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F.S Chapter 86: Little Cat!

“Onii-chan, you’re finally here.”

The sweat voice of Hatsune sounded in Mu Fan’s ears as she flew down and sat on his shoulder excitedly.

“Sorry, Hatsune, I had things to do yesterday, and I couldn’t enter the game.”

When he thought about Hatsune’s lonely appearance in the past day, Mu Fan touched her head and said apologetically.

“No, Onii-chan doesn’t have to apologize. I’m your system’s fairy, and in my heart, you come first. I live for Onii-chan, so as long as Onii-chan has time to see me, I’m very satisfied.” Looking at Mu Fan, Hatsune shook her head and smiled.

“No, Hatsune, you are my sister and a person who has her own personality, you don’t live for someone else, you live for yourself.”

Mu Fan shook his head and looked at Hatsune. In his eyes, she is a living person with its own consciousness.

If he could, he wants to let her live as she likes just like Sagiri.

“Well, although I don’t understand, I will obey Onii-chan’s orders, I will try my best to live for myself.”

She said with a smile.


Mu Fan nodded and felt relief with her answer. He didn’t want her to live her life for him. Although she is knowledgeable, she is like a child new to things in the real world. So sometimes it was necessary to correct her thinking.

Mu Fan turned around and was shocked as someone appeared in front of him with a pair of purple eyes looking at him.

“Kuroneko, when did you arrive?”

Seeing Kuroneko who was already level three, Mu Fan wasn’t surprised by that rise.

She was leveling solo. She was worth being in the top five in the game.

Hearing Mu Fan’s inquiry, Kuroneko chuckled and said: “What a lazy guy, if it weren’t for Hatsune telling me that you’ll be online, I would think that you wouldn’t be playing anymore after falling down from the first rank.”

“I’m not someone who admits defeat easily.”

With Hatsune with him, getting the first rank won’t be any problem at all. As long as he wants, he would be first place all through the first phase of the game.

“even though you are currently ranked in the thousand?”

Kuroneko glanced at Mu Fan and retorted.

“What you said is really not necessary.” Hearing Kuroneko’s poisonous words, Mu Fan was speechless, but he wasn’t anxious. He chuckled and said: “Thousand? Today I will let you see how I will rush to the top ten! You know, once you made the first step in the game, you can always do it a second time.”

Well, these words are often seen in novels Mu Fan liked to read in his previous world.

{No matter how long it has been, your father, I, will always be your father}

However, this sentence is a bit inappropriate.

Mu fan didn’t say it straight, he looked at Hatsune on his shoulder and asked: “Hatsune, where is it best for us to level up now?”

“Ordinary leveling area won’t help, most of them are currently occupied. Some guilds have made a rule that all players who will fight for resources with them inside the leveling areas would be attacked, which made the ordinary player unable to level up fast.” Hatsune explained.


Mu Fan’s face was cold, he didn’t expect something like this to happen after just one day. He couldn’t help say coldly: “The players of the guilds are so vicious? How can ordinary player survive like this? The game environment is destroyed like this.”

“Your words make me believe that you’re really a gaming rookie.”

Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Kuroneko said faintly: “It’s normal for guilds to occupy leveling areas, after all, solo players won’t be able to survive alone for much if they are ordinary.”

“That is said, did you join a guild?” Mu Fan glanced at her name, but it didn’t show any guild name. It means that Kuroneko didn’t join any guild and was a solo player.

“I don’t have the same principles as these people,” Kuroneko said bluntly as she criticized the guilds players.

“I’m the same, for the time being, I’m playing solo.”

Although Kuroneko had a poisonous tongue at times, her words made Mu Fan look at her highly.

She was a good-hearted person.

However, Mu Fan still wanted to raid Aincard tower.

Of course, if someone was hindering him, he doesn’t mind teaching them a lesson.

In general, if he got some talents to help him, he would feel like he was cheating in the game which wouldn’t leave a good experience.

At this time, Hastune flew between Kuroneko and Mu Fan and smiled. “Onii-chan, although it’s irritating, they have a few higher leveled people and more numbers, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a conflict with them.

“I understand.” Mu Fan nodded, it was impossible for a person to fight against a group of players in the early stage of the game unless he was much higher level than them.

Seeing Mu Fan understand what she wanted to say, Hatsune smiled and said: “I have found a new leveling area in the past few days, go to the labyrinth, the monsters on the first floor aren’t that strong, as long as you two can join hands, you can level up faster and if you can kill the boss on the first floor, then you will rush to the top three.”

“What… Your assistant Pixie not only stays active when you’re offline, but she also has this kind of function?”

When she heard Hatsune’s explanation, Kuroneko looked at her with horror.

“That’s natural, my pixie is omnipotent.”

Mu Fan smiled lightly and headed toward the labyrinth area on the first floor, just as he started walked, Kuroneko suddenly grabbed the hem of his clothes.

“Is there anything?”

Mu Fan turned back and looked at the innocent Kuroneko and asked subconsciously.

Kuroneko’s face turned red as she asked: “You… Isn’t it difficult alone, can we go together?”

Mu Fan gave a slight glimpse at her and remembered that there is a hunger bar in the game, and she ate what he cooked a few days ago, and it’s possible that she wanted to eat again. He saw that her hunger bar was at its limit, and his mouth suddenly twitched.

He finally found out why would Kuroneko wanted to come with him, she didn’t want to level up with him, she wanted to eat…

Can’t she cook by herself?

Or is this Kuroneko a little cat?