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F.S Chapter 100: Not in the same wavelength!

“Sorry, Asuna, I shouldn’t have made an illustration of you.”

Mu Fan said as he sighed.

After all, if he tells her that that book was made by Eriri, she would believe him. He could only think that she would resent him even more because he was shrinking from responsibility.

Therefore, after he thought about it, Mu Fan directly admits to it, and save himself from the horrifying fate of Asuna being angry at him.

After all, the kitchen knife in her hand is not a joke…


Asuna didn’t expect Mu Fan to apologize so suddenly. She was shocked as she asked about it: “You mean the Manga in your bag?”


Cold sweat appeared on Mu Fan’s forehead.

In Fact, Mu Fan was relieved because she probably didn’t know anything about the things in the book. She was a pampered lady since childhood.

She probably would explode in anger, definitively.

“I am sorry.”

“Why should you apologize?”

Asuna couldn’t figure out the situation the same as Mu Fan, she said: “There is no need to apologize, isn’t the comic well drawn?”


Mu Fan’s body trembled a little as he looked at Asuna.

In other words, are girls nowadays so open?

Even if a young lady was married, when she finds herself being drawn in such a book, she would be angry.

But, now this girl who wasn’t married said she feels that it was good?

Everyone says that a woman’s heart is full of needles at the bottom.

Mu Fan could swear that even with two lifetimes of experience, he couldn’t understand a girl’s thoughts.

Well, he didn’t have a girlfriend in both lives.

Mu Fan realized this key point and knew that this was normal…

“Well? Isn’t it really beautiful? I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. No wonder people say that 2D has magical power.” Asuna said with a smile.

“In addition, it’s not the real me, so there is no need to be angry, after all, many characters were modified from real people.”

Hearing her words, Mu Fan looked at her with a blank expression.

After some time, Mu Fan said: “In fact, although the 2D has magical power, you are more beautiful in real life…”


Asuna asked with shyness: “Mu Fan, why did you take so long to come back?”

Sure enough, praising a girl would get their please them. The problem was easily solved.

“Nothing, just something I needed to do.”

Mu Fan shook his head seriously as he glanced at the knife and said: “So, Asuna-san, could you put down that knife in your hand?”

“Ah, did I scare you?”

No wonder Mu Fan kept looking at her with fear, Asuna realized this now.

Quickly she put back the knife and wiped her hand, and apologetically said: “Sorry, just now, Kanade-san came and wanted a spicy Mapu Tofu, so I cut a lot of pepper and I washed it so that the pepper doesn’t stick on it. Don’t mind, right?”

“No… I don’t mind.”

When he heard this sentence, Mu Fan felt a little dumb.

It turns out she was holding the knife to wash it.

It seems that I’m easily scared.

Mu Fan sighed and from the dialogue just now, and he concluded that Asuna was fond of Eriri’s manga and she didn’t show anger.

“Can I take the manga with me? Although the character isn’t exactly me, I still want to read it.”

At this time, Asuna’s eyes turned toward the manga.

You… Do you want to read that?

This time, Mu Fan felt something in his heartbreak. The impression he had of Asuna instantly collapsed.

Damned book, you corrupted the lady.

Mu Fan didn’t think that the book was so magical that she would take the initiative to ask herself.

Does she have the same character as Eriri?

Looking at Asuna, there was some sympathy in Mu Fan’s eyes.

Why should you go that way, girl?

If it wasn’t because of this situation, Mu Fan wanted to ask her what does she want to do with the book?

But there is no way he would make that mistake.

Mu Fan sighed, but he couldn’t help take the manga from his bag and give it to Asuna as he said with some heartache: “These aren’t useful for me anyway.”

I was playing last night, and I didn’t get to see it, which is a pity.

Eriri, do you still have another one? I can make you two meals!

“I really thank you. I really like the cover, and I will see what’s inside when I go home.”

Asuna took the book and put in her bag as she said with joy.

Can’t stop?

You’re right, what’s inside is more tempting.

Mu Fan’s silently thought.

Asuna saw Kuroyukihime on Mu Fan’s hand, and although she didn’t recognize it at first, she felt that this character had many similarities with her, so she couldn’t help saying: “Mu Fan, is this an anime character?”

“Oh, this is Kuroyukihime, a character drawn by Sagiri.”

Mu Fan laughed.

“So beautiful.”

Asuna took the illustration of Kuroyukihime from Mu Fan, looking at the exquisite and perfect figure above, and the black dress, long hair, tall figure and princess-like beauty, she couldn’t help sighing in her heart.

“Of course, this was specially made by Sagiri to give it to you.” Mu Fan explained.

“Thank you.”

Asuna seriously thanked him and suggested: “Mu Fan, I feel the manga should be better with Kuroyukihime.”

They weren’t drawn by the same person; how can they get in the same manga?

Mu fan was speechless, but he thought that Asuna liked the illustration so he could only say: “When I go back, I will tell Sagiri about it.”

“Thank you, and I really hope I see Kuroyukihime in a manga!” Asuna said with a smile.

Hearing this, Mu Fan’s face twitched a few times.

“You’re welcome, after all, it’s a good idea to give you the manga.”