notice the petite body lying in the bathtub.

“No wonder there was no knocking when I arrived. She is taking a shower.”

Mu Fan smiled a bit as he thought about his sister. She loved to be clean but she would never come out when he is around only when he leaves would she come out and take her shower. Apparently, she didn’t expect him to come back this early.

Mu Fan suddenly had a bold idea. He can enter into the bath now and say that he didn’t know she was there and have a look at his sister’s body.

No, I can’t do this.

I’m no pervert, if it happens as an accident it’s another matter but if I were to do it intentionally, she would lose her trust in me and I would never be able to complete the task.

She was just too cute what can he do?

Mu Fan turned around and as about to leave, but he noticed a few pink clothes placed into a basin next to the washing machine. He couldn’t help but squat down and look at them carefully. At first glance, besides the pink pajamas and the blue one, there was lovely yellow underwear.

Seeing this, Mu Fan suddenly realized that his predecessor wasn’t only responsible for cooking for his sister but also for washing her clothes.

What an amazing brother!

For the first time, Mu Fan had a legitimate reason to look at a girls underwear.

In his memory, although his sister wasn’t very honest, she gave the feeling of a pure girl. But this underwear… Wearing laces is…

Well, this really excites him.

In addition, if he didn’t wash them, Sagiri would be doubtful of him, right?

After all, her brother used to wash her clothes every day, if she knew he wasn’t the same person, he would have to leave.

So… He can only wash them, I hope she doesn’t blame me.