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F.S Chapter 91: Hungry and Flat Eriri [2 in 1]

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After Sena left, Miura sighed in relief and stood up to announce.

“Then, according to the final decision, we will start making the game based on Mu Fan’s story, Yosuga No Sora, is there any objection?”

“No opinion!”

The whole club cheered as they said let’s do this.

When he heard this, Mu Fan was happy, this kind of story made the male otaku’s excited, and he could guess that many would be attracted to it.

No to mention this kind of brother-sister love, the sister is really beautiful as well.

At this time, Makabe looked at Eriri and asked seriously: “Eriri-san, the game will be released next week, can you manage to draw all the art?”

“I should be able to.”

Eriri hesitated a little before she responded, she wasn’t sure she could pull it off.

Although she always makes it before the time limit, she couldn’t tell if she could manage all of these before next week.

“It looks like it would be a little difficult; after all, only Eriri can draw.”

Miura frowned as he looked at Mu Fan and asked: “Mu Fan, time is tight, should we remove one of the storylines?”

When Miura said this, a notification rang in Mu Fan’s mind.

[ding, make sure that the game Yosuga No Sora, get more than 50,000 copy sold. Reward: 1 fantasy point!]

Another mission appeared, although it didn’t have a great reward, it was already his goal to make the game famous.

After all, with his, his name would be known even more.

Therefore, Mu Fan directly said no to Miura’s suggestion: “No, Yosuga No Sora can’t have any line removed, because it would be incomplete if that was to be done, I wouldn’t give up on this work.”

In fact, Mu Fan didn’t want to reduce a storyline, because that would be disrespectful to the original one.

“There is a little bit of time only…”

Miura’s face showed a dilemma: “We can only hope that Eriri can do it…”

Mu Fan wouldn’t let Eriri draw so much by herself obviously. So when Miura said this, he immediately stood up and said: “President, I will Eriri making the art of this game.”

“Mu Fan, are you also an artist?”

Upon hearing this, Miura was surprised, and he was very surprised that Mu Fan could write over 100,000 words in such a short time already.

He didn’t think that Mu Fan was also an artist.

Eriri took a look at Mu Fan unexpectedly. She didn’t think that Mu Fan who was always lazily sleeping in class would offer help. She felt moved, and after thinking about it, she said: “Well, Mu Fan’s drawing isn’t any less than mine. With his help, we can pull it off.”

“His drawing is not worse than hers…”

Miura was surprised and couldn’t say anything.

Eriri was a famous artist in the industry. Now she said that Mu Fan could draw like her, isn’t this indirectly saying that he was better than her?

After all, both of them were high schoolers, but Mu Fan was an artist and a writer at the same time.

“I’m not at that level yet, but I’m the author of Yosuga No Sora, and I’m familiar with the characters and scenes so I can imagine it better than others that all.”

Mu Fan told the truth.

In fact, the reason why Mu Fan drew faster than Eriri was because of his memory, plus his drawing skills, it wasn’t hard for him to draw it close to the original.

“Okay, then if we do this, we will start making the game tomorrow.” After saying this, Miura took out a hand made books and distributed them to the people present.

“President, why are you distributing this book?”

Looking at the strange move of Miura, Mu Fan asked with horror.

Tears formed in Miura’s eyes as he said: “Of course, it’s to ease my heart, we were almost destroyed by Sena’s novel!”

Mu Fan: “…”

After the meeting, Yosuga No Sora was selected to be made into a game.

Next, Mu Fan declined Miura’s invitation for dinner. Although as a friend he needed to attend this party, he still needs to feed his sister and naturally he would want her to be hangry.

In the end, he decided to wait for the release date before partying with them.

“Eriri-san, can you return alone?”

After riding the bike back to his house, Mu Fan asked Eriri.

After all, in the next few days, she won’t need to go the game production club, she will only need to send the illustrations she drew to them, and the bike would be a big help for Mu Fan.

Really, can’t you stay a little with me?

Eriri couldn’t help look at him with hate.

In fact, she didn’t eat anything, and she was a bit hungry, she remembered eating Mu Fan’s cooking last time, and she missed it now. After all, she was tired of the food at home.

After thinking for a bit, Eriri got down from the bike and took a book from her bag. She handed it to Mu Fan and said: “I took this book from Asuna, can you return it and also can you make something for me to eat?”

Mu Fan: “…”

Mu Fan eyes narrowed at Eriri in front of him as he thought, If you are hangry you should’ve said so earlier. If you want to return the book then I will, why don’t you come in as well?

Eh? Asuna’s book…

In the end, Mu Fan took the book and put it in his bag and opened the door to Eriri and said: “Come in, just wait for a bit as I cook something for my sister and you, so you can eat together.”

Eriri entered Mu Fan’s home for the first time, and when she saw the decoration in the living room, she was surprised.

You can be considered rich if you own your house in Japan. She didn’t know that Mu Fan was a rich second generation.

But she wasn’t clear on this, as his parents are no longer here.

“Sit down, wait for a bit, and I will start cooking now, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour.”

This time, Mu Fan didn’t want to try his new dish because he lacked the fresh ingredient.

Mu fan decided to go tomorrow to the cooking club and get some more ingredient for his new dish.

However, since Eriri was his guest, Mu Fan won’t be stingy.

Mu Fan prepared to cook golden fried Rice and Green Pepper pork and Magical Mapo Tofu.

At the same time, Eriri noticed an illustration of a beauty wearing a black dress on the table, and she couldn’t help look at it even more and was surprised: “Good style, and a bit familiar…”

Because the kitchen was next to the living room, Mu Fan could see Eriri’s movement, when he saw Eriri’s curious look, Mu Fan smiled and said: “That’s Eromnaga-sensei’s illustration of Kuroyukihime, a character from Accel World, tomorrow I will show it to Asuna.”

Eriri suddenly thought that this was drawn without Eriri’s consent, she couldn’t help look at the illustration in her hand before saying: “It turned out it is based on Asuna, this is why it was familiar, and also the style was familiar because Eromanga-sensei was the one who made it.”

“Well, after looking at it, help me put it in my bag, so I don’t forget it. I want to get her permission after Eromanga-sensei drew it.”

“I understand, but you’re really lucky, you got Eromanga-sensei to draw your illustration.”

Eromanga-sensei worked as a painter in ASCII Media Works, this news already spread. After looking at it, Eriri put the illustration into Mu Fan’s bag.

“If I can’t get Eromanga-sensei’s support, I would have asked for your help.”


Hearing this, Eriri picked her eyebrows and said: “So, from your point of view, I’m just a spare tire for your illustration?”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes while still preparing food in the kitchen as he said: “It’s also Kagurazaka-san, My editor who introduced me to Eromanga-sensei. Also, would you have time? You will already be drawing my Story for the Game production club.”

“If you want, I can read your novel and help draw the illustrations, after all, you helped me so much…”

There was a blush on her face as she whispered in disappointment.

Only she didn’t know that when she said this, Mu Fan got a notification from the system.

[Promise Eriri that you would make a novel and had her draw the illustration.]

Looking at this mission, Mu Fan was filled with joy.

Although Eriri’s voice was too small, that he couldn’t understand it. He knew that as long as he asks now, Eriri would agree.

This didn’t mean that she needed to draw yet, the mission would be completed as soon as he promised her.

With a hint of joy, Mu Fan looked at the system’s interface.

Even with completing many missions the past few days, he still had four more now.

It seems like his on the path of being omnipotent.

“The food is coming.”

Not long after, Mu Fan filled the plates with Golden Fried Rice and Green Pepper pork as well as Magical Mapo Tofu. The dishes were divided into three portions for each of them.

The Mapo Tofu was the normal version, so anyone can eat it.

“So much?”

Eriri looked at the three plates in front of her and was surprised.

“There is also soup.” Mu Fan made the vegetable soup in front of Eriri: “Three dishes and one soup, Eriri should be satisfied?”

“I really thank you, Mu Fan, I’m really hungry, I will eat!”

Looking at the delicious food in front of her, Eriri took a spoon and took a deep breath in excitement.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes.

It seems… you’re not hungry but also flat?