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F.S Chapter 89: The scarce resource for Flat chests [Not the Same Chapter 89]

At this time, after Mu Fan checked the follows, a system prompt appeared.

{Ding- The first level of the gaining fans task completed, you have reached 100,000 followers and got 1 fantasy point. Lottery system opened, and the user got lottery ticket X2, you can use the tickets to extract talents from the system, and the next task is to get 500,000 followers. The reward would be 2 Fantasy points and Lottery ticket X4.}

Seeing this, Mu Fan’s heart jolted. He thought about the use of the Lottery Ticket. The talents he can get with them are less expensive than getting them with Fantasy points.

With a thought, Mu Fan directly used the tickets and two golden lights flashed toward the store.

{[Two Face Pan Fried Noodles] Recipe got. Primary gaming Talent got.}

{Using the recipe and the talent.}

As soon as he got these two, Mu Fan directly chose to use them. The knowledge directly rushed into his brain.

Mu Fan was already thinking of getting the Gaming talent, as the monster in the SAO was getting stronger and he won’t be able to grind as he is.

And not only would he know how to play better, but he will also save money and such by not using too many potions.

At this time, all of the group gathered in the club room.

A new face Mu Fan didn’t see before appeared, it was a little girl with short red hair and glasses, she seemed somewhat cute.

Looking at her, Mu Fan couldn’t help twitch, this should be the rotten female Eriri spoke about.

“Eriri-san, Mu Fan-san, you are here!”

Seeing this, the other members smiled and greeted them. The president pointed at the girl and said: “Mu Fan, this is the other member of our club who is responsible for programming, Sena Akagi. Even though I couldn’t beat any game, she is different.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes. He learned the gaming talent, so of course, he can pass and beat them as well. Mu Fan smiled and said: “Akagi-san, Hello.”

Although she was part of the vote of her game, they can still be friends as Mu Fan wasn’t stingy to that extent.

But, if it wasn’t for Eriri, he wouldn’t believe that she had that kind of taste.

Of course, just because she is cute didn’t mean anything.

After all, his sister, who was so cute was actually Eromanga-sensei.

“Mu Fan, hello, I’m a first year here, Sena Akagi.”

Sena Greeted, then frowned slightly and said: “Mu Fan, did you finish writing the story?”

“Well, it’s done.”

Mu Fan took out the story he wrote and placed it on the table.

Yosuga No Sora was quite famous. As long as this kind of story was still liked, if it was to be made, then the sells would be unbelievable.

Sena looked at Mu fan and sat down: “I have to tell you in advance, I wrote mine with much effort, and I won’t let your story pass if it’s not up to standards. I know how much effort it took to write so much in three days, but I still won’t accept it if it’s not good.”

“It’s ok.”

Mu Fan shook his head and didn’t argue.

After all, in this era, Yosuga no Sora not only could it be made into a game, it can also be a manga.

Looking at the members, Mu Fan counted, the number of people was seven, including him and Eriri.

The others were Sena, Muira, and Makabe.

The other two were two fat twins who were almost the same size. The two didn’t talk from the beginning to the end.

“Well, since everyone is here, then lets the meeting begin.” At this point, Muira in the middle looked at Sena and Mu Fan and said: “Since Mu Fan and Sena both wrote a story each, will look at them and decide which will we use.”

“Well, ok.”

Mu Fan distributed the copies to the members. After getting a look at the game Sena made, it seemed like an RPG adventure game.

Just, When Mu Fan saw the introduction and the story, he couldn’t help shuddering.

Even though it was an RPG, the game only had males.

Moreover, why do the characters basic looks seem so complicated?

Mu Fan couldn’t help look turn his eyes and looked at Eriri, but he saw a smile on her face. It seems like she already anticipated this.

Thanks to Eriri telling him before, or else he would’ve been struck by thunder from the shock.

At this time, the members looked at each other after reading the story made by Sena.

Finally, looking at a picture, everyone in the club was stunned.

Every scene was love between the character.

A necromancer put his hand in a warriors bottom from behind.

And how can he still rub the samurai’s body?

Can you really make such a game?

Mu Fan’s face was stiff. Fortunately, Eriri reminded him or else he would’ve really suffered.

It’s no wonder Eriri asked him to write the story if this was drawn by Kashiwagi, he estimated that her reputation would be ruined.

Although In this Era, some people accepted Yaoi, it was a minority.

Moreover, even if this was designed to be a game, isn’t this a little too much.

Muscles and Muscles, there isn’t anything feminine at all?

After this, Mu Fan moved his seat closer to Eriri. When he looked at Eriri, he felt that she was so cute that it was the first time he saw it. He wanted to stabilize his mind as his heart really was panicked by what he saw.

“Hey, why are you staring at me?”

Feeling Mu Fan’s gaze, Eriri frowned and looked at him with disgust.

“Just to make it obvious that my sexual orientation is normal.” Mu Fan smiled a bit, but he had to say that Eriri’s body was a little bit ineffective. She was too flat.

When she noticed his look, Eriri’s eyes widened as she revealed her canines: “You think that I’m a child?”

“How did you know?”

Mu Fan was surprised as he couldn’t understand how she could tell.

“I can see it from your expression.”

Eriri suddenly gripped her fist as she was about to hit Mu Fan: “So, you have that kind of sly thoughts. What is the relationship between the size of this and adults?”

Well, you still misunderstood.”

Mu Fan smiled and said: “Don’t you know that flat chest is a scarce resource in Manga and novels? Can’t you see the popularity of your manga?”

Eriri still bit her teeth and said: “Why do I feel that you’re still mocking me? The scarce resource in the Manga can only be found there?”

“No, it’s also popular in the real world?”

“How can you tell?”

Mu Fan opened his phone and wanted to look at flat chested popular females. He didn’t look as he directly passed it to Eriri.

As a result, Eriri was curious as she looked, but her face became green.

When he saw the words himself, he found this.

“Flat chest, 10,000 yen an hour!!”

F**k? Isn’t that cheap?