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F.S Chapter 98: Asuna

“There’s always a limit to drawing manga…”

Eriri sat on the seat and sighed: “Because of this, I discussed with my parents, I will be drawing original plots, and they support it.”

“Hah, your parents knew as well?”

Looking at Eriri, Mu Fan was surprised as he opened his mouth and couldn’t speak for a while.

In fact, Mu Fan always thought that Eriri kept her secret from almost everyone and spread her manga with the name Kashiwagi.

He didn’t expect her family to know this as well, and they support her as well.

Wait a minute… Please give me dozens of these parents!

“That’s natural, and my parents always help me sell my books. Otherwise, my identity would be exposed if I sell them myself.”

Looking at Mu Fan’s surprised expression, Eriri was uncomfortable.

“Your parents are the ones who sell you book.”

Mu Fan was a little dumbfounded while looking at her as he asked: “Now you want to draw ones with original plots?”

“Exactly, there is no progress in term of the plot.”

Eriri adjusted her glasses as she said this. Although she was petite, her legs were slender and were tempting to Mu Fan. Eriri looked serious as she said: “Since last time I set the character with Asuna as the model, I didn’t have any progress.”

“I always feel that my understanding of the plot is not good, and I can’t seem to imagine it the same way as you do.”

Mu Fan couldn’t help smiling as he asked: “Didn’t you already draw many books?”

Eriri had many fans already, and there is no way her imagination of the plot is that bad.

“Of course, that’s different from an original one.”

Eriri looked at Mu Fan and said: “The readers tolerate my unreasonable explanation of the plot, for example, the last doujinshi I drew was extremely unreasonable, but because the fans already knew that character from the anime, they could somewhat accept it as they were fans of that character not me and that’s people like about Doujinshi.”

“But when it’s an original plot, the readers want character building and other things. They have to get attached to new characters that they didn’t know, which is somewhat hard.”

“So, what you are saying is that a doujinshi is too brainless and originals won’t make a fan like the new characters, and that would lead to low income?” Mu Fan asked curiously.

“Not at all!”

Eriri shook her head and said: “There are a few readers who hate that because of the unreasonable plot, but the final benefits won’t be affected, at least people who like the protagonist to be a woman won’t hate it, and it won’t affect the final goal.”

Speaking until here, Eriri’s face reddened as she continued: “So… So I wanted to find you for help because you wrote Yosuga No Sora before and from the plot, you don’t seem to be a newcomer author at all. So I would like to ask you to make a story for me, as long as I can have a good story, the income from my books will be equally split between us…”

Equally split?

Mu Fan was surprised.

Thinking about this, Mu Fan couldn’t help feel warmth in his heart. He was a no-name author, he didn’t have any reputation, but she still wanted to equally share the income of the manga while the drawing was more tiring and time-consuming.

Moreover, Mu Fan didn’t intend to draw manga yet, but he was preparing to get the talent anyway.

Having said this, Mu Fan really had many stories from his previous life to share.

There was no need for purchasing them at all.

He had a good memory. Why would he use precious fantasy points every time to get a story?

“I do have a plot.”

Mu Fan looked at Eriri and smiled: “Wait until evening, I will sort out the outline and bring it to you to look at.”


After discussing a little, Mu Fan decided to make the plot, and Eriri would draw it, and he would get half of the income.

After deciding this, Mu Fan left the drawing club.

After all, although it was still morning, club members would be soon coming to the club and Eriri would be exposed if they continued discussing things there.

Just as Mu Fan left, Asuna was sitting alone in the cooking club while looking at the official website of SAO on her phone.

In fact, Asuna was curious about SAO since it started.

Because she participated in the high-level gathering of SAO, she always heard people saying that the game can affect the development of the world.


She was always curious, and at the end, she brought a nerve gear and logged in the same day as the opening of SAO server.

After that, she was attracted by the extent of reality in the game and found the free life she always yearned for.

And after seeing the ranking list, she was unwilling to fall behind and started her journey in SAO.

Although she was still a bit clumsy, as time went by, Asuna found that she got used to it faster, her reaction speed and judgment increased dramatically.

This surprised Asuna.

Because she found that she had some talent playing the game.

After a while, she opened the ranking.

“Asuna – level 4, Rank: 9th.”

Asuna has been working hard to rank so high amongst 50,000 players.