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F.S Chapter 89: Sakamoto and Mapo Tofu!

“God of cooking?”

Mu Fan’s brows wrinkled. Although his cooking skill wasn’t low, he was far from attaining the full potential of cooking. Although Sugou sounds polite, wasn’t he just doing this on purpose?

“I’m not a cooking god, I’m just an ordinary chef.”

Mu Fan smiled modestly.

At this time, Asuna was frowning, she stood up and directly said to Sugou: “Sugou-san, please tell father that I will be there in the evening.”


Sugou nodded, but he didn’t seem to understand Asuna’s meaning behind her words. Instead of leaving, he just sat down and asked Mu Fan: “Excuse me, is there anything delicious here? I happened to leave in a hurry this morning, and I didn’t eat a thing, I hope you don’t mind.”

What kind of excuse is that he just wanted to inquire about the club since Asuna is here?

He just to look more at Asuna.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes, he knew that his cooking skills aren’t that great that he would attract someone from SAO. But he has to prepare something since he was here.

He won’t say no to money that comes to his hands.

“There are four dishes.”

Mu Fan took the menu and put it on the table and smiled: “Sugou-san, what do you want to try?”

“What is the recommended one?”

Sugou looked at the high price and couldn’t help frown. He despised Mu Fan in his heart as he asked.

“All of them are delicious, you won’t be able to forget them after trying them.”

Mu Fan laughed. Although the club had only four dishes, he can cook with a rating of over 90 points which would grab the stomach of anyone who tries them.

That’s the reason why more and more people were coming to the club each day.

“Is that so?” Sugou looked at the menu as he started thinking.

At this moment, a rhythmic footstep was heard from the outside, followed by a slender figure wearing a black uniform with short black hair and a handsome face.

The teen stood beside the window, and his face was covered by a ray of light. His lips parted with a smile while his eyes were clear, giving a warm feeling.

“This is the first time we met, Mu Fan-san, I’m Sakamoto, Kanada’s friend, she talked about the Mapu Tofu you prepared for her and I wanted to try it.”

Mu Fan was a little surprised, this was the most famous boy in the school, and the most handsome as well.

Damn it!

Mu Fan first cursed in his hear before smiling and saying.

“You’re welcome, of course.”

Mu Fan reminded: “The Mapu Tofu that Kanade-san ate was too spicy and won’t be suitable for most people, I suggest that you have the normal one.”

“Well I have tried the normal version, and it was really delicious.”

However, he didn’t seem to care about that as he waved his hand: “Don’t worry, I want it spicy. As a man, I need to try something exciting, please make the spicy one for me.”

“Since Sakamoto-san decided, I will prepare one for you.”

Mu Fan couldn’t help admire Sakamoto, knowing that the Mapu Tofu was spicy, he still wanted to try it.

“What about you, Sugou-san?”

Saying this, Mu Fan looked at the indecisive Sugou and asked.

“Sugou returned the menu to Mu Fan and looked at Sakamoto with a smile and said: “Since Sakamoto-san thinks that he needs to try something exciting, I will have the same.”

“It seems like this gentleman belongs to the same kind of people as me, then do you mind if I sit next to you on the same table?” Hearing Sugou’s words, Sakamoto looked at him with admiration.

“Of course, please…” Sugou gave a modest smile.

“Please wait a moment then.”

Looking at the two sitting on the same table, Mu Fan was secretly surprised, he didn’t expect that someone would want to try the super spicy Mapo Tofu.

They would need to wait some time because he didn’t have the ingredients ready since few who came here tried the Mapo Tofu.

With Asuna’s help, the process became faster, and a spicy aroma traveled from the kitchen toward the guests.

Although the Mapo Tofu was good, it wasn’t to Mu Fan’s taste, the spicy flavor was too intense, and average people won’t be able to endure it, the two plates of Mapo Tofu were put in front of Sakamoto and Sugou, and each reached a rating of 90 points.

“Sakamoto-san, Sugou-san, here is your dishes.”