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F.S Chapter 31: The Editor that Tomoya knows

Under the lead of Tomoya, Mu Fan entered the hall of the ASCII Media Works building.

“Hello, Welcome to the ASCII Media Works. What can I help you with?”

As soon as they entered, a lady at the front desk wearing a black uniform welcomed them with a smile.

“Excuse me.”

Tomoya said with a smile: “ I already have an appointment with Editor Kagurazaki-san. Is she here now?”

“Please wait for a moment.”

The lady turned around and picked up the phone and dialed a number. After asking, she said to Tomoya and Mu Fan apologetically: “We’re sorry, Kagurazaki-san is in a meeting right now. Her office is on the seventh floor, you can go there and wait for her. The meeting will be over in a few minutes.”

“Okay, thank you, will go there now.”

“You’re welcome!”

After thanking her, Tomoya took Mu Fan into the elevator and pressed the button for the seventh floor.

“Tomoya, What kind of editor is Kagurazaki-san?” After the door of the elevator closed, Mu Fan remembered the Editor’s name and asked Tomoya.

Hearing this question, Tomoya was surprised: “Mu Fan is this really you’re the first time to get into the light novel’s world? You really didn’t hear of Kagurazaki’s name before?”


Mu Fan nodded as they reached the second floor, it’s indeed his first time coming in contact with the light novel’s world and also the first time hearing that name.

The same goes for the best-selling light novel, if it were his past life, he would’ve known but this is a new world for him.

Tomoya explained: “She is responsible for many famous writers, for example, the author of the bestseller light novel is someone she’s responsible for.”

“So it turned out she is responsible for a best seller.”

Mu Fan was a bit surprised as he didn’t expect Tomoya would know such an excellent editor. But although the editor was excellent there are many things to worry about.

“Doesn’t Editor’s such as her care only for those famous authors? Would she still care about a newcomer?”

Mu Fan said to Tomoya shivering. In his memory, some Editors were very cold. Although they were good when they hear he is a new person they won’t pay him any attention.

“Of course she isn’t someone like that.”

Tomoya shook his head as he explained with a smile: “Kagurazaki-san is a very easy going editor. As long as she feels that the novel have potential, she will take care of your ‘Accel world’. But in the end, the novel should be approved by the Publisher after all.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Mu Fan sighed in relief, he wasn’t expecting much, he just hoped for his novel to get published.

At this time, the Elevator’s door opened as they reached the seventh floor. Tomoya and Mu Fan got out and went toward the reception room.

The Room had a simple layout, only four chairs and a desk in the center.

 Since Kagurazaki didn’t finish her meeting yet, Mu Fan and Tomoya sat on the chairs and waited quietly.

Not long later, Footsteps were heard from outside. Mu Fan stood up as a woman in her twenties with a professional uniform with short hair came over: “Sorry Tomoya-san I’ve been busy recently because I’m in charge of many popular works, I have made you wait.”

“No problem, we just got here.”

Tomoya stood up and said with a smile.

“This is the Author of ‘Accel world’ that Tomoya-san talked about, Mu Fan-sensei?”

After sating her greetings, Kagurazaki was very surprised as she looked at Mu Fan.

Kagurazaki knew Tomoya as he was a famous blogger. When Tomoya recommended him to her, she received the first 30,000 words of Accel world.

In the industry, Tomoya was very picky when it comes to light novels. Therefore, he accumulated a lot of fan base, so the works he recommends held a bright future.

Also as she had read the 30,000 words, she felt the story was extraordinary.

Accel world was completely different from the usual novels. Although it included the future science fiction it has great potential.

So out of expectation, she urgently wanted to look at the continuation of the story.

Kagurazaki thought that Mu Fan was an older Author for him to write a novel of this level. But when she saw him, she couldn’t feel a little surprised.

Mu Fan seemed to be in the same grade as Tomoya.

However, some of the Authors she was responsible for were written by high school students. So after so many years working in this field, she was just a bit surprised.

“Hello, Kagurazaki-san, I’m the Author for Accel world and I hope I can enter the ASCII Media Works competition this year.” Mu Fan stood up and chuckled.

“Is the rest of the Manuscript ready?”

“It’s here.”

Mu fan opened his backpack and took out the manuscript out and handed it to Kagurazaki: “It’s all here.”

Kagurazaki took the manuscript and put it on the table, she turned around and took two cola’s from outside and placed one in front of Mu Fan and the other in front of Tomoya.

“Are you okay with Cola?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Okay, please wait for a moment as I read the story.” Kagurazaki sat on the chair in front of Mu Fan and Tomoya as she began to carefully read the story.

Tomoya and Mu fan were a little tired and thirsty, so while she was reading the Manuscript, they opened the cola can’s and started drinking.

Seeing Kagurazaki seriously reviewing the Manuscript, out of courtesy, they didn’t speak. They just sat there quietly waiting for her to finish and give her review.

In addition to the air conditioner sound, only the breath of the three people could be heard inside the room.

Kagurazaki continued reading the story and her heartfelt admiration as she advanced in the story. Although the story began a little unexpected because the protagonist is a fat boy which would have some repellent effect on the readers, the story gradually turned even more amazing as the characters were in their normal happy relaxed life and would suddenly get into fights which were very lively and vivid. The most important thing is that each character description was unique.

In the anime community, the female lead of an anime would get the attention of many boys as they would start calling her my wife and thinks like that, the same goes for the girls.

The same for the light novels as the characters will be ranked for the most likable ones and so on.

Of course, this aspect is greatly related to the character’s creation. in some light novels, even if the plot is lacking and development isn’t that good, the characters should have that vivid feeling and they must be likable by the readers.

If the readers were bothered by the characters, what success can you expect?

“Accel world is really good and well written, the characters are also lovable and full of emotions which is an expectation that could make the novel succeed.”

Although the sitting seems to be a bit difficult, the simple description and the story of that weak knight who is growing stronger gradually to protect his princess is good even though it’s simple, it didn’t make the novel lacking.

Kagurazaki couldn’t help but look at Mu Fan strangely if it wasn’t for him standing in front of her she would have some doubt.

The author of this novel is he really… Seventeen?