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F.S Chapter 33: Helping out

“Am I an idiot? Looking at Gabriel? I was just passing by.”

Mu Fan wasn’t mad about what Vigne said who just happened to come out.

He didn’t observe his sister before, so how can he observe Gabriel?

But when it comes to secretly observing someone, Gabriel was far better than him. She actually observed him for a weak before he could catch her.

Vigne grinned and said with a meaningful smile: “But I remember Mu Fan bullying Gabriel all the time, can it be you like her? I heard that boys always bully the girls they like.”

“I like her?”

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched. Who would like this fake angel that wants to save everyone in the world? If he had the leisure to like her, wouldn’t his life be annoying?

However, Mu fan knew that explaining would make things more complicated so he smiled and said: “You care so much about Gabriel that you come to help her. Do you like Gabriel by any chance?”


Hearing his words, Vigne flustered and her face turned red as she waved her hand to explain: “I… I don’t like her!”

Seeing her red face and the way she was explaining, Mu Fan’s eyes squinted as he thought, does she really not like her? 

Saying this about two beautiful girls…


After fantasizing a bit, Mu Fan coughed and returned to his normal look: “Since you care about her and you don’t like her, how can it prove that I like Gabriel? Don’t confuse love and care together, Vigne.”

“Yes, Classmate Mu Fan’s words are reasonable.”

After finding a way out, her face eased up a lot as she quickly put the bag into the trash which wasn’t far away.

Mu Fan smiled, seeing Vigne’s panic made him see something new. He could be sure that even if she didn’t have any feelings now, things are going in that direction.

However, he didn’t care about that development now, but as he was about to leave, Vigne suddenly said to him.

“Mu fan, do you have some time?”

“What’s the matter?” Mu Fan stopped and asked. He didn’t have anything to do now anyway so he turned toward Vigne to see what she wants.

“Gabriel’s home was equipped with network cable today, I wanted to surf the net but it’s not working for a while now. Can you help us see what the problem is?”

“Let me see it first.”

Mu Fan thought about it, in his past life, he often fixed his net and pc problems by himself.

“Thanks, come in.”

Seeing that Mu Fan agreed, Vigne was happy as she invited him in.

If it wasn’t any other normal guy coming into their home, especially a home of an Otaku, she would give him a piece of her mind, but since his relationship with Gabriel was good, she was relieved.

“Mu… Mu Fan-san?”

When she heard the sound of footsteps, Gabriel looked up and as she saw Vigne coming back with Mu Fan, she stiffened and clutched her clothes.

Mu Fan gazed at her and stood still.

He was somewhat speechless as he remembered the last thing he said to her.

Do you want to fight with me?

But still this is her house, what is she nervous about?

“Vigne said that you can’t connect to the internet, so I will help you look at it.” Mu Fan explained.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Gabriel sighed in relief as she opened the door and gesture toward Mu Fan: “Come in please, Mu Fan-san.”

“Thank you.”

Mu Fan didn’t directly enter Gabriel’s room. This was his first time in both lives he is entering a girl’s room after all

To his surprise, after he entered, her room was very clean. Her windows are open while the sun rays brightened the room.

If he was to write his novel here, his speed would probably soar.

Mu Fan glanced at the corner beside the closet as he admired Gabriel. There was not even a spec of dust in the room. She’s probably cleaning the room every day.

Seeing this, Mu Fan couldn’t help think about his sister. She was a very clean girl, so he could guess that her room should be as clean as this one.

The room was clean and simple. The wall beside the bed had some poster on it. In the center of the room, there was a pink new laptop. He can tell that it was bought recently.

“Where is the network cable?” Mu Fan looked at Gabriel as he entered.

“It’s here.”

Gabriel immediately pointed at the corner of the room: “The network should’ve worked since yesterday. But I don’t know why I have been unable to access the internet…”

 “I will check it out”

Mu Fan stood up and carefully checked the cable and the laptop. If the network is already working, then probably there is a problem with the laptop. After checking for a while, he didn’t find anything wrong with the cable. So the problem is with the computer. He looked at Gabriel and asked: “Is there any information on the computer that needs to be saved?”

“No.” Gabriel blinked a little then knelt beside Mu Fan and said: “You think that there is a problem with the computer?”

“Well, it should be.”

Mu Fan nodded and fortunately, Gabriel’s laptop had a restore button. Mu fan held the button for a while and the computer entered the restore state.

Since there is there was no information that needs to be saved, he could directly restore it.

The laptop was new so it was very fast.

“Mu Fan, please have some tea.”  Vigne handed a cup of tea to Mu Fan.

“Thank you.”

Mu Fan took the tea and took a sip and almost directly sprayed it out.

It’s really bitter, I really don’t understand what kind of taste you two have…

Looking at the Frowning Mu Fan, Vigne couldn’t help smiling as she explained: “Because the summer started, this tea is refreshing. Mu Fan you shouldn’t be picky.”

Picky? Are you saying that this thing can be drunk?