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F.S Chapter 88: How many Brothers Does Aladdin have?

“Don’t worry Asuna-san, I won’t drop out.”

Mu Fan took the notes from Asuna’s hands and put them down and smiled: “Because we work well together on the club…”

“Even if you say so…”

Asuna hesitated a bit before pointing at a formula and said: “Mu Fan, as long as you can solve this, I will believe you, Ok?”

“A formula?”

Mu Fan gave a wry smile as he waved his hands and said: “Wait a minute, there are many students coming to eat, can we do that later?”

“Let them wait.”

Asuna directly said as she took out a glass of orange juice from the fridge and put it in front of Mu Fan. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife as she said: “With this, you can answer the question with a peace of mind.”

I can answer, but can you put down the knife, please?

Looking at the knife in Asuna’s hand, Mu Fan’s forehead was full of cold sweat. He didn’t know where she learned this trick or how was she so skilled with the knife.

Would she really use the knife on him if he didn’t answer?

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched a bit, under the threat of the knife, he can only solve the problem in front of him.

Although he couldn’t get the talent now as he only has one fantasy pint left, but high school math wasn’t a problem for him, the only thing is that he didn’t use it in a long time and he didn’t write anything in so many years that his handwriting was worse than an elementary schooler.

But although it’s ugly, it can be understood. In two minutes, Mu Fan solved the two problems and pushed them toward Asuna.

“look, Asuna-san.”

Seeing that Mu Fan solved them so quickly, Asuna looked at them with suspicion.

Although the questions weren’t hard, she took some time to think of them, but looking at Mu Fan’s answer, she couldn’t help saying: “The answers are correct…”

Asuna pointed at the answers and covered her mouth as she said: “It is just too ugly to look at.”

“It really hurts when you say it like that.”

Mu Fan was speechless for a while, he smiled bitterly and said: “I only wrote on the phone or the computer lately, I didn’t write anything in a long time, so my writing is somewhat not good.”

“Well, as long as people can understand it.” Asuna smiled and comforted him, she was actually relieved to know that Mu Fan could solve these questions easily.

At least, with his level, dropping out will be out of the question if he is serious.

“Right, Mu Fan, I couldn’t understand these questions, can you help?”

At this point, Asuna turned the notes and pointed at another two questions. If he could understand them, he would be the teacher again.

“I will take a look.”

Mu Fan found a chair and sat beside Asuna. He glanced at them and couldn’t help but smile: “These questions are simple, but the most student would try to complicate them, which lead to them becoming too difficult to answer.”

Mu Fan said as he picked a pen and marked the key points.

“Just remember this, it’s not complicated.”

“Is it?”

Listening to Mu Fan’s explanation, Asuna thought about something then hesitated before taking a pen and start solving the problem.

A few minutes later, she finally succeeded in solving them. She couldn’t help look at Mu Fan excitedly and said: “It’s really true.”

“Of course, sometimes it is us who make things difficult while the problem is simple.”

“Well, I understand now.” Asuna said with a smile.

“Did you understand everything?” Looking at Asuna, Mu Fan smiled and said.

“Then let me ask you this, if there is a car, person A drives it, person B and Person C sit on the back seat, who owns the car?”

“Who owns the car?”

When she heard this, Asuna started thinking for a moment, then said: “There is a problem with the question, there are three people, how could I know who owns the car?”

“Of course, it because at first, I said, if there is a car!”

“No, that cheating!”

“No, you are thinking too much, stupid! I just told you that sometimes the answer is simple.”

“You are stupid!”

Asuna looked at Mu Fan and snorted, then she smiled sweetly and asked: “How many brothers does Aladdin have?”

“I don’t know, they didn’t say in the book.”

“Of course, three, Ala, Ala, Alacc!” Asuna smiled (T/N: No idea, I don’t know any Aladdin quiz, and this was confusing!)

“You are the one cheating now.”

When she heard Mu Fan’s words, Asuna couldn’t help smile and said: “You are just stupid! Didn’t I say that you shouldn’t look too deep into things and the answer may be simple?”

“Well, I forgot.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes as he didn’t expect his words to return to him. When he was about to say something, someone wearing sunglasses entered into the club room and said.

“Is this the cooking club of this school? It looks good.”

Hearing this voice, Asuna, who was writing a question, couldn’t help look at that person. When she saw him, her pupil shrank, and her expression froze.

Noticing this change, Mu Fan couldn’t help ask: “Someone you know?”

“That’s right, he is like a son to father, he is the director of the scientific research in the company.” Asuna said while frowning.

At this time, the man smiled and quickly walked over when he saw Asuna and took a phone from his pocket and handed it to Asuna: “Asuna-sama, today, you forgot your phone and uncle asked me to deliver it to you and inform you to attend the banquet for the SAO release after school.”

“Oh, I understand, thank you.” Asuna took her phone and hesitated before asking: “How did you find me, Sugou?”

“I asked in school and was told that you are here.”

Looking at Asuna, he noticed her fear and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this.”

Asuna smiled and said: “Thank you, then.”

“You’re welcome, we’re friends after all.”

Sugou smiled a little, and his eyes looked at Mu Fan and couldn’t help ask: “Excuse me, this is?”

“Oh, My name is Mu Fan, a member of the cooking club.”

Since the other asked, Mu Fan couldn’t ignore him.

“Oh you’re the chef of the club, you’re the rumored God of cooking in this school.”

Sugou quickly walked and wanted to shake hands with Mu Fan and said with a smile: “Hello, My name is Sugou, I am a friend of Asuna since you are also her friend, then please take care of her in the future.”