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F.S Chapter 96: Accel World’s sales.

Tomoya went to finish distributing the newspapers after handing the drawing tools to Mu Fan. After finishing, he went along with Mu Fan to the school silently. For a moment, he looked at Mu Fan before saying: “Thinking about it, Mu Fan, your Accel World is about to be published in Akihabara, right?”


Mu Fan nodded and said: “In the last few days, the ASCII Media Works will publish the first volume of Accel World.”

After all, a few days back, Kagurazaka told Mu Fan that Accel World would be published next week, and they were true to their words.

“That’s great!”

As a popular blogger, Tomoya also hopes for his favorite novel to be published as soon as possible. He looked at Mu Fan and asked: “You should have some illustration that was made by Eromanga-sensei on you, right? Can you show them to me? I will organize them and make a video to recommend the novel.”

“I really don’t know how to thank you, Tomoya, I will send the illustration to you when I return.”

Mu Fan smiled in flight, in fact, the illustration made by Sagiri was passed to him, and he was very satisfied with them. After all, since Sagiri knew that Accel World was his, she drew them more seriously, almost all of them except Arita was better than he imagined.

After all, she couldn’t imagine Arita’s image, but Sagiri made him a little cute, which was worthy of appreciation.

Moreover, this time, ASCII Media works and Tomoya and Sagiri, all of them pushed this novel ahead for the fans, the sales of Accel world would be up to the roof in just a few days.

“You’re welcome; seeing my favorite novel selling well makes me happy.” Tomoya smiled.

Mu Fan nodded, in fact, Tomoya really liked Accel world, he would make a video even if Mu Fan didn’t give him the illustrations.

After all, Tomoya recommended other novels before.

It’s precisely because of this that he was a famous blogger and won the support of many fans. He knew the ups and downs of the industry.

When he got to school, he sent the illustration made by Sagiri to Tomoya and the latter directly fell in love with Kuroyukihime and Accel World.

Tomoya always had a thing for 2D girls even though he also liked 3D ones.

As Mu Fan got to the cooking club, he opened the door and put the box on the table.

He couldn’t wait to open the box and look at the tools inside.

Seeing the new tool, Mu Fan felt that the 100,000 yen he spent was worth it. It was enough for him to draw Yosuga No Sora.

Of course, Mu Fan didn’t just want to do this for Yosuga No Sora, but also for other novels.

When he was preparing to return the tools to the box, Mu Fan heard footsteps coming from the corridor. Then the door opened, and Asuna appeared.

“Mu Fan, are these painting tools for you?” Asuna held backpack and asked in amazement.

“Yes, I bought them yesterday.”

Mu Fan didn’t conceal anything.

“They seem expensive.”

Asuna carefully looked at them and was surprised: “You also draw Manga?”

“Well, just a little, I bought them to practice.”

Mu Fan chuckled and put the tools back in the box and placed them in the corner of the club and was ready to go to classes.

“Well, your sister is really good, and as her brother, I think it’s normal that you can also draw well.” Asuna smiled.

“Oh, I’m much worse than Sagiri.”

Mu Fan smiled modestly. As he mentioned Sagiri, he remembered Kuroyukihime’s illustration and said to Asuna: “By the way, Asuna-san, the illustration from last time is ready, and I brought it here to get your approval.”

“Is it?” Asuna was stunned as she was full of anticipation and asked: “Where?”

“In my bag.”

Mu Fan turned around and opened his bag and was about to bring the illustration out, but suddenly the phone rang, and the one calling was Kagurazaka.

Mu Fan knew that it was something about Accel world, so he looked at Asuna and said: “Asuna-san, I will pick up the phone first, and I will come back shortly.”

“Ok, I will be waiting here.”

Asuna smiled gently.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

Mu Fan smiled and walked out of the club and answered the phone directly.


“Mu fan, I will tell you some good news, on this Sunday, Accel World will be on Akihabara shelves.”

Kagurazaka laughed as she talked with Mu Fan.

“So soon?”

Mu Fan said in amazement, because last time, Kagurazaka said approximately next week and now it’s on Sunday.

Of course, if Accel world’s sales are good, he could publish the second volume directly.

“Well, it’s because Eromanga-sensei finished all the illustration of the novel, so we could accelerate the publishing process, and now it’s scheduled on Sunday.”

“I understand.”

Mu Fan said with excitement.

Although it’s a different world, after all, this was his first time publishing a book, and he was a little excited about it.

In the past, he was only a blog writer, so he didn’t have any chance to get a book of his published.

But now, his book would be published in Akihabara and with him as the author.

It’s amazing that Sagiri drew the illustrations so quickly.

Mu Fan was also shocked by Sagiri’s speed because she drew so all the illustrations in a few days.

Now, he only needed to watch as tens of thousands of copies getting sold per week.

Well, I have to say, having such a hardworking and capable sister is really a blessing in life.