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F.S Chapter 27: Do you want to fight?

When the two walked out of the Supermarket, the sun was about to set which enveloped the entire city in a golden red glow.

Mu Fan and Gabriel walked side by side. A breeze blew and Gabriel’s pale golden hair moved along the wind. The cold atmosphere made her shiver slightly.

For a moment, Mu Fan looked around and felt that something wasn’t right as four outsiders were looking at him.

Don’t judge, I don’t have anything to do with her!

Mu Fan waved his hand, but his explanation didn’t seem to have any effect. At this time many were shopping and being together shopping with a beautiful girl only meant that they were lovers. Not to mention they walked side by side the entire time. Everyone passing by looked at him with enmity. It was as if he didn’t take his clothes off and give them to Gabriel they would rush forward and beat him up.

And this girl still wants to make everyone happy around the world?

 This reaction made Mu Fan somewhat dumbfounded. He took his uniform off and covered Gabriel.  He was wearing a tight T-shirt inside and with his constitution, he didn’t feel cold at all.

“Here take it and remember to give it back when we arrive.” After handing his Uniform, Gabriel looked at Mu Fan who was only wearing a T-shirt and couldn’t help but blush and say: “Mu Fan you wear it, it’s cold to go like that.”

“Don’t worry. My body is quite strong so I don’t feel cold from just this.”

Mu Fan’s eyes turned. If he was to take back his clothes now he would turn into the public enemy.

“Thank you Mu Fan!”

Gabriel accepted after seeing Mu Fan insisting on her taking it. She was thankful to him. Because her body was small, Mu Fan’s uniform was like a long coat that covered her knees and made her feel warm.

“Mommy… Mommy…”

Soon afterward, Mu Fan and Gabriel passed by a street and heard a child’s cry in front of the park.

Hearing this, Gabriel eyebrows wrinkled and immediately ran toward the sound. Mu Fan could only follow behind her to the park. He saw a child wearing some Anime costume. He was only five or six years old. The little kid was standing in the middle of the park and cried with his head down.

“What happened to you kid?” Gabriel walked over and squatted down while whispering to the kid.

“I can’t find my mother…” The little kid whimpered.

“Oh, Don’t worry.” Gabriel said while licking her lips, she smiled softly and said: “If we leave now Mommy might find you, then big sister will stay with stay with you until she comes back okay?”

This sentence was said while the sun gave out Golden rays on Gabriel which made her seem really like an angel. This scene was like a scene from a painting.

The child’s crying stopped as he saw the beautiful scene in front of him and innocently said: “Sister, You are really Beautiful, Just like an angel…”

No matter how old girls are being praised would make them really happy. She smiled at the kid and said: “Thank you.”

Can’t you be a little bit humble?

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and turned around. Coincidentally at this time, at the entrance of the park, A black puppy was laying on a white one and enjoying himself.

The little boy who didn’t know what they were doing looked with a stunned glance and said: “Brother, what are they doing?”

Mu Fan’s expression changed, although he was already a grown up in his past life and knew what the dogs were doing, he didn’t know what to say to the kid in front of him. For the sake of society, he couldn’t just say it out loud.

Mu Fan though for a moment and said: “They are fighting!”

“Oh! A fight!” The child nodded thoughtfully.

Hearing the Dialogue between them, Gabriel grinned and giggled. She also knows what the dogs were doing and every high-schooler in Japan knew this. However, she couldn’t help but laugh at Mu Fan’s explanation. Seeing this Mu Fan couldn’t help but turn his head and gritted his teeth: “What are you laughing at, do you want to fight?”

When she heard Mu Fan’s words, her face turned bright red and shyly lowered her head.

Scared now? Really, if someone sees this he will think I’m bullying her.

Before long, a young woman hurried over full of worry and as the kid so her he ran over immediately while shouting: “Mama!”

When she saw the boy ran over, the young woman’s eyes were already red.”

Seeing that the boy found his mother, Mu Fan and Gabriel were relieved. The young woman came over and thanked them and after that took her kid and left the park which allowed Mu Fan and Gabriel to leave as well.

Mu Fan and Gabriel walked through the street and finally arrived at Gabriel’s house.

“I’m really thankful to you for today. Not only did you give me your clothes but you also stayed with me in the park.” Gabriel took of Mu Fan’s uniform and returned it to him.  

“You’re welcome, and I also wanted to help the kid.”

Mu Fan smiled faintly as he took back his uniform.

“Goodbye, Mu Fan!”

Seeing Mu Fan taking back his clothes, Gabriel was panicking as she said her goodbyes. She turned at her fastest speed and entered her house, and then there was a sound of the door being locked and the windows closing.

Seeing this Mu Fan was stunned as he saw her escape to her house.

He wanted a mirror right now to see if he was that scary. Am I really that scary?

In addition, aren’t you an angel? Can I really fight with you?

This fake angel is really too pure.

Mu Fan smiled and crossed the street and arrived in front of his house. Tomorrow is Saturday. He needed to Go with Tomoya and submit his Novel, so he needs to speed up his writing.

He needed to have a total of 100,000 words, although whether he gives 100,000 or 30,000 it won’t change anything.

An editor could see the novel’s worth at a glance, so submitting 100,000 or 1 million words has no effect on the decision.


Mu Fan took his keys out and opened the door, even though the exhibitionism seems to have been caught by authorities two days ago, Mu Fan still locked the door.


As soon as the door was opened, another knocking sound was heard from upstairs.

“Okay, Onii-chan will go make something for you to eat.”

In the last few days, many things happened and Mu Fan got accustomed to his new life. He shouted loudly so Sagiri could hear him and put his bag inside his room. He walked into the kitchen and placed the ingredients he just bought into the fridge. Then he started preparing Sagiri’s meal. He was going to make the Golden Fried Rice and Green Pepper Pork. After a while, these two dishes were made.

At the moment when the lid was lifted, golden glow bloomed from each dish.

–Golden Fried Rice: 90 points!–

–Green Pepper Pork: 90 points!–

After seeing these two notifications, Mu Fan smiled, the dishes made by the fresh ingredients earned him 90 points.

Mu Fan divided them into two portions, and together with the snacks he bought earlier, they were placed in front of Sagiri’s room.

“Sagiri, the food is ready, I put it in front of the door.”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The knocking was heard three-time and Mu Fan could tell it meant: “I know.”

Are you rushing me to leave so you can eat?

Mu Fan was speechless.

And here I was worried about you!

However, Mu Fan knew that if he didn’t leave, Sagiri wouldn’t come out, his sister really had a stubborn personality. He couldn’t only sigh as he walked down the stairs and returned to his room.

Because he didn’t have anything to do, Mu Fan turned on the computer and looked at the news so he could understand the world better.

He looked for the news about Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, as he discovered today that his cooking style is just like the cooks there.

The next news attracted Mu Fan’s attention because he actually saw the name Yuuki Asuna on it.