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F.S Chapter 25: Observation.

“What is that place?”

The sudden change in Ishikawa’s attitude made Mu Fan unable to adept and asked with surprise. After all, he just arrived to this world for a few days. Although he learned about many things in this new world from his memory, his predecessor didn’t many things and most of the memories couldn’t actually be remembered.

“You haven’t heard of?”

Ishikawa widened his eyes as he couldn’t believe that Mu Fan didn’t know it.

Almost every chef or someone who is in cooking knows that name. He thought, maybe Mu Fan was one of the students that couldn’t graduate because those students can make dishes that glow.

“Totsuki Saryo academy or it’s full name ‘Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute’ is a famous cooking school, but it’s very difficult to graduate from there. For example, if you failed even just one exam you will be forcibly dropped out from the school.”

“The school’s Graduation rate is below 10% and its main goal is to make every student who graduates into a world-renowned chef. Even if the student didn’t graduate, he would be successful. 99% of them are successful. But I believe that if Mu Fan-sama goes there he would have a great chance to actually graduate.”

Ishikawa was excited and longing for that school. He wasn’t talented so he couldn’t actually go to that school. But he still hoped that Mu Fan could go.

In his view, Mu Fan had a great chance to graduate. If he was to graduate he would be a celebrity in the world of cooking and maybe he could teach him. And by virtue of being his apprentice, he would also become famous and can start his dream life.

Hearing Ishikawa’s voice, Asuna’s expression changed and her body became tense. When Ishikawa advised Mu Fan to leave, she suddenly rose. She was feeling grief, instead of going there, she wanted Mu Fan to continue being here within the club. But she wasn’t sure whether Mu Fan who liked making food will decide to leave or stay here.

“No, I don’t want to go there.” Mu Fan shook his head. Although Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute was suitable for anyone who wanted to be a celebrity in the cooking world, he had the fantasy system with his cooking talent and also the store to get new recipes. He didn’t need to study anywhere.

What’s more, he still had his sister, who didn’t want to leave the house. He had to take care of her so how could he practice and compete with other students?

He won’t have a good life, he will have to constantly compete with other students, and won’t he fall sick?

“Great!” Asuna was suddenly excited as long as Mu Fan didn’t leave the club they could continue like this.

Seeing Mu Fan was being reluctant to leave the club, Ishikawa could only sigh with disappointment: “Since you don’t want to leave the club, you can continue running the club according to the agreement. And if the club isn’t big enough you can come to the school restaurant to cook.”

Although Mu Fan didn’t want to go to that school, he still cooked better than him which made him decide to help Mu Fan. For a chef, the biggest satisfaction he can get is making a satisfying meal.

If Mu Fan could teach him some dishes he would be happy, he could get out of the school and open a restaurant of his own.

“Thanks, Ishikawa-san.”

Although there was some discomfort from Ishikawa’s change, Mu fan didn’t refuse him since he wanted to help them. More and more people are coming to the club these days and the place isn’t big enough for all those numbers. If they could get the school’s restaurant their revenue would rise again.


After Ishikawa left the club room, Asuna and Mu Fan cleaned up and left.

“See you after school, Mu Fan!”

The students looked at Asuna who waved at Mu Fan with a smile.

“Um, see you after school.”

Mu Fan also smiled a bit and stepped into his own class. Many looked at Mu Fan and Asuna and were surprised by their friendly relationship.

“There is a problem, those two people! Can it be that the school’s goddess is in love?”

Mu Fan didn’t know what the students were talking about. As always Mu Fan held his phone and started typing. Today this matter must be solved or else the speed of his typing will have a huge drop.

If this goes on, he may explode.

Sure enough, as soon as he lowered his head, he felt some kind of gaze locked on him again. Mu Fan quickly turned his head so fast that no normal adult could react as fast as he did. His desk mate was looking at him and when she saw him look at her which made her embarrassed.

“Haha, it is you right? You are the one who was observing me all these days right?” Mu Fan was angry as he gritted his teeth, today, Gabriel tasted his Green Pepper Pork and gave it such a high value, he didn’t expect her to be the one observing him in the last few days.

However, Before Mu Fan could continue a paper float at him.

“You… You’re even trying to hit me?” Mu Fan was surprised. Fortunately, it was only a paper and he could grab it with his hand. He looked at her angrily. This girl said she wanted to make everyone happy a few days ago.

Is this a fake angel?

Did this angel steal something from heaven and came down?

When Gabriel noticed Mu Fan’s cold look in his eyes, her eyes widened and pointed at his palm.

Mu Fan was slightly surprised. he spread out his hand and looked at the paper inside it. A few lines were written on it which were probably written by her.

“Mu Fan, I was looking at you the last few days and even if you are the chef of the cooking club, you must study diligently.”

Looking at the words, Mu Fan turned his eyes and realized that in the last few days, she observed him and wanted to give him advice. 

I’m a talented man. Even if I don’t study I can probably do better than her.

“In addition, next class is Hiratsuka-sensei’s class. She will collect the homework she gave yesterday. I don’t know if you completed it yet or not.”

However, when he saw this, Mu Fan directly made a choice.

Even if he was talented he didn’t want to experience Hiratsuka’s iron fist.

He needed to do it fast.