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F.S Chapter 99: Anti Subplot Routine!

Closing the website, Asuna looked at the time on her phone. Her Brows were wrinkled.

And that’s because she thought Mu Fan would take a few minutes, but he still didn’t get back, did the call took so long?

With curiosity, Asuna walked out of the club as she wanted to know what was Mu Fan doing.

She turned around and looked at Mu Fan’s backpack with curiosity.

Mu Fan was preparing to show her accel world’s illustration, which was based on her, so it shouldn’t be a problem if she took a look right?

Soon, Asuna took a colorful book from the backpack.

Asuna saw a girl with long hair while wearing a sailor moon uniform and a short skirt showing her slender legs which looked similar to herself.

Although it looked good, isn’t the skirt too short?

Just a gust of wind can lift it up, and the panties would be in full view.

Good work.

Asuna blushed, and couldn’t help secretly blame Mu Fan, and he let his sister draw such a thing, where was he when she drew this?

Of course, even with similarities, she could tell that this wasn’t her because it’s she doesn’t wear black stocking.

And of course, a light novel’s cover is really needed to be as such or else it won’t attract readers.

Well since it’s not her, Asuna felt somewhat ok with this as she accepted it.

Well, forget it, after all, Sagiri was still young, and she didn’t want to blame the little girl.

Asuna turned the next page and found the same picture but in black and white.

“Is this illustration not colored yet?”

Asuna frowned curiously and was prepared to continue to the next page.

But at this moment, footsteps came from the door, and as she looked back, she saw a petite figure with long silver hair come in.


Seeing the familiar figure, Asuna called her name.

In fact, there were a lot of students coming to the club these days, and Asuna couldn’t remember all of their names, but this girl like the spicy version of Mapu Tofu which was still fresh in her memory.

After all, the Magical Mapu Tofu had two versions, the normal one and the spicy one which was super spicy.

“Hello, I didn’t expect sempai to remember my name still.”

When she heard Asuna still remembers her name, Kanade smiled awkwardly.

When she came to this school, she heard about the big beauty of the school, Asuna.

At that time, she heard that this rich lady was working hard in the cooking club, which made her admire her. Suddenly Kanade broke the silence and said: “I didn’t eat anything this morning, and I wanted to some magical Mapu Tofu.”

“Of course, wait for a bit, and your order will be here soon.”

In fact, these days, Asuna mastered the recipe of the magical Mapu Tofu, and according to Mu Fan, her dish can be served now.

Asuna from a young age was very strong. Although she could call Mu Fan back to cook, she didn’t and wanted to do it herself.

Hesitating for a moment, Asuna the book that was still half opened in Mu Fan’s bag and laughed: “Kanade-san, wait a moment as I go make the Mapu Tofu for you.”

“Thank you.”

“My Pleasure!” (T/N: J-Otaku, Is that you?)

Asuna smiled and went to the kitchen and put on an apron.

Since Mu Fan told her how to do it, she was already grabbing the ingredients without any difficulty.

Nowadays, many ingredients were ready before they cook. And because of last time’s tears, she was careful now with every move she made.


After cutting the pepper, Asuna was relieved as she started making the Mapu Tofu by following the steps Mu Fan showed her.

After a little while, the aroma of the Mapu Tofu filled the kitchen. Asuna came out of the kitchen, holding the dishes in her hands and said:

“Kanade-san, your Mapu Tofu.”

Asuna said with a smile and put a bowl of Rice on the table and laughed: “This bowl of rice is free, if this isn’t enough, just tell me, and I will make another one for you.”

“Thanks, Sempai!”

Looking at the dishes in front of her, Kanade’s eyes shone as she picked her chopstick and started eating.

“Well, I didn’t expect anyone would eat something I cooked with such enthusiasm!”

Seeing Kanade eating, Asuna was happy as she went back to the kitchen to clean.

Just as she was cleaning up, she forgot about what she just cooked and touched her forehead and accidentally touched her eyes. Her eyes once again started tearing without her consent.


Tears continued to flow down on her cheek, she wanted to wipe it but she couldn’t, because the spiciness on her hands can’t be completely eliminated.

Therefore, Asuna could only stay in the kitchen and wait for her tears to stop.

After a while, it eased a lot, as she opened her eyes, Kanade already finished eating and went to the kitchen to pay.

“You’re welcome anytime.”

After receiving the 6,000 Yen, Asuna smiled as she watched Kanade leave, then she went to the table and picked up the plates and started washing them.

After that, she put the knife she used to cut the vegetable in the water and prepared to watch it. The knife was used to cut the pepper, so if she cut herself with it, she would feel a lot of pain.

At this time, footsteps were heard from the door, and Mu Fan came back with a smile. He was happy because Accel world was divided into four parts, and he can make a lot of money with it and live his dream life as a slated fish.

Just as he entered, he saw that the book from his bag moved, he couldn’t help slap his head.

He placed Nao’s pictures along with the illustration of Kuroyukihime in his bag yesterday.

I hope she didn’t see it?

Mu Fan smiled and looked up, and he saw Asuna was washing plates in the kitchen. He sighed as he walked over. He wanted to apologize to her as he took her picture.

He thought that Asuna would think he drew her on his book.

As soon as Mu Fan entered the kitchen, he unexpectedly saw Asuna lowering her head with tears in her eyes while wiping a knife that was in her hands.

Seeing this, Mu Fan’s face was hard to look at.

Couldn’t she be that angry right?

“Asuna-san, you?”

Seeing the knife, Mu Fan quickly wanted to get a calming talent as he stepped back a few steps while cold sweat covered his forehead as he said: “What are you doing?”


Asuna looked at the ugly face he was making and smiled silently: “I bought this knife yesterday. It was said that it was used by a professional before.”


‘Professional’ in what exactly?

Mu Fan’s mouth twitched.

Is this going to be my last day?

I still didn’t do anything in this life!