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F.S Chapter 26: The Little Angel Is My Neighbor

The classes on Friday were short, soon the bell rung. At this moment, Mu Fan’s phone vibrated.

Mu Fan opened his phone and looked long-haired beauty was on the screen. It was a message from Asuna. She dared to use her own image as an avatar. She was really confident about her look. Mu Fan was somewhat surprised when Asuna added him in her contact because she said he was the first boy she added.

“Mu Fan, Sorry, I just received a call from my family today. We won’t have any club activities today.”

These days Mu Fan and Asuna earned more than 200,000 Yen, so now Mu Fan had 100,000 Yen.

Since today is Friday, many students would eat their launch home, so no one would actually come to the club to eat. Mu Fan also understood Asuna’s responsibility toward her family.

She needs to have contact with all sort of famous people.

However Mu Fan didn’t like that sort of life, he felt that a laid-back lifestyle suits him better, that kind of life is natural and happier also with no restrictions.

Today, the club activity was suspended, so Mu Fan didn’t directly leave as usual but stayed a little bit more in the classroom beside him sat Gabriel, his desk mate, he wanted to go clean the club room but there were too many people waiting in front of the club so he had to wait for them to disperse.

After a while, before going to the club room, he cleaned the classroom first and finished really quickly.


At this time, a girl’s voice came from the front, he looked up and saw Gabriel rubbing the chalk off the blackboard, but she was struggling as she was only one meter and a half in height, even tiptoed she couldn’t reach the writings on the top of the board.

She looked really cute. Whoever looks at her will be drawn by the cuteness.

Seeing this, Mu Fan couldn’t resist smiling. He stared at her trying to reach the top of the blackboard as he carried paper balls to throw them.

However, Mu Fan’s was tall and could reach the end of the blackboard, so Gabriel looked at him with shining eyes and said.

“Mu Fan can you help me?”

Don’t look at me like that.

Looking at Gabriel, Mu Fan couldn’t help remember his sister, they belonged to the Lolita type.

When he thought about his little sister, Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh, then he remembered that he needs to help the little angel, even if she was a busybody, she was kind so it’s wrong not to help her.

But what wrong with your goal of making everyone happy?

Are you sure that it not the world that will help you?

“No, I can’t look at her again. She is a legal loli but I don’t want to make sin! She wanted to help me before so I will help this time.” Mu Fan didn’t wait for long and reached his hand and began erasing the board.

“Thank you Mu Fan!”

Gabriel Gratefully thanked Mu Fan.

“Since I’m no longer needed I won’t continue and disturb you.”

Mu Fan turned around and started doing his assigned job. He wiped the desks and mopped the bathroom’s floor. He washed the windows then closed them. After that, he left the school with Gabriel.

Because there weren’t any ingredients in his home, Sagiri was only eating Plain noodle the past few days. Mu Fan learned the Green Pepper Pork recipe so he wanted to make it for Sagiri tonight. He decided to go to the supermarket and buy some ingredients.

Although Sagiri didn’t like to eat meat, meat and Green Pepper Pork don’t taste the same. Mu Fan was confident in the three dishes he knew. Food was one of the best choices to make Sagiri open up and let him enter her room.

You might not believe it but the system is the one pushing me to woo my sister who didn’t have blood relation with me.

In addition, I don’t want to marry her… Absolutely not!

If one day you found me married to her, then you must know that everything happened because of the system!

In addition to food, Mu Fan also knew that Sagiri likes snacks. But because he had no money before, he couldn’t afford to buy them for her now that he had money.

When he was holding his bags and going to leave, he heard a familiar voice.

“Hello Miss, it’s 5,300 Yen!”

“Well, here.”

“Thank you, thank you for your patronage.”

Mu Fan stopped his actions and looked back. He saw a petite figure behind him holding a back full of snacks. He couldn’t help being stunned after seeing who it was.

“Mu Fan you also like snacks?” The bright eyes swept past Mu Fan’s bag full of snack and a beautiful smile covered her face.

“This is for my sister.”

Mu Fan doesn’t eat snacks. That is really childish.

“Oh, y have a younger sister in your family. No wonder you have to lock the doors when you leave your house.

However, After Gabriel finished talking Mu Fan became petrified and asked in astonishment: “How do you know that I lock the door before I leave every day?”

“Didn’t you notice? I leave in the house opposite to yours.”


Mu Fan daily routine was going to the club and returning homes late and going to school early each day for the club too so it’s normal for him not to notice.

Looking at Mu Fan spacing out, she blinked and said: “Since you don’t have anything to do today, want to go home together?”