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F.S Chapter 104: Water Feeding

With Asuna’s consent, Mu Fan was extremely happy, he once again sat down and concentrated on playing the Piano.

The composer of the song in his world created others, the Opening, another one that had the same style that sounded beautiful and elegant.

In his past life, many people liked to listen to it, after all, in a game or anime, the timing of insertion of the song is a deciding factor to the song being well-liked.

This was the most famous version, and it will make people cry hearing it.

In total, there are twenty-one songs in the game, and Mu Fan performed them all today.

Although he had the entire twenty-one song in his head, with his talent in Music, he would definitively make mistakes. So, when he did, he would start from scratch.

When the 21st piece finished, Mu Fan’s fingers were trembling.

Looking outside, the sky was already dark. It was 7 pm, and he was here the entire afternoon.

Looking at the time, Mu Fan was embarrassed as Asuna stayed here to help him with the recording and didn’t do anything the entire afternoon.

“Sorry for the trouble, Asuna-san.”

Mu Fan turned his head and looked at Asuna apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it, Mu Fan.”

Asuna shook her head and smiled: “It’s not a waste of time for me to hear such a beautiful song. It’s was good.”

Asuna enjoyed Mu Fan’s performance, and she felt joy when she heard him playing. Asuna took a bottle of water and gave to Mu Fan: “Here you go.”

“Thanks for the help, Asuna-san, I was really thirsty.”

Mu Fan didn’t drink water for the entire afternoon. He was thirsty, so he took the water bottle. But the numbness in his fingers didn’t recover, and the bottle fell directly from his hand.

“It seems like I need to wait for a little before I can drink.”

Feeling that he had no power in his hand, Mu Fan said helplessly.

“Mu Fan, you didn’t drink this afternoon…”

Asuna stopped mid-sentence, she went out of the room and returned with a paper cup and said to Mu Fan with a smile: “Mu Fan, I will help you.”


Mu Fan looked at her. At this time, he saw Asuna pour water into the cup, and her face started heating up as she said: “Mu Fan, open your mouth, and I will feed you.”

“Feed me?”

Mu Fan’s eyes widened as he laughed: “Is that ok?”

Asuna’s face reddened even more as she couldn’t help saying: “There’s no problem with a friend helping his friend, right? You came to my house for the first time, and I will help you now, isn’t that ok? Come on… Open your mouth, say aaah.”


Mu Fan couldn’t help but look at Asuna’s face, which told him that he couldn’t object. He opened his mouth and smiled bitterly.

Now, Asuna held the cup on the corner of Mu Fan’s mouth.

“How is it, you felt it, is this ok?”

“Yeah, carry on.”


“Oh, sorry, it spilled out.”

“It doesn’t matter, just wipe it out later.”

Mu Fan drunk the water from the cup in Asuna’s hand and said with a smile.

With Asuna’s help, Mu Fan drank half of the bottle while taking breaks in the middle. He turned head and looked at the recording equipment and said.

“So, the pieces I played are all saved there?”

“Well, they’re there.”

When he heard her reply, Mu Fan nodded. When he felt strength return to his hand, he opened the computer and listened to the 21 pieces he played.

However, when Mu Fan sent the files to his phone, he found a song that he didn’t make today.

The melody of love?

What is this song?

Mu Fan subconsciously clicked on it, and suddenly he heard a familiar voice singing full of youth. Mu Fan couldn’t help turn around and look at Asuna.

Mu Fan heard this song before, and it was the song. Asuna sang in the club the other day.

At this time, Asuna was red from embarrassment, and steam was coming out of her head as she quickly moved the mouse to close the song.

“Asuna-san, this should be the Opening song that I heard you singing the other day?” Mu Fan asked curiously.


Asuna nodded a little shy then asked: “Is it bad?”

“Of course not, aren’t you a good singer, Asuna-san?”

Mu Fan smiled; he didn’t praise her just because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but because her voice was really soft and beautiful.

From her voice, she was an idol material.

“Really?” Hearing the praise, Asuna asked in delight.


Mu Fan nodded seriously and then asked curiously: “If you like to sing, why not record covers you like and then post them online?”