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F.S Chapter 87: Asuna’s concern!

He and Kuroneko stayed all night leveling up, and their levels rushed to the top. Mu Fan’s level was 80% of the third level, and Kuroneko was 30% in the fourth level.

Kuroneko’s level jumped to the top three.

Mu Fan purchased the Drawing talent from the system and started drawing the map of the labyrinth of the first floor while describing the monsters there and the monster rooms as well.

The post directly was ranked eighth on the list with a very attractive name, “Giving players a new leveling area.”

Although most of the leveling area was occupied by guilds, the labyrinth can’t be occupied, and it would allow players to level up for a while.

But the only problem is that it’s hard for players to go there, they need at least a party of five to be able to survive. Generally, solo players won’t be able to level up there.

Of course, players like Kuroneko and the top rankers could grind there.

Mu Fan didn’t mark the position of the boss room because that would make the entire server focus on it.

As soon as he posted, comments appeared:

“Wow, this god has given us another hope.”

“Is that true?”

“This could save us from the guilds tyranny, we can even create a party earlier and go to the labyrinth.”

Just half an hour passed, and the number of clicks reached tens of thousands. Even his Weibo followers were increasing.

Seeing this, Mu Fan smiled.

He didn’t expect himself to stay up all night. So he quickly got up, prepared a meal for Sagiri and prepared to head out. He needs to visit the Game Production Club today, so he will ride the bike there.

After reaching the school, Mu Fan parked the bike and directly went to the cooking club, to his surprised, Asuna was there before him.

“You’re early, Asuna-san.”

Mu Fan put his bag on the chair and said hello.

“Good morning!”

Asuna put down the book on her hand and smiled at Mu Fan.


When Mu Fan noticed the notes that Asuna was reading, he couldn’t help but ask: “Asuna-san, are you studying?”

Although he wasn’t in the same class as Asuna, according to the rumors, Asuna was famous at school not only because of her beauty, family, or her gentle character. She was also famous for ranking at the top of her year at school.

It’s said that Asuna had what perfect girl should have.

She was wife material.

“Well, I focused too much on the cooking club that I forgot to review some of the previous classes. Exams will start on Monday, so I have to study a bit.”


Mu Fan suddenly remembered something, and his mouth twitched.

It seems like he needs to get the studying talent.

As long as he gets it, I won’t be a problem passing the exams.

And that’s only with the starter stage of studying talent, the next stages aren’t necessary for high school exams.

Seeing the change on Mu Fan’s expression, Asuna stood up and said: “It is said that this time the exams would determine whether our school would drop in the ranking or get higher… and those who don’t get the minimum result would be forced to drop out…”

“Forced drop out?”

Mu Fan glimpsed at Asuna slightly before understanding Hiratsuka-Sensei’s concern.

“Mu Fan, it’s not like you focused too much on the club and the novel writing and forgot about the exams, right?”

“Well, I really did forget about them.”

Mu Fan told the truth, until now, he didn’t focus in class, and he wasn’t even concerned about studying.

Studying would hinder the dreams of his ideal life.

However, it seems like he needs to do so now.

“Mu Fan, do you want to halt club activities for a few days?” Asuna suddenly looked at Mu Fan and asked while moving forward and trying to change the sign to closed.

“Why is that?”

Mu Fan quickly asked and stopped her only from being surprised by her wrinkled brows as she looked at him.

“Of course, it’s to tutor you.”

Asuna said as she handed some notes to Mu Fan and said: “Mu Fan, even though you are a novel writer and have your family’s restaurant and you won’t need to worry about the income…”

Speaking till here, Asuna blushed as she continued: “You need to study anyway, after all, you will be forced to drop out if you don’t… Even though I’m not that good, I can still tutor you.”

Although he didn’t have a girlfriend in both lives, he could tell from Asuna’s tone that she was worried about him.


“It turns out that Asuna-san is worried about me dropping out…”

Upon hearing this, Asuna’s face became redder as she shook her head and said: “Mu Fan, our cooking club needs people, and if you leave, who would cook. I won’t be able to open the club again alone…”

“Then, you are worried about me leaving the cooking club, and the club won’t have a cook, right?”

Although Asuna said that, she already learned how to cook most of the dishes, and if she wanted, she could run the club by herself. Her words made Mu Fan feel warmth in his heart as he smiled: “Rest assured, this time, I’m determined to rank first in class, and it’s not possible for me to drop out.”

“Ranked first in class?”

Asuna’s eyebrows were raised with suspicion. After a moment of silence, she couldn’t help ask: “Mu Fan, although I won’t question you, your name wasn’t in any top rank… Do you really want to leave that much?”