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F.S Chapter 32: Working with Eromanga-Sensei!

“Sure enough, as expected of a work recommended by Tomoya-san.”

Kagurazaki arranged the manuscript after she finished reading it and placed on the table. She then looked at Mu Fan’s face and said: “Mu Fan, Your work is very novel. The story is interesting except for the lack in the writing area. The characters are likable which is very rare in the novels these days.”

My writing talent is only level one, how do you expect me to write better?

Mu Fan smiled in his heart, although he wrote many novels in his past life, with a systematic evolution, his talent is currently level one. Level one is certainly insufficient, but this is not a problem. The big problem of a light novel is the plot and characters, there is no high requirement in writing so as long as it’s readable, it’s not that difficult for Accel world to succeed.

The skill level can rise by using the talent for a long time. So even if the task isn’t completed by the time he finishes Accel World, the talent level should somewhat rise.

“Haha, I have to say that with this novel, you will definitively win the competition this year.”

Tomoya excitedly patted Mu Fan’s shoulder and smiled. As the first one to read Accel world, He naturally hopes that he can continue reading it and also he looks forward to see how it would do when it’s out for sale.

“Well, I’m eager to recommend Accel World to the ASCII Media Work’s higher-ups.”

Kagurazaki changed the way to call Mu Fan as she Said: “Mu Fan-sensei, I will prepare a contract for you. After writing some more, the only thing left would be the illustrator. I will recommend you to the famous artist Eromanga but if she doesn’t want to do yours, we will have to look for some other one so we could publish your novel.”


Mu Fan remembered the name of the famous artist Eromanga which seems to have a lot of experience in drawing illustrations. If he could get her help his sales would improve greatly.

A game in his previous life wasn’t doing so well when it started, but as a famous artist draw an illustration of a female character, the download of the game rose to the roof in just a day.

This shows how important illustrations are.

Mu Fan had an idea, if Eromanga didn’t want to draw the illustration for him, he would just get the drawing talent himself and draw one, but it’s better for Eromanga to draw it for him, as she is already famous and his work would profit from just her name.

“Then I will trouble you to edit it.”

Mu Fan stood up and thanked her, he took a pen and wrote his phone number and address and then registered Kagurazaki’s number in his phone.

In a few days, Kagurazaki would prepare the contract for him which means he needs to write even more.

Mu Fan was first worried that Accel world won’t match the style of this world, but when he saw Tomoya and Kagurazaki’s surprised, he started to look forward toward the sales result.

When Mu Fan was thinking about this a system notification sounded.

“Light novel talent task: All the writers are rubbish. Get the first place in the newcomer’s competition and more than 50,000 Fan. The success of this task will make your light novel talent rise and you will receive some fantasy points, while failure will get your light novel talent drop by a level.”

As expected of the system. But what’s with the task name, all writers are rubbish?

If they knew this won’t they drag him and kill him?

Mu Fan wiped the cold sweet. If he comes first in the completion, he would receive 100,000 Yen but if he fails his talent will drop by a level… Wouldn’t that be level 0?

Wouldn’t that make him have no talent in writing novels at all?

Thinking about this, Mu Fan couldn’t help but shudder, But fortunately, the task told him to get the first place among the newcomers which means the current best sellers aren’t included.

Come one, Accel World, Don’t let me down.

Mu Fan and Tomoya were on the train going back home. Mu Fan said goodbye to Tomoya and went to his home.

Since the SAO opening ended, Asuna should return to school by Monday and they would reopen the Cooking Club.

But Mu Fan didn’t know why he felt that there is something wrong with the way he lived in this world? Shouldn’t he find a way to return to his world?

Would he return if he died here?

No, absolutely not, who knows what will happen to Sagiri if something happened to me.

For my sister, I need to continue enjoying life in this world.

About half an hour later, Mu Fan finally reached his house, although the weather was somewhat cold in the morning, it was quite hot in the afternoon as he felt a little dizzy right now.

It seems I will have to reduce my time of going out. How can a life without paying games all day be called a life?

While Mu Fan was preparing to cross the street toward his house, he accidentally saw a straw hat over the fence of his neighbor house. Gabriel was the one wearing the hat and she was also wearing gloves and slowly removing the weeds in the garden.

Mu Fan couldn’t help laugh at this sight, the hard working little angel that want to make everyone happy.

In fact, guys always found hard working girls very eye-catching, for example, Asuna and now this little girl Gabriel.

When  He turned around and prepared to go home, a tall girl with a plaid skirt and sleek purple hair came out of Gabriel courtyard with a big garbage bag and glimpsed at Mu Fan in surprise.

“Mu Fan, Why are you here? Are you watching her secretly while she is cleaning the Garden?”