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F.S Chapter 102: The Home of Asuna.

After school, Asuna and Mu Fan decided to cancel club activities because they were going to Asuna’s place.

When he went out of class, Mu Fan quickly went to the school’s main entrance.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting.”

Looking at the pretty figure waiting for him at the entrance, Mu Fan apologized.

“Don’t worry, and I just arrived here.”

Looking at Mu Fan coming over, Asuna showed a happy face then looked at Mu Fan and went together toward the car that picked her up every day and said: “Mu Fan, get on, my house is a little far, so I need to get there by car.”


Mu Fan nodded and put his bag in the trunk, opened the door and sat in the back seat. Asuna helped Mu Fan close the door and went to the other side and said to the driver: “We can go now.”

Hearing Asuna’s words, the middle-aged man wearing sunglasses nodded and then quickly moved toward the house.

Time passed quickly, and after half an hour, the car stopped.

“Welcome, Mu Fan, be my guest.”

When he got off the car, Asuna smiled at him.

It was a mansion.

Standing side by side, Mu Fan quietly looked at a castle-like house in front of him.

Glancing again, he confirmed that it was really her house.

Although Mu Fan knew that her family was well off, he couldn’t help glance at her home and think to himself that a girl who lives in such a house is a member of the cooking club.

If he had such a financial resource, he would start his salted fish life already.

Next, Asuna stood with Mu Fan in front of the door and knocked, the next moment, a middle-aged man wearing a suit and seemed rich walked out of the door.


Asuna was surprised seeing her father and her face turned red, and she couldn’t conceal it.

Mu Fan looked at the man who wasn’t a stranger to him because he so him many times on TV.

He looked really kind from the outside.

When he saw Asuna, he smiled at her and said: “Asuna, this is Mu Fan, your classmate that you said will come with you today?”


Asuna nodded as she blushed.

“I understand.”

He smiled and turned to look at Mu fan with a friendly smile and extended his hand and said: “Mu Fan, welcome to our family, Asuna doesn’t have many friends in school, so I think you for taking care of her.”

Looking at the enthusiastic face in front of him, Mu Fan was somewhat surprised. After all, the Yuuki family was one of the well known in the country now, and for someone like him to get this kind of welcome, he was flattered.

Fortunately, Mu Fan’s actual age wasn’t seventeen. So he quickly stabilized his mind and shook hands with Shouzou and said: “Shouzou-san, I’m very honored to be here today, Asuna is my friend. She is the one taking care of me. Haha.”

Shouzou smiled and said: “Asuna, she was very proud when she was young and didn’t have many friends she can bring home. Even until now, she only brought Eriri here. This is the first time she brought a male classmate home.”

“Dad, it’s not what you think.”

Asuna’s face was red, and the color spread to her neck.

Mu Fan was also surprised, and he didn’t think that he was the first male friend of Asuna who was invited to her house.

Taking him to see her parents? Doesn’t this sentence seem somewhat…

At this time, Shouzou smiled and said: “Asuna told me on the phone that you need musical instruments, you can use them; however, you like, I won’t bother you.”

“Asuna, you can go with Mu Fan.”


Shouzou left, and Asuna opened the door to the mansion and took Mu Fan and smiled: “Mu Fan, don’t mind my father, he is always an enthusiastic person, and a good talker.”

“Well, I just experienced that.”

“The music room is upstairs, come with me.”

Asuna carried her bag along and took Mu Fan upstairs, the interior of the mansion was extraordinarily bright. The wall beside the stairs was full of European styled paintings, and the decoration was luxurious.

Looking at the paintings, Mu Fan was a little surprised.

At this time, they arrived at the innermost room along the corridor and pushed the door open. Suddenly bright sunlight met their eyes.

“Mu Fan, this is the music room.”

When he looked in, the size of this room was about the same as the cooking club, and because of the two windows, the room was bright, and sunlight was reflected from the clean floor. The room was well decorated and extremely elegant.

And the equipment inside was spotless and clean.

Mu Fan felt that he shouldn’t enter and break the quiet environment in the room.

“Mu Fan, come in.”

Asuna took the lead and went to sit on a chair. She put down her bag and waved at Mu Fan then smiled and said: “Mu Fan, this is my family’s music room. I don’t know if you like it.”

“It’s too good and satisfying.”

Mu Fan smirked as he intended to borrow the piano, but he didn’t expect the place to have so many instruments and even a recording studio with special equipment.

This studio alone requires a lot of money.

However, looking at the almost new equipment in front of him, Mu Fan felt that he could actually record the entire song here and send it to the game production club.