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F.S Chapter 95: Missed Kato!

Nearly one hundred monsters were killed. Mu Fan’s level was five, and Kuroneko was also five but with much more experience.

Looking at his ranking, Mu Fan reached the fourth place, and Kuroneko was no second place.

Int his case, as long as they reach the sixth level, they can challenge the first boss.

At the first floor, the only ingredients Mu Fan could find were for the Green Pepper Pork.

So, he made some Green Pepper Pork in town and helped Kuroneko fill her stomach. After agreeing to come online together tomorrow, Mu Fan said goodbye to Hatsune.

This time, Mu Fan didn’t post any guide although it would get him some fans.

But now, it was the early stage of the game, and many new players weren’t used to the game still. After all, everyone except Kuroneko could respond as fast as him inside the game now.

Therefore, Mu Fan decided to wait for a few days before he posts a new guide and attract more fans.

Putting his nerve gear on the table, Mu Fan didn’t worry about sleep. Instead, he bought some drawing tools, like a tablet and scanner, and papers…

Everything will be shipped together, and he would get them in a day or two.

He needed now to draw Yosuga No Sora which would affect his and Eriri’s income for the better or, the worse.

After all, the details of the art would determine its worth.

The next day, Mu Fan made Sagiri’s meal before locking the doors and windows and going to school.

After so many days in this world, Mu Fan became familiar with this world.

Taking care of his sister every day, going to the club and writing novels and playing SAO with Hatsune. Although it seemed he was doing many things, this was like a hikikomori life he wanted.

After all, His sister is cute!

Did he have to say that?

“Hmm, ~~”

When he was thinking about this, the wind suddenly blew along the street, making the scenery even more beautiful with the Sakura trees and the falling pink petals.

“Today’s wind is a bit strong!”

Looking at the beautiful scene, Mu Fan sighed.


Suddenly a white hat rolled down along the street and fell in front of Mu Fan’s feet.

Mu Fan squatted down and picked it up as he looked back up, he saw a beautiful girl in a white dress, her jade-like legs were apparent as the wind flattered the black hair along with Sakura petals.

For a while, the picture seemed to stand still.

In Mu Fan’s eyes, it seemed like painting, everything between Heaven and earth seemed to be about this girl.

“Thank you, Mu Fan.”

At this time, the fairy ran down with her bag and looked at Mu Fan who picked the hat and thanked him.

“Ha? Do I know you?”

Mu Fan looked at the girl in front of him who had a short black hair and white skin with delicate facial features and a fresh and refined face. She was really cute, but how did she know him?

Do I have a strong attraction force toward the opposite gender that makes girls find excises to talk to me? (T/N: Please!! That’s just the author making you the center of everything in this novel dude.)

Keke, Did I become an omnipotent male? (T/N: …)

Thinking like this, Mu Fan touched his face and felt a little bit shameless.

“That’s too much, Mu Fan.”

The girls raised her eyebrows and complained: “I always sit in front of you in class, do I have that little impression on you?”

“In front of me?”

Mu Fan returned the hat to the girl and couldn’t help scratching his head.

Did such a cute girl sit in front of me the whole time?

Not to mention me, even the teacher probably had a little impression on her, this was strange.

For example, she was this cute, and her look can be described as explosive, even if she was just sleeping, people would still stare at her.

What… What going on?

“It seems like you don’t know.”

The girl said: “My name is Kato Megumi, and I was the one who told you that Hiratsuka-sensei wants you in her office last time.”

“is that so?” Mu Fan scratched his head.

“Do you want to return to chapter forty-three to see! There was a person who called you in that chapter.”

Mu Fan: “…”


Mu Fan finally calmed himself and tried to recall what happened that day, it seemed like someone did call him, but as he looked up, he didn’t find anyone, at that time, he thought that he imagined it.

When he remembered this, Mu Fan was a little bit embarrassed; after all, he didn’t know the name of his classmate even though the latter knew his.

“Sorry, Kato-san.”

Mu Fan said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it, and it’s not a big deal.”

Kato said softly then continued: “I’m used to it, in the whole class, except for Hiratsuka-sensei, almost no one knows my name. Moreover, even Sensei would forget my name.”

Is it normal for someone to say this calmly?

So her thin presence led her to have no friends, Mu Fan suddenly felt a little bit dumbfounded. He glanced at Kato, who didn’t wear the school uniform and asked: “Kato-san, you’re still not heading to school now?”

“Well, I need to buy an ingredient for breakfast.”

“This way.”

Mu Fan nodded, I fact, he wanted to go to the club early when most of the student didn’t go school yet, so it’s normal that Kato wasn’t going there yet.

“Is Mu Fan-san planning to go to the cooking club this early?” Kato asked.

“Kato-san, how did you know?”

“You may not know this, but the cooking club fame was spreading all over the school. Of course, as a student, I would know.”

Mu Fan was stunned, his reputation increased while he cooked in the club and along with Asuna, they became the representatives of the club.

“Since you have club activities, I won’t bother you, Goodbye, Mu Fan.”

At this time, Kato said goodbye to Mu Fan.

“Well then, see you.”

Because Kato was going to buy food, Mu Fan didn’t want to delay her so she won’t come late for classes later.

“Mu Fan, who were you talking to?”

At this time, a doubtful voice sounded beside Mu Fan, and Mu Fan looked back to see Tomoya riding a bike with a box behind him.

“Oh, My classmate, just happened to meet her and talked for a bit, if you were two minutes earlier, you would’ve met her, hey what are you doing here?”

“So, they like that.”

Tomoya smiled before saying: “I took a part-time job in internet marketing and delivery when I saw your name. I thought I would directly send it to you. But I found your door locked, so I wanted to take it directly to the Cooking Club.”

“Oh, thank you, Tomoya.”

Mu Fan remembered that he bought the drawing tools last night, so he thanked Tomoya.

Just… When he held the box, he felt that he just made Tomoya miss something big in his life…