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F.S Chapter 30: Changes in the Ascii Media Works

After waiting for two hours, the line in front of Mu Fan finally dispersed and their turn arrived.

Mu Fan took 50,000 Yen and handed it to Tomoya who already took out his own and handed the 100,000 Yen to the sales staffs.

These staffs were wearing official clothing prepared by RECT, especially for this Event. They looked at the coupons and took the money. Finally, they gave two papers with the numbers 100 and 101 to Tomoya and Mu Fan respectively.

“Excuse me, This is?” Mu Fan looked at Tomoya while the latter did the same, they could see the confusion in each other’s eyes. Their eyes were saying Isn’t this where the SAO equipment are sold? Maybe they were mistaken. How did 50,000 Yen and the coupons be exchanged for these lottery tickets?

Looking at their confusion, one of the staff in front of them smiled and explained: “This is an equipment exchange coupon for SAO. Today we aren’t giving the equipment to avoid troubles if the number of equipment isn’t enough. So we decided to count the number of buyers and give each one an equipment exchange coupon which he can exchange the equipment with tomorrow.”


Tomoya looked down with disappointment and said: “I need to go to the restaurant to work tomorrow morning. I can’t come here to get the equipment.”

After saying this, Tomoya looked at Mu Fan as he asked: “Mu Fan do you have time tomorrow?”

“I do.”

Mu Fan told him the truth. He had nothing to do anyway. Tomoya was good to him. He will introduce him to the ASCII Media Works and gave him an equipment coupon. So he will come to Akihabara tomorrow and get the equipment for him.

“Then please help me get the equipment tomorrow. If you need anything in the future I will help you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow morning anyway.” Mu Fan waved his hand.

Friends don’t owe each other.

At this time, the staff handed a paper for Mu Fan to fill as he said with a smile: “A message will be sent with the opening time of the game. So please fill your numbers here so you won’t miss the time of the opening.”

Mu Fan looked helplessly. He thought when he buys the equipment he would be able to play directly, he didn’t think that he will have to wait for the game to start. IF he knew couldn’t he just ask Asuna directly?

With Asuna’s identity, he will definitively be able to know when the game would start. But he couldn’t help feeling that he wouldn’t get the chance to play the game with Asuna.

Mu Fan thought for a bit but he still filled the paper so he won’t face any trouble.

“Is there a guide for the game?”

After filling the paper Mu Fan looked to the stuff and couldn’t help ask.

The staff apologized: “Sorry, our company won’t reveal any information about the game. Players would have to explore it on their own. The only thing we can tell you is that if you defeat the boss on the 100th floor then you will complete the game and your name will be known throughout the entire world.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Mu Fan nodded. This game was different then other games, it’s a good idea to start earlier if he wanted to have a chance to complete it.

Because the people behind were still waiting with impatience, Mu Fan quickly put the coupons in his pocket and left with Tomoya.

He will just have to come tomorrow to get the equipment.

Mu Fan and Tomoya already stayed there for a while and there wasn’t too much time for the appointment, they hurriedly went to the station.

When they passed beside an arcade, an unwilling sound was suddenly heard. Mu Fan glanced over and saw a middle-aged man crying in front of a Machine-doll. His hands were over his head as he unwillingly shouted to the sky: “I clearly had that Doll, but I was snatched by that wicked girl! I can’t believe this, I can’t accept this.”

Looking at the man’s exaggerated moves and words, Mu Fan was a little surprised. What kind of doll could make an adult cry like this?

Mu Fan looked at the Machine-doll and saw a girl wearing a red shirt, denim shorts with socks wrapped around her slender legs. He couldn’t see her face from his point of view but judging by her figure, she should be a beauty.

The girl turned in a corner and disappeared from his view while holding a doll in her hands.

“I always feel like I know the girls here from somewhere.”

Mu Fan should his head and thought he was imagining things.

I may know her—

She may like me—

He just arrived to this world, how can there be so many people he knew.

However, the fact that the girl just now made such a thought appear in his heart made Mu Fan look at Machine-Doll for a while. Suddenly he thought about getting a doll for his cute little sister.

Although he had no talent for catching dolls, he decided to get one back for her no matter what.

With the temptation of food and dolls, I don’t believe that Sagiri won’t let me enter her room.

It’s just a machine-doll, I’m sorry old-man but I you will make another loss.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Mu Fan and Tomoya finally arrived at their destination.

“This is the ASCII Media Works.”

Tomoya pointed at a 20-story building in front of them and said to Mu Fan.

“Here, are you sure you remember the place?”

Although didn’t go to Tokyo before in his previous life, he heard about this place a little. In his memory, the office was indeed in Tokyo but it only had a few offices and just one floor.

Can this building be really the ASCII Media Works from his memory?

“Yes, it’s here. I have been here several times already.”

Tomoya smiled and walked toward the building as he said: “What is it that difficult to accept it?”


Mu Fan shook his head, it seemed like this world wasn’t the same as the one he used to know. This era is the most prosperous era of the ACG Empire.

So this place changed due to that. Even some unknown novels in his original world were now bestsellers, so the ASCII Media Works had a huge development and it’s not as shabby as it used to be.