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F.S Chapter 97: Eriri’s Transformation!

“Why are you smirking?”

Why Mu Fan was excited about this news, A voice sounded in his ears, bringing him back to reality.

“Ha, Eriri, why are you here?”

Looking at the knee socks and double twin-tail, mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh as he asked Eriri: “Eriri, Why are you so early today?”

Hearing Mu Fan directly calling her by her name, She blushed a little, but she didn’t refute him.

After all, she was the one who asked him to call her by her name yesterday. After hesitating a little, she came closer to Mu Fan and whispered in his ears: “I have something I need to tell you, come with me.”

“What is it? Is it not good here?” Mu Fan asked with doubt.

“Of course, it’s not good here!”

Eriri’s face blushed even further as she grabbed Mu Fan and went to the Drawing club. With the strange gazes of the students, both of them reached the club room and directly closed the door behind after entering.

Only a few stunned students were left outside…

They were wondering what is going between these two?

Why close the door after entering?

Do they want to do something naughty?

Seeing the door closed, the boys were envious of Mu Fan.

That Damn Mu Fan, he is in the same club as Asuna-san and even knows the school goddess Eriri.

Of course, Mu Fan didn’t expect to be pulled inside the Drawing club either.

Like last time, he was brought here by Eriri which made him stunned. He though a little as he asked: “Eriri, is there something hard with the drawing? Do you need help with something?”

“Of course not!”

Eriri said with disappointment: “Nao will be drawn by you, the other are pretty easy for me, there isn’t much difficulty, just the game setting have some difficulties.”

“What is it?”

“The background music, we have totally forgotten about it, what kind of music shall we add, a sad one, a brisk one, who is going to arrange the piano?”

“Yeah, the game has music.”

Mu Fan frowned, and indeed there was some piano playing background.

The music would have a great influence on the player’s mood.

Even if the game story and pictures were well written, without music, it would be like Kuroneko said, a junk game.

And the opening of Yosuga No Sora is perfect for this.

After all, he didn’t know how to make a game, and he really didn’t want to change Yosuga No Sora even if he is in a different world.

But making ideas to adapt it in this world and making it more popular isn’t a problem.

Therefore, Yosuga No Sora needs the original opening along with the piano piece.

“What did the others say?” Mu Fan asked Eriri about the club members opinions.

“They said that 80% would go to the story and drawing.”

“There is only 20% for the club, how much do they love games?”

Mu Fan couldn’t help but sigh. He looked at the Fantasy points he had left, and there were four of them.

With four, it would be fine.

After thinking about it, Mu Fan smiled and said: “Leave the music to me, I will solve it in two days.”

“You can sing as well?” Eriri asked in surprise.

“I can play some piano.”

Actually, he already got the music of Yosuga no Sora as soon as he got the story, he also knew that it wasn’t difficult. He can get a level one talent, and it would be enough.

The song of the original one belongs to a female, so it would be impossible for him to sing it himself. He had to find a girl for this.

He already had a candidate in mind.

Well, she just doesn’t have the confidence.

“Well, that’s all, the game is about to be released, it has to be made in three days otherwise we won’t make it in time.” Eriri sighed.


Mu Fan smiled and was about to leave the club, but suddenly Eriri grabbed his clothes.

Mu Fan looked back and found Eriri blushing as she said: “Wait a minute, Mu Fan.”

“Is there anything?”

Mu Fan asked.

“Yeah.” Eriri nodded.

“Is it about that book?”

Seeing Eriri’s eyes, Mu Fan guessed.

“Hey, don’t be so loud!”

Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Eriri stepped on his foot. Before she quietly opened the door to see if there was someone eavesdropping before returning back inside.

“No, I think you’re the one who is loud, if you don’t mind attracting others, then you can continue like that.”

Sating at Eriri’s face which was beet red, Mu Fan couldn’t help smile.


Eriri looked a little bit sorrowful as she whispered: “You guessed right, it’s indeed something about it.”

“What’s the problem?” Mu Fan asked.

“It’s about the story.”

Eriri sighed as she continued: “You should know that I have drawn a lot of books, and just recently when I read Yosuga No sora, I couldn’t bring myself just to draw books without a plot again.”

“What is that?” Mu Fan asked in amazement: “Is it difficult to draw other books now?”


“A book without a story, that’s what I often draw, but I just found that this limits my potential. I want to draw interesting plots that I like myself.”

When he heard this, Mu Fan was speechless.

He also thought about this before.

It turned out that she didn’t want to draw books without a plot just for the fans again.