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F.S Chapter 29: Casually!

On the early morning of the next day, the sky was clear without any clouds. Because of last night’s rain, it wasn’t hot outside. instead, it was somewhat a cool weather.

Mu Fan made a bowl of noodles for Sagiri, but because of the fresh ingredients, even the plain noodles earned 90 points which made Mu Fan speechless.

Yesterday’s experience was fresh in his memory. This time he won’t be home so he would avoid that awkward moment. He closed the doors and windows like always as he was still worried about that exhibitionist even though he or she was caught already.

After checking again, Mu fan held a bag containing the manuscript of Accel World and left. These guys were professional editors so it would probably take some time to decide whether to publish it or not.

As his home wasn’t that far from Akihabara, Mu Fan didn’t take the bus but decided to walk instead. The Sakura blossom made his mind relax as he walked toward his destination.

This scene made Mu Fan recite a poem he knew from an anime in his previous world.

After half an hour, Mu Fan finally arrived in Akihabara station which is the place he would meet Tomoya in.

Today’s weather was good and Akihabara was even more lively than usual.

Mu Fan stood at the station watching the people coming and going. He also saw some maids in front of a maid café attracting customers.

Although Mu Fan was very interested in Akihabara, his purpose was to buy the equipment for SAO with Tomoya so he put the sightseeing of Akihabara to another time.

“Mu Fan, over here!”

When Mu Fan took his phone and was ready to call Tomoya, the latter just arrived.

The boy had short black hair and wore a black uniform while wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses. Except for his face which was somewhat handsome, everything else was black. The boy stood at the side waving his hand toward Mu Fan.


Mu Fan greeted him and walked over. The boy who waved at him was actually Tomoya, his good friend who he last saw in the restaurant.

He was a popular blogger, in fact, his look gave the impression of humble otaku. While if he took off his glasses he would be an ikeman.

“Tomoya, I didn’t expect you to arrive this early.”

Mu Fan walked over and said with a smile, he went earlier so he could go to the Ascii Media Works earlier. But he didn’t expect Tomoya to come even earlier than him.

“Long time no see, Mu Fan!”

Tomoya put his hand on Mu Fan’s shoulder and smiled: “That’s natural, today is the release of SAO. It will be sold too fast if we didn’t come early.”

“Don’t we have coupons, which booked the equipment number 100 and 101 for us?”

“But we still need to queue. If we don’t we would probably wait for the afternoon or even the night.”

“Is there really that many people?”

 Mu Fan was shocked, he sped up along with Tomoya to where the game was released. He asked in surprise: “How many people are buying SAO?”

“This is only the first batch of equipment. there is only 50,000 piece, which means if everything was sold this time, we have to wait for the next week to get the equipment. According to the information I have, SAO now has only one Zone. All people will gather in that one area for the first few days. So you should know what it means to start the game a few days earlier than others.”

“Of course I understand.” Mu Fan nodded. If there was a madman in the game, he would be able to create a huge gap from the beginners in just one day.

But doing that shows how much thoughts RECT has put in this.

“Can gold inside the game be bought using Real currency?” Mu Fan asked curiously while they walked. If it was like that, then a poor person will suffer greatly in the game.

“No the game doesn’t sell anything using real currency, but players can trade with each other through bank transfer, but RECT will take 5% of the transaction and it’s the same with Items traded for gold, some would go to them.”

Tomoya explained.

“You can’t buy things from the company using real currency but you can trade with players using real currency. It seems like a lot of people will start their path to be professional players.”

After thinking of this, Mu Fan hesitated for a bit as he thought about changing the few Fantasy points he got for a gaming talent. With that, he might be able to earn money inside the game.

It didn’t take them a long time to arrive at the sales office in Akihabara. What surprised Mu Fan was that even though there was still an hour before the release time of SAO, but more than a hundred person were gathered at this place. The queue reached almost to half the street.

“So many people?”

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched a few times and asked Tomoya: “Tomoya, there are so many people wouldn’t we have to wait until the afternoon to go and meet the editor?”

Although he always wanted to have a relaxing daily life with just writing novels and cooking, as far as he knew the game was just something he casually thought about.

Yes, it’s just something I wanted to do casually…

“It doesn’t matter. I set the time with the editor to the afternoon already.”

Mu Fan: “…”

Mu Fan was speechless.

At this time, Tomoya was pushing through the line of people as he said with excitement: “Mu Fan, when will you send the follow-up story of Accel World, I still didn’t read what happened after the last time. You should have already written a lot, right?”

“Adding the one I sent you before, there are 100,000 words. I have them in papers and also inside the phone.”

Mu Fan took his phone and sent the rest of the story to Tomoya. It wasn’t a problem anyway. He just continued to write as he waited inside the line. When he finishes he should get another book.

Just after an hour of Writing, Tomoya finished what was sent before. He was full of excitement as he said: “Mu Fan, with my experience of many years reading novels, your Accel world will definitively be a hit. If you try harder, this year’s best newcomer novel should belong to you because… I really didn’t see such a good work for a long time now.”

Even Tomoya, who was a famous blogger, expressed his admiration without hesitation. Before when he saw Mu Fan’s plot, he was worried about the follow up that would affect the game. After all, many authors wrote interesting novels in the first few thousand words, but it later collapses and becomes boring.

After years of experience, he found that Mu Fan’s Accel world was simply so thrilling and as stable as a log.

Ps: There is no worry about this book collapsing. This book was written for many years, how can it be just a bit of experience? How can it be that simple?