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F.S Chapter 88 V2: The Real KuroNeko? [Not the same chapter 88]

(T/N: This isn’t the same Chapter 88, I don’t know why, but the author published another chapter 88, 89 and 90, and I won’t change them, so I don’t get confused later.)

Mu Fan pushed the bike as he left the ground of the school. On his way, he saw Eriri, who had a black circle around her eyes and couldn’t help smiles. “Eriri-san, How are you doing? It seems like you were up late last night!”

“Try changing every picture and color them and still be in high spirit.”

Eriri looked at Mu Fan hatefully. Originally, she always draws her pictures without coloring them. But for Yosuga No Sora, she had to not only paint each picture but also draw different scenarios as well…

Because of the urgency, she had to draw them quickly, and she could only rest for a few hours each day.

If she was still in high spirit, she would be weird.

I also stayed up night writing, and if I were normal, it would’ve been even more tiring mentally. But fortunately, I have a system.

Mu Fan picked his brows and looked at Eriri. They were different. He had the help of Hatsune and the system, he didn’t need to think about the plot when writing, because of that, he always had time to play.

“Go on and get in.”

At this time, Mu Fan rode the bike and waved at Eriri.

“Yeah.” Waiting for a while, Eriri didn’t refute him, she accepted it directly. She was really tired. She was embarrassed to sit beside Mu Fan, but she still got on.

Feeling her hands wrapping around his waist, Mu fan smiled and stepped on the pedals. The bike slid down, and after a while, Mu Fan asked.

“Eriri-san, you have drawn Yosuga No Sora now, but the club didn’t seem to confirm that they will choose it right?”

“Don’t worry, that girl’s story won’t compare to yours.”

Eriri said seriously.

“Why are you so confident?”

Mu Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he asked.

However, even if they don’t accept it, he could always make the game himself after a while. Although it would be a little bit troublesome as he didn’t want to waste Fantasy points, it shouldn’t take much.

Parking the bike, Mu Fan and Eriri entered the school, but just as they entered, they heard a cold voice.

“Hey, this game is complete trash work from start to end, please say these words to the one who made it.”

Upon hearing this, Eriri and Mu Fan looked at this with horror. They saw a man and petite girl in front of him who walked around and started leaving.

“Please wait, aren’t you going to join the game production club?”

Stunned for a bit, the president of the club asked the girl who was leaving.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in joining a club who does this kind of trash games.” The girl waved her hand and left.

“Hey? Haven’t I seen her before?”

Looking at the girl in the uniform, he couldn’t help wonder where he saw her before.

At the same time, the girl saw Mu Fan at the door, and her eyes flashed with surprise.

Seeing the change in the girl, Mu Fan couldn’t help but suddenly call her.


Mu Fan guessed as he said, this girl must be Kuroneko he encountered in the game. Her tone and look is about the same.

The world is really too small, right? I actually encountered her here?

However, as he looked up, he found out that Kuroneko had gone far away.

Didn’t she recognize me just now?

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched. He didn’t expect her to run so fast. The difference between her appearance here and the game wasn’t that big. He could recognize that it’s her. And from this, there is no way she wouldn’t recognize him.

She just left without saying anything?

“Mu Fan, Eriri-san, you’re here.”

At this time, the President smiled at Mu Fan and came forward to greet them.

“Well, in three days, the game is written.” Mu Fan nodded.

“It turns out that the three days already passed. The other members will be here soon. We will wait to decide which story to make. Since you’re here, let’s go in.” The president invited the two of them.


Mu fan nodded and entered the club room. When he saw the game on the computer’s monitor, he was surprised, because this was like a game he knew in his world.

[Thunder Fighter!]

That’s right, it’s this game.

But although it was similar, this game was a mosquito killing game with that style which would be more boring than thunder fighter.

No wonder Kuroneko said it’s trash.

In SAO, Mu Fan witnessed Kuroneko’s control and game knowledge, which was terrifying.

Kuroneko’s reaction to this game was obvious, she was so skilled and easily could kill monsters in SAO just from knowing how to use skills, this kind of game won’t interest her at all.

Mu Fan didn’t have anything to do as he waited so he picked up his phone and started checking his Weibo. To his surprise, his 100,000 followers jumped to 200,000.

More and more people started paying attention to the forum and him.

Maybe because he always wanted the normal players to benefit as well.

After reading the post, he found thousands of comments praising him.

Many people even sent their photos to him, and some were even girls.