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F.S Chapter 92: Call me Eriri

“Come on, try my Chinese cuisine.”

Mu Fan put the dishes in front of Eriri and himself and smiled.

“Well, I almost ate every Japanese dish and have long wanted to try Chinese cuisine.” Eriri smiled in delight while looking at Mu Fan, taking a plate and moving toward the stairs: “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t I tell you that I’m cooking for my sister as well? Of course, I’m giving it to her, did you forget so quickly?”

“I’m not that forgetful!”

Eriri gritted her teeth as she said and asked with amazement: “I just found it a little strange, can’t your sister come down?”

“If she ever comes downstairs, I can relax.”

Mu Fan glanced at the closed the door on the second floor and sighed helplessly and told the truth to Eriri.

“She isn’t coming out of her room while she is in junior high school?”

Eriri frowned, and then looked at Mu Fan who was holding his plate and couldn’t help groaning.

Suddenly, Eriri’s eyes widened and said to Mu Fan: “Oh? You have a sister. Isn’t your story, Yosuga No Sora is about someone taking care of his sister all the time?”

“Yeah, it’s because of Eriri that I made the story.” Mu Fan smiled bitterly, although he didn’t write Yosuga No Sora, because of Sagiri, he thought about it.

“Because of your sister, you thought about Yosuga No Sora?”

Eriri looked at Mu Fan strangely with contempt as she said: “You shouldn’t be a sis-con Right? Are you sure that your sister isn’t going out because of that? Your parents aren’t here anymore, so you shut her up in the house and do SM every day?”

“You shouldn’t confuse a story with reality, that’s just fiction, not something I have in my family!” Mu Fan was dumbfounded; the brain of an artist wasn’t the same as ordinary people.

“Who asked you to write a sis-con story like Yosuga No Sora, and even if nothing happened now, who knows after you wrote this, you wouldn’t have that kind of idea in the future,” Eriri said with a red face.

“That is your theory? You draw those kinds of books, and you add Asuna as your models, aren’t you… You know, that?” Mu Fan was almost speechless.

“That’s not the same.”

Eriri uncomfortably retorted: “I’m looking at Asuna as material, I don’t have any other idea.”

“I have a sister, so don’t mix Fiction from my story with your strange thoughts.”

Mu Fan pointed at the door upstairs and said: “Do you want to go up with me and check?”


Eriri glanced upstairs and looked at Mu Fan with vigilance, and then she said: “Forget it, I don’t know what you want to do when I go upstairs. Maybe you want to do something to cover up what you’re doing. The evidence isn’t that necessary, when I want to run I would, even if you’re not afraid of jail, I’m afraid of not getting married later.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and was too lazy to argue with her. He took the plates and went upstairs. He knocked at the door and said: “Sagiri, the dishes are here. I will put them in front of the door, wait a minute then come and take them.”

As he finished speaking, Mu Fan went downstairs. It seems like he can only wait for Accel world to be published before he finds a reason for Sagiri to leave her room.

“Already done?” Eriri looked at Mu Fan coming down and asked.


Mu Fan nodded and looked at Eriri, who was sitting beside the table, and she didn’t eat yet, and he couldn’t help ask: “Aren’t you hungry, why didn’t you eat?”

“Of course, I’m waiting for you, and I’m here as a guest I won’t eat before you sit down and eat with me. Isn’t it rude if I were to do that?” Eriri looked at Mu Fan and raised her eyebrow.

“Sure enough, a lady.”

Mu Fan said with a sigh before he sat down and smiled: “Since I’m back, let’s eat together.”


Eriri nodded. She was really hungry and was about to eat before, but she restrained herself.

When Mu Fan came back, she took a deep breath and picked up the chopstick and tried her Green Pepper Pork.

Just a bite made her feel light.

The cooking of this boy is so delicious.

Eriri was shocked when she ate last time, she was focused on Mu Fan making the story and vaguely savored his cooking, but now, she was immersed in the food, and only one thing could be said, Delicious!

Even her chief wasn’t as good as Mu Fan.

“It’s delicious!” Eriri picked the spoon and tried the rice while she smiled excitedly.

“Slow down, take it easy, drink some soup.”

Listening to Eriri’s praise, Mu Fan smiled and pushed the soup to Eriri.

“Thank you.”

There was blush on Eriri’s face. She took a spoonful, and when it was about to enter her mouth, the fragrance made her heart excited.

In his eyes, Mu Fan had a complicated expression. Although he always laughed at her flat chest, he still cared for her.

From the time of her heatstroke to writing the story for the game to inviting her into his home, you could tell that he cared.

Well, he was a young man who was caring toward people, and he was taking care of his sister with the absence of their parents.

As a modern boy, he was good.

“Another bowl!”

However, Eriri didn’t notice that all this time, Mu Fan was watching her eat a mouthful after another, and when he heard her words, he couldn’t help roll his eyes.

In other words, how many girls did he conquer with his food? The name of the drug king would stick with him.

However, he was speechless listening to her. Because of this, he was afraid of going to jail.

But he should go to jail, right? After all, it shouldn’t be a criminal act when he feeds his sister?

“Goshuushou Sama Deshita, thanks for your hospitality!”

After a while, three dishes and one soup were eaten by Eriri. She put her chopstick on the table and thanked Mu Fan while her palms together.

However, when she saw Mu Fan’s bowl that was almost untouched, she frowned and said: “Why didn’t you eat?”

Nonsense, listening to you gasping and moaning, can I eat with that?

Mu Fan rolled his eyes, but he naturally didn’t say that, after all, he didn’t want a ponytail attack from Eriri, he just said: “I’m not hungry.”

“What? Such a pity for delicious food!”

Eriri sighed in disappointment, then she picked her backpack from the sofa and looked at the window and smiled: “Mu Fan, I should probably return, it’s getting late.”

“Well, do you want me to send you, Eriri-san?” Mu Fan hesitated and asked, after all, it was a bit dark outside. Can he let a beautiful girl like Eriri walk alone?

“Don’t worry, your home isn’t far from mine, I will get there soon with the bike.”

Eriri shook her head then looked at Mu Fan with a sassy smile and said: “In addition, Mu Fan, you will call me Eriri directly from now on, without Honorifics, ok?”