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F.S Chapter 90: Sakamoto [2 in 1]

“Thank you!”

Seeing the bright red Mapo Tofu, Sakamoto thanked Mu Fan and picked up a pair of chopstick and started eating.


Sakamoto felt the spiciness and exhaled. His entire mouth was set on fire as the spice spread on his tongue. He couldn’t stop eating.

Gradually, his forehead was filled with sweat as he was unable to resist eating more.

Looking at Sakamoto who couldn’t stop eating, Sugou swallowed his saliva.

Judging from the smell alone; it seems that this Mapo Tofu was really good.

Is this kid really that skilled?

At this time, Sakamoto opened his uniform, revealing his good-looking body and firm muscles.

Mu Fan cursed again in jealousy.

Are you kidding me?

Pay attention to your look, you’re not on the beach.

“Mu Fan, do you guys like being naked at School?”

Asuna asked as she saw Sakamoto while frowning.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and whispered: “Are you kidding me, I didn’t take my clothes last time just for show, or because I wanted to, I had it shredded and used it as a rope.”

When Mu Fan fell silent, he seemed to remember the conversation he had with the nurse before, suddenly Sakamoto pushed his glasses up and made a cool pose before saying.

“Sorry, this dish is so good that I couldn’t help have the illusion that I was on the beach playing volleyball, this dish is really of being magical.”

After saying this, Sakamoto continued to enjoy the Mapo Tofu.

“Is it really that delicious?”

Listening to Sakamoto’s words, Sugou couldn’t help hesitate as he swallowed and picked up his chopstick and put a piece in his mouth.


Just when it was about to enter his mouth, the spiciness hit his tongue. He cursed in pain as he directly spat it out.

“Hot, too hot, water, I want water.”

Sugou was covered in sweat, and the corner of his mouth was red while he tried to fan some air with his hand to cool his mouth down.

If you can’t eat anything too spicy, then just order the normal one.

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched as he took a bottle of water from the fridge and placed it on the table. Sugou directly grabbed it and took a big mouthful, but his tongue was still burning.

It seems like he was really burned.

“Sugou-san, are you okay?”

Mu Fan came over and looked at Sugou who was gasping for air. Both of them ate the same version of Mapo Tofu, but only a few could really eat it. It’s normal for him not to be able to eat something so spicy.

When Mu Fan walked over, Sakamoto raised his head and asked: “Can it be that Sugou-san can’t eat spicy food? This dish is so good that I won’t be able to forget it.”

“No, maybe I accidentally burned my tongue by accident.”

When he thought about bragging in front of Asuna, he didn’t want to lose face now, so he picked the chopsticks again and put another piece in his mouth. Suddenly his throat was on fire, and his face turned deep red.

“If you can’t eat it, don’t force yourself.”

Sakamoto said as he put another piece in his mouth with a cool pose.

“Do you think I can’t compare to a high school student?”

Sugou directly thought that Sakamoto was making fun of him and his face became ugly. After ordering this dish, he couldn’t even take a piece and was burning up after all.

“Mu Fan, thanks for the Tofu, here is 6,000 Yen.”

After looking at the price, Sakamoto directly pulled 6,000 Yen from his pocket and handed it to Mu Fan and said seriously: “Mu Fan, I really have to thank you, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to taste such a delicious Mapo Tofu in my life.”

“You’re welcome, you are always welcome to come again in the future.” Seeing him being Polite, Mu fan laughed and replied politely as well.

“Well, then, I will come again tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow then.”

Just when Sakamoto left, Sugou’s face was blue, and he felt pain in his stomach as he couldn’t endure the spiciness and he screwed up his stomach.

However, he couldn’t lose face in front of Asuna, he bit his teeth and stood up and handed 7,000 Yen to Mu Fan and smiled then said: “Thank you for the hospitality, I still have something to do in the company I need to go.”


Mu Fan smiled lightly, he glanced unintentionally at the plate of Sugou only to find that Sugou didn’t finish eating. It was shameful to waste food in Japan, he couldn’t help frown as he said: “But Sugou-san, there is still some Mapo Tofu left on your plate…”

“Sorry, someone just asked me to return to the company quickly.” Sugou’s brows were frowning as he was covered in sweat as he bit his teeth.

“Oh, okay.”

Since he had something to do, Mu fan only nodded. But just as he left, Mu Fan once again called him.

“Sugou-san, you forgot your bag.”

“Oh, I will come back and take it.”

He rushed directly and grabbed the back before rushing out.

“Sugou-san, you’re not feeling well?”

Looking at Sugou, Mu Fan frowned and said: “You can go to the school infirmary if you want…”

Can you not ask so much?

Sugou rolled his eyes.

If it wasn’t for the Tofu you made, would I be in this state?

Why is it so spicy?

Sugou still didn’t want to lose face, he wanted to leave quickly, so he said: “It’s okay, I’m in a hurry and I need to rush back to the company.”

He didn’t wait for Mu Fan to talk as he directly went out.

“It seems like something is up in the company.”

Mu Fan looked at Sugou who rushed out with surprise.

“Mu Fan, Thank you for today.”

Asuna didn’t pay attention to Sugou’s departure as she grabbed the notes and smiled.

“You’re welcome.”

Mu Fan smiled and took out the 13,000 yen and gave half to Asuna as they continued to wait for customers.

Finally escaping from the cooking club, Sugou directly went to the toilet.

“Sugou-san, is that you?”

Sakamoto walked in the corridor and saw Sugou passing by and directly called him.

Sakamoto sighed and walked to the toiled as Sugou didn’t respond.

When he opened the toilets door, his stomach was finally better and didn’t hurt as much anymore.

If he waited a little longer, he probably would need to go to the hospital for a checkup.

He cursed Mu Fan in his heart.

After going to the toilet, Sugou felt as if his intestine would come out as well when he sat on the toilet.


At this moment, the door to the toilet opened, and Sugou wasn’t surprised to see Sakamoto here.

“sorry, Sugou-san, I didn’t expect anyone to be in the toilet.”

Sakamoto didn’t think that anyone would be in the toilet, he pushed his glasses coolly and said apologetically.

How come this guy is okay even after eating that?

Looking at Sakamoto that acted coolly, Sugou’s mouth twitched as he pointed at the door and said: “It doesn’t matter, can you please close the door?”

“Of course.”

Sakamoto nodded and closed the door and went to the next toilet.

“Sigh, that four eyes forced himself into the toilet.”

Only when Sakamoto entered the first toilet, a blonde guy saw this and immediately walked out excitedly.

“Good, he went into the toilet, we can make him suffer today.”

The blonde guy sneered.

He walked with a bucket of stinking water and directly said: “Sakamoto, get ready for the water. This is directly fetched from the sewer.”

“Let’s see how will you still act cool.”

Sakamoto was admired by many girls in school, and many boys hated him.

Today this blonde wanted to make him look bad and make the girls hate him.

After three minutes from entering the bathroom…


In the security room, a guard saw that the blonde was making trouble and directly rushed to his partner and shouted: “The one called Sugou was directly drenched with sewer water, three boys threw it at him when he was in the toilet. I don’t know what they have against him, but we need to go quickly and save him.”