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F.S Chapter 28: Gay Equipment Numbers

“The world famous company, ‘RECT’ was launching the large-scale MMORPG game SAO tomorrow. RECT CEO Yuuki Shouzou will lead his daughter to the sale ceremony in Tokyo”

Looking at the news headline, Mu Fan recalled that when he joined the cooking club he saw the ad of the gaming club. They said that they are preparing to play SAO.

This game is really too godly, just speaking of it made him want to try it.

Moving the mouse over the news, he was greeted with pictures of Asuna and Shouzou. The Asuna in the picture wasn’t the same one in the school. She was wearing a white dress and her hair was scattered behind her. She had light makeup on her face and a pair of exquisite crystal high heels on her feet. She looked like a princess. Beside her was her father, the CEO of RECT Yuuki Shouzou.

“It’s no wonder she couldn’t attend the club activity after school and temporarily canceled it. I didn’t expect her to go to the SAO release ceremony. The life of a lady was really different than normal folks.”

Mu Fan secretly sighed. He didn’t want to go to crowded places. Maybe because he stayed home for a long time, so he was different from other people.

At this moment, Mu Fan felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He quickly took it out to find that Tomoya was texting him.

“Are we going to the Ascii Media Works tomorrow?”

Mu Fan thought for a moment, then when he was about to reply, the phone rang. He pressed the answer button and suddenly heard Tomoya’s voice.

“Mu Fan, Can we go to Akihabara before going to Ascii Media Works tomorrow?”

“Akihabara?” Mu Fan though for a while then remembered that SAO release was tomorrow. He couldn’t help but ask: “Tomoya, Are you going to buy the gaming equipment for the SAO?”

As their friendship developed, they started to call each other by their name directly.

“You already know about this?”

Tomoya was slightly surprised as he asked: “Mu Fan, you’ve been following the news about the game, do you want to play it?”

“I only saw it by chance.” Mu Fan told him the truth.

“Do you want to try playing it? This game is the world’s top advanced game ever made. According to the game trailer, there was no game like this before, even the fights are different than normal, you need to know how to use a sword to be able to hit a monster otherwise the hit won’t land.”

“Although I really want to play, I have some money problems currently, it is almost impossible for me to the equipment.” Mu Fan shrugged helplessly. If he remembered correctly, Kazuto Kirigaya, the president of the gaming club said that the equipment costs 100,000 Yen. So with his current financial problems, he won’t be able to buy them.

“It doesn’t matter. I have two coupons here, which were given to me by a fan. I have already booked two sets of equipment. Each set costs 50% of the original price and if we don’t go tomorrow, all of the stock would be sold.”

Listening to Tomoya, Mu Fan felt happy. If the equipment could be bought for half the price then he had enough money. Even if he spends some money he could easily earn it back on Monday.

“So with a coupon, I only need 50,000 Yen?”

“Well, since you want to play, this coupon is yours. My device number is 100 and yours will be 101. The device numbers are a good match for good friends like us.”

Listening to this, Mu Fan’s face twitched. He felt that Tomoya’s words sounded gay. How could a matching number for two friends make him so excited?

“Mu Fan, see you tomorrow!”


Mu Fan sat down and started eating. As he ate, he praised his cooking skills. His cooking was getting better and better as well as his appetite.

Can the food have a hidden property?

After a short while, both plates were empty. Mu fan looked satisfied with a swollen belly but he was thinking about another thing in his mind.

It seems like I need to spend another Fantasy point to keep my body in shape. I ate too much and didn’t exercise these days. I write when I’m home, maybe I will be a fatty in the future and when Sagiri decides to leave her room she will be shocked back by my appearance which would be embarrassing.

After finishing his meal, Mu Fan walked with the plates and started washing them.

Knock! knock!

At this moment, knocking sound was heard from upstairs. It’s meaning was “Why is today’s food different than before?”

Sagiri, Can’t you try talking again?

When he heard this sound, Mu Fan looked up and said with a blank voice: “Today’s food is better than the ones before. Believe me and try it. If you feel that it’s not good I will make the noodles for you.”

After Mu Fan’s answer, there was no knocking sound again.

He wasn’t in a hurry he sat down and waited downstairs. After all, Sagiri liked eating light food, although the Green Pepper Pork is delicious, if Sagiri doesn’t like to eat it, he will have to make something else for her.

At the same time, in the girly room full of Kawaii plush toys, a girl wearing a pink pajama with a fair complexion and a snow white little hands holding a purple octopus pillow while carefully looking at the Green Pepper Pork and the Golden Fried rice in front of her.

“How come the food is different today?”

The misty eyes of Sagiri were looking at the strange food in front of her. She fell in love with the plain noodles her brother made every day. She found that she couldn’t do without the plain noodles he made. She expected her brother to give her that dish as soon as he returned from school but today the food was different. There were no plain noodles but a bowl of Fried rice and a dish of meat and green pepper that she hates.

“… Looking at the color and smell of the dish it seems to be really delicious. I believe brother won’t lie to me…” Sagiri moved her little nose and smelled the dish and swallowed. She decided to take a bite before she decides whether to continue eating or not.

She also knew that her brother was busy all day long and didn’t want to bother him too much.

She picked up a piece of pork with her chopsticks and put it into the Rice, then with a spoon she put it into her mouth.


When her pink little tongue touched the combination of the Pork and egg yolk on the rice, Sweetness and spiciness bloomed into her mouth at the same time. She felt a current running through her body and her brain almost blanked out.

Her face became hot all of a sudden and her snow white skin had a tinge of a blush, she couldn’t help but rub both legs against each other.

The world around her seemed to change. She was in her own room originally and now the room seemed to be made of candy and food. The candy was bigger than her and Mu Fan was standing in front of her body tearing her clothes apart one piece at a time, then he gently stuck out his tongue and licked her sensitive area…

“No, not there…  Onii-chan… Noo…”

Sagiri couldn’t help but scream.

Downstairs, Mu Fan looked sternly as he heard this and opened his mouth in surprise.

I seem to have done something unforgivable to my sister…

Please believe me, I didn’t use any Drugs. I really didn’t use any!