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F.S Chapter 90: Sena Akagi Is a Bro-con? [Not The same Chapter 90]

After reading both stories, the voting process finished on the blackboard.

“Mu Fan!”

Looking at the five votes under his name, without counting Eriri, all five votes were on Mu Fan.

Mu Fan wasn’t really surprised with this. If these five votes weren’t given to him, he would’ve left this dangerous place directly.

After all, he is a normal man.

“Then it’s decided, we’ll be making Mu Fan’s story, Yosuga No Sora.” Muira stood up and announced.


A loud bang was heard, and a white palm directly hit the table. Mu Fan was stunned as he looked up and saw Sena stood up from her seat with tears in her eyes before saying: “Why, why did no one vote for me? Am I really worse than you by so much?”

Sena’s voice was filled with Indignation. Muira’s face was white as he didn’t recover from the impact he just received. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked: “Sena-san, I want to know something. Is the story you made a Yaoi game?”

“No, it’s an RPG Yaoi game!” Sena said seriously.

“Isn’t that the same!” Muira couldn’t help retort.

There was no hope at all left inside the club members. They felt as if their brain short-circuited and directly collapsed. They shivered while looking at Sena as if she was a devil.

However, Sena didn’t stop as she said excitedly: “I even made the game based on the members of the club.”


When these words were heard, everyone’s brain exploded.

Fortunately, I’m not a member of this club.

Mu Fan secretly sighed as he looked at Muira with curiosity.

Next Mu Fan, regretted it because what he saw was really damaging to his brain.

The story of a young warrior, who was under the magic of a necromancer, had his coat wholly eroded.

“Wow, Hahaha, Young little warrior, do you really think you can resist my magic? With these clothes, are you trying to seduce me? Try looking at me.” The necromancer looked at the warrior who fell to the ground with an evil smile.


The warrior waved his hand and tried to resist. But he was too weak to resist. He was unable to prevent the undead master from pressing him to the ground.

Although the figure was ugly, the switching between the scene was good, although it was some Yaoi, it was very colorful.

The next day, the little warrior was unwilling to be insulted anymore, but he was tied by the undead mage’s magic.

After seven days, the preserving warrior finally defeated the undead master with his own effort. Initially, Mu Fan thought that the scene would change, such the warrior would be eager and excited from getting out.

But, instead, the warrior pressed the necromancer to the ground as he laughed: “Wow, little mage, what do you say now, do you think you can continue? Come, let’s switch the attack mode…”

He had something inside of him at the end.

Mu Fan almost spurted blood as he couldn’t help admit that this girl was really eager to show Yaoi in every scene.

However, Mu Fan felt that the warrior was somewhat familiar; in the end, he figured out that this guy was made using Makabe’s image.

As for the necromancer, it seemed like she used Muira, the club president…

For a moment, Mu Fan felt that this amount of information was too much for his brain to handle…

Seeing Makabe full of sorrow, Sena’s face showed a sly expression, and quickly she put her hand on his shoulder and comforted: “Makabe, cheer up, even though he looks a little bit like you, I made all the characters based on the club members.”


When she heard this, Eriri couldn’t help laughing.

Mu Fan looked at Sena, who was shaking Makabe.


When she noticed this, Sena let go of Makabe and screamed: “Even if you don’t like my story, at least give me a vote, is it too much to ask for?”

“Since you don’t understand, then look at Mu Fan’s Yosuga No Sora!”

Muira wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and handed the manuscript to Sena. Makabe wanted to help him, but he escaped from him while he looked at him fearfully.

“I can do it myself.”

Makabe looked blank, as an old man, he started to tremble.

It seems like the attack she gave was too big…

“Dating sim Game story?”

Seeing the genre of the game, Sena couldn’t help but frown before she started reading.

The same as Eriri, she started reading the Sister storyline, she started slowly before quickly flipping through the pages.

When she saw that the difficulty was overcome and both of them were going abroad, her eyes teared as she slammed the papers on the table.

“Mu Fan, please let me help you make this game.” Sena looked at Mu Fan full of hope.


The sudden change made Mu Fan, and Eriri stunned.

“So, you agree on making my story?” Mu Fan Asked.

After all, according to Muira, Sena was responsible for programming. If he wanted to make the game, she would be necessary.


At this moment, Sena’s phone rang and as Mu Fan glanced accidentally, he saw the words, Onii-chan on the top…

Sena turned around and talked on the phone before returning. With a smile on her face, she faced him and said: “Mu Fan, I have something to do today, I will leave now, I will be here when you come next time to make the game.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Mu Fan smiled then he curiously asked: “Are you going to eat with your bother?”

“How did you know?” Sena was surprised.

Mu Fan and Eriri were helpless. They took a look at the members of the club who were struck by her story except for them before Eriri said: “The Club was quiet right now, so everyone heard your conversation.”


Sena couldn’t help scream and her face instantly reddened.

Looking at her red face, and her liking Yosuga no Sora, Mu Fan could only come to one conclusion.

It seems that… Sena was a Bro-con!