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F.S Chapter 94: High-End System!

“Since I became familiar with SAO Fighting Method, Fighting became smoother.”

Mu Fan said as he already thought about this answer as the sword in his hand penetrated the monster ahead.

Directly as the sword penetrated the monster, it disappeared while falling in an unnatural angle.


Glass breaking sound came as the monster turned into stardust and disappeared.

Mu Fan and Kuroneko’s experience bar increased by 2%.

“You became familiar with the fighting style, and now you could fight better?”

Kuroneko’s face finally showed her shock as she exclaimed: “I have to say, you have an amazing talent for games.”

Since he got the gaming talent, Mu Fan felt his reaction speed, and pre-judgment in-game improve at least by double. The battle against monsters was much smoother.

Mu Fan studied the terrain ahead and saw a narrow pass beside a rock and directly said: “Kuroneko, go wait beside that rock, the killing speed here is slow. I will attract monsters there, and we kill them.”

“Going there?”

Kuroneko glanced at the narrow pass and was surprised: “I didn’t expect you to have this kind of strategy, as long as you attract monsters there, only three could have space to attack, and we can withstand the attacks, and our speed will increase as well.”

“I didn’t even think that this Queen of Night will sign a contract with a mortal like you…”

Don’t go all Chuuni on me, okay?

Mu Fan rolled his eyes as he said: “Kuroneko, you go there. I will be back soon.”

Kuroneko glimpsed slightly as she was worried about Mu Fan, which made her face red and a slight blush could be seen on her cheeks as she reminded: “Then don’t get surrounded by monsters. Otherwise, with dozens of monsters attacking you, I won’t have time to come and save you.”

“Well, their monster in this level of the game isn’t that good, I can probably dodge and avoid them without being surrounded.”

Hearing Kuroneko’s concern, Mu Fan smiled. According to Hatsune, the monsters on the first floor weren’t intelligent and had low attack power and reaction speed.

With his game talent, even if he gets surrounded by them, he still could get out.

As they got separated, Mu Fan directly went toward the monsters.

At this time, Hatsune sat on Mu Fan’s shoulder and smiled: “Onii-chan, you got the gaming talent?”

“Well, the number of a fan on Weibo reached 100,000, I didn’t expect I would receive it.”

Mu Fan took a step forward and walked in S-shaped footsteps, avoiding the blades of the monster as he moved and got more monsters on him.

“SAO gets the nerve reaction from the players directly and implements it into the character, so your actual reaction speed also improved in real life.”

Seeing Mu Fan’s ability to respond, Hatsune explained with a smile.

“Besides, Onii-chan’s Another world’s foodie mission can be finished in the next floor, and you can buy a house to open a restaurant. After that, Hatsune will continue looking for good places for restaurants in SAO.”

Hatsune added.

“I understand, I just got the game talent, when will Hatsune be able to talk to me in real life directly to my soul?”

Mu Fan asked curiously, the last time he remembered that Hatsune said when he can get a virtual space in his soul, Hatsune could live there.

Magician talent can be exchanged with 20 points, which are still a huge amount for him.

The gaming talent has a certain influence on Hatsune, but he didn’t know how many levels he needs for Hatsune to be able to talk to him directly.

It was unclear whether he need to build a space in his soul first so that Hatsune can live there or not.

Can he find some way to make Hatsune be friends with Sagiri?

Still, they can be happy together…

Well, he needs a lot of money.

“It’s okay, but I can only say a few words a day, only when Onii-chan has some difficulties will I speak. Keep working hard, when your gaming talent reaches level 3 can I communicate with you normally.”

Hatsune smiled.

“Well, I will work hard.”

Hatsune smiled. After all, Hatsune was bored inside the game, and he needs to get stronger faster.

As of how he can get to level three, he needs time to play and avoid many monsters as well as avoid punches and kicks in real life so his nerve reaction would get faster, which would be really a long way and not just a day or two things to be done. Or he can just upgrade it with Fantasy points.

However, Hatsune was a typical type of system assistant in novels.

But Hatsune wants to make Mu Fan omnipotent, and other assistants held their users solve problems.

They had a different sense of existence.

He was avoiding monsters, but he got hit a few times, and his Hp was less than half, but he was still holding on.

In fact, there many unknown areas in the labyrinth area, Thanks Hatsune, Mu Fan easily found his way.

In Kuroneko’s surprise, Mu Fan rushed back with a horde of monsters.

Just as a monster was about to attack Mu Fan fatally, Kuroneko directly attacked with her long spear, the monster directly turned into stardust.

Taking the opportunity, Mu Fan took a potion and quickly restored his hp. The passage could only hold three people, so the monsters stayed behind.

Each time Mu Fan and Kuroneko kills a monster, another one would enter and their speed increased by a lot.

After two hours, Mu Fan rose to the fourth level, and Kuroneko was close to the fifth.