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F.S Chapter 101: Come to my house.

In the morning, after cooking some dishes for the customers who came, Mu Fan took a pen and paper and started writing down the opening lyrics of Yosuga No Sora.

Mu Fan took his phone and contacted the merchant who he gets his supplies from, and after everything was done, he was relieved.

Today was another busy morning. Fortunately, everything was solved, and tomorrow he won’t be worried about the cooking club.

After cleaning up, Asuna looked at something written and curiously walked over to read it.

toozakaru kumo no aima (Pouring down through the crevices of the distancing clouds,)

furisosogu kagayaki wa dare o terasu (upon whom does the radiance shine?)

natsu no hi no kage o tsurete tobitatsu (My thoughts, about to fly off together)

omoi wa mada koko ni (with the shadow of the summer days, remain here still.)

This was the opening song of Yosuga No Sora, named Hiyoku No Hane (Wings Flying Side By Side). Asuna wrinkled her brows looking at this song and reading the title.

This seemed to be a song?

She always revealed her elite education of high-class Ojou-sama since she was a child. Of course, most of her knowledge was about managing the company.

Although she studied many subjects since she was a child, since joining the cooking club, she found out that she can’t be compared to Mu Fan’s skills at all.

Not to mention his cooking skills, he can write novels and draw manga and now, he can even write a song.

What else can he do?

Asuna’s face was full of surprise, looking at Mu Fan and didn’t bother him. Instead, she watched him write the song with interest.

She always loved music, and she wanted to listen to the song Mu Fan composed.

“Finally done.”

The time in the club passed quickly, about ten minutes later, Mu Fan finished writing the lyrics.

It was definitively the same opening song of Yosuga No Sora. Flying Wings Side by Side was a great song that was praised by the world as the lyrics and music made the listener yearns to fly in the sky and gain freedom.

Mu Fan was very fond of this song himself.

Since he got the musical talent from the system, he can sing the song himself now and also play the piano.

Don’t so quickly?

Asuna thought he would take a while before he finishes the song, but it only took him a few minutes.

“Mu Fan, is this song yours?”

Asuna surprisingly asked as she couldn’t find the title of the song on the internet.


Mu Fan nodded and said: “This is the song for the game we’re making, it should be accompanied by the piano.”

“So you can play the piano and Sing as well Mu Fan?”

Asuna asked curiously as she liked to sing herself.

“Only a little.”

Mu Fan nodded.

“Can you play it for me?” Asuna asked excitedly.

“I can, but is there a piano here?”

Mu Fan asked as he looked at the club with a smile. He didn’t know if the school had a piano.

So he wondered whether to ask Eriri for a piano or not as he didn’t have one at home and it was too expensive, and he was afraid it would annoy Sagiri if he was too loud.

So, if he can, he wanted to practice at Eriri’s home since she should have one.

And as long as he gets the talent, he can integrate it in the game.

“The music club has been abolished.”

Hearing Mu Fan’s words, Asuna covered her mouth and giggled.

She wanted to make the club again, but since she wasn’t confident in her singing, she just made the cooking club as it was her hobby as well.

“It doesn’t matter, if you don’t mind, come with me after school.”

“Hm? Where are we going?”

Mu Fan glimpsed slightly at Asuna’s proposal.

Asuna said: “To my home, I have a music room there and also a piano, if you like, you can use it.”

“Is it okay to go with you?”

Mu Fan asked.

He knew that Asuna liked music and having music instruments at home is normal. However, being invited to her home, he can’t help feeling embarrassed.

Hearing his question, Asuna blushed a little and finally said: “It’s okay, you’re a good person and it’s very normal for a school mate to visit his friend’s home. I also went to you home last time, and I hope to hear the song…”

Asuna loved music and like the lyrics that Mu Fan wrote and she could tell it would be good.

She hoped to hear it, and since she had the instruments at home, she wanted to hear his performance.

After getting the good guy card thrown at his face, Mu Fan was speechless. But with a good piano, he could sing it. After thinking for a bit, Mu Fan said: “Thank you then, I won’t refuse.”

Asuna’s house should be really luxurious, thinking about this, Mu Fan was looking forward to it.