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F.S Chapter 103: Moved to Tears.

“No one actually uses this room. You can use it if you need to.”

Asuna went toward the Piano and said to Mu Fan.

“Thank you.”

Mu Fan thanked her, he walked toward the Piano in a hurry. He couldn’t help but reach out his hand toward the Piano and felt the texture with his hands. It was really good, and he couldn’t help ask: “Asuna-san, how much does this Piano cost?”

Asuna shook her head and said: “It didn’t cost much.”

“Well? How much is that?”

Mu Fan asked curiously. Generally, a Piano wasn’t cheap, even in his previous life, he would need tens of thousands of Yuan to buy one, and he estimated this one needed a lot.

“It’s only 200,000 $.” Asuna said with a smile.


Mu Fan suddenly stopped; he didn’t expect it to be so expensive.

No wonder it didn’t cost Much in Yen. It was bought with US Dollar.

And she said it wasn’t expensive.

People with money think differently.

Mu Fan was speechless. The first time he was going to sing, he would use such an expensive Piano which made him excited. However, Since Asuna agreed, he sat down and put his hands on the keys.

Just as he put down his hands, he felt a wonderful feeling as if he resonated with the Piano.

However, Mu Fan could tell that this was due to the Musical Talent.


Mu Fan suddenly remembered a song and his heart moved. His hands gently pressed on the key, and a clear sound flowed into the spacious room.

Every Recording item in the room was turned on. Everything should be recorded without any loss. After some time, the sound turned smoother and smoother.

With her heart that loves Music, Asuna was touched by the sound.

Mu Fan’s eyes were extremely focused as his fingers danced on the Piano.

Then a faint sorrow filled the melody changing the mood in the room.

The Familiar song from his past life was now being recreated here.

Listening to the sorrowful song and the Piano, Asuna was trying hard to keep calm. Mu Fan’s hand moved gracefully on the Piano which Surprised Asuna as she looked at him with disbelief.

The song he was singing seemed to have magical power. It could affect people’s heart. The yearning for freedom filled Asuna’s heart.

This song’s name is Wings Flying Side By Side.

Listening to the song, Asuna wanted to fly in the sky with freedom.

Asuna’s eyes were filled with tears, and at this time, Mu Fan raised his tone as the song reached its climax.

The song didn’t need a high tone, as long as it can touch the heart, it would be perfect.

In fact, with the musical talent, Mu Fan could sing every song, and it would have the effect of touching everyone’s heart.

The former Mu Fan had no skills in music, but after getting the talent from the Fantasy System, he was surprised by his performance. After all, he could sing his favorite songs, and it felt so fulfilling.

Just… I will sing alone. Why didn’t Asuna sing as well? Is she afraid that she wouldn’t do well?

Mu Fan looked back, and to his horror, he found Asuna standing behind him and her face covered in tears.

“Asuna-san, are you okay?”

Mu Fan’s eyes widened as he made her cry.

“Wings flying Side by Side?”

Listening to the song, Asuna really couldn’t hold her tears, she shook her head and said to Mu Fan: “Thank you, Mu Fan, don’t mind me, it’s just that your song made me remember the past.”

Mu Fan was stunned that he could touch Asuna’s heart with this song. Although it was the Opening of Yosuga No Sora, it touched the difficulties Asuna faced and would face in her future as she was the heiress of her family’s company and wouldn’t have much choice in her future.

In other words, the song touched her extremely deep, and Mu Fan could do nothing by stand by the side without bothering her.

Time passed, and Asuna gradually stopped crying. She wiped her tears and said to Mu Fan apologetically: “Mu Fan, sorry, just now because the song was so good, I couldn’t help cry.”

“It’s ok.”

Mu Fan shook his head; in fact, he also understood Asuna’s predicament. He recalled his past life when his parents were constantly traveling and suddenly died.

After all, it happened too fast, and it felt like a dream, even if he passed through, Mu Fan couldn’t believe it at first, and he would never go back.

Mu Fan was always afraid of facing this truth, and back he can only accept it.

However, it’s good that he had Sagiri with him, she was the last family member he had, and he would take care of her.

After a moment of silence, Asuna looked at Mu Fan and said: “Mu Fan, I remember you said you had a few Piano pieces that you would use in the game?”

Mu Fan smiled and looked at the recording equipment in the room and asked: “Can I use your home recording tools? After all, I would need a piano and the tools for the game, and with these here I can easily do it.”

“Of course.” Asuna directly said with a smile.

“This room wasn’t used for a long time now. Not only now, but every time you want to use it, you can tell me, and I will bring you here in the future for every song you want to make.”