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F.S Chapter 105: Is Mu Fan The MC?

Because Mu Fan found the secret recording, Asuna’s face was flushed red, and she couldn’t conceal it. She said with courage: “In fact, I considered that but I don’t have the copyright of the song, and I can’t contact the one who holds it, so I can’t post it online.”

“I didn’t say Asuna-san should sing that song.”

Mu Fan naturally understood that the copyright prevents others from posting the song online. Although the culture of ACG was spreading like wildfire, the copyright of these things is still strict.

Mu Fan directly handed the lyrics of the Wings Flying Side By Side to Asuna: “I can’t help you with that song’s copyright, but I can give you this song, and you can make covers of it.”


Asuna was full of joy. In fact, she liked this song as soon as she hears it, but she didn’t tell Mu Fan she wanted to sing it.

Seeing Mu Fan handing the sheet of paper to her and also that she could make covers, she could thank him: “Thank you, Mu Fan.”

“If it weren’t for you, Asuna-san, I wouldn’t be able to record it at all.”

Mu Fan shook his head. He underestimated the first level of this talent, and it could actually touch Asuna which proved that his singing was good, and at least, there won’t be a problem when using them in the game.

Since he borrowed the room, he at least could give her a reward.

Moreover, he planned to have Asuna help him with the song, but since he had the musical talent level 1, he didn’t want to bother her.

But since she liked music, and she can sing in that soft, beautiful voice, with her popularity, it would add to the popularity of Yosuga No Sora.

Resting for a while, Mu Fan looked at the dark sky outside and was worried about Sagiri: “Asuna-san, I will have to go home, see you tomorrow.”

“Don’t you want to eat? The chef here is already prepared for the food.” Asuna said.

“Thanks, but I’m worried about Sagiri being alone at home, it’s better if I go early.”

Mu Fan thanked her. He really didn’t expect that he would stay here for so long, and he was getting worried about Sagiri.

When she heard Mu Fan mention Sagiri, Asuna was a little embarrassed as she said: “I forgot about Sagiri-chan. Mu Fan, since your place is somewhat far from here, I will let the driver send you back.”


Mu Fan didn’t refuse since his home was pretty far from here.

Watching as Mu Fan get into the car, Asuna went back to eat and took a shower, and then she put the nerve gear on as she was prepared to enter the game. But suddenly she remembered the Manga Mu Fan gave her.

Hesitating a little, she put the nerve gear on the bed and grabbed the manga.

Because she didn’t read it completely in school today, she was curious about it.

From the third page, the story seemed to change.

It seemed like the story about someone being dragged by his friend to go on a holiday.

The man was treating the woman gently before one night, the man and woman grew a lot closer.

This wasn’t over as their behavior became more and more eye-catching. Although the key parts of the body were covered in light, with the look of things, she could guess what was happening.

“This, what is this!”

Asuna’s face was turning bright red, and her hands quickly closed the book.

Her entire face turned red, even her earlobe.

“Oh… It seems Mu Fan misunderstood something.”

Recalling this morning when she seemed to say the book was good and all that, her hand tightly grabbed the sheets tightly as she was ashamed.

After a moment of silence, Asuna took the book and went to the door, after locking it, she returned to the bed.

“Well, it’s better to see what’s inside, since the drawing is of me.”

Asuna thought secretly in her heart. She didn’t think it was such a book originally.

This was her first contact with such a thing in her life. The content seemed to open a new door in life for her. Although it was unsightly, curiosity still seemed to do its work. She moved from page to page pretty fast as well.

The time quickly passed, and Asuna’s face was red beyond normal, and her body started heating up. Her breathing was hard but only lasted for a few minutes.

“Mu Fan, you rogue!”

Asuna’s pretty face was flushed red as she hid the book in her bookshelf while she was thinking about giving Mu Fan a lesson tomorrow.

However, as soon as she thought about the man in the book, the picture seemed to become clearer as he was just like Mu Fan.

“Hey, hey! Isn’t that Mu Fan?”

Mu Fan didn’t read the book, but Eriri saw him the day when they were in Akihabara and decided to make him the model for the male lead.

As he got home, Mu Fan opened the door of the car and thanked the driver.

Just when Mu Fan took the keys to open the door, he heard knocking on the floor.

Hearing the sound, he couldn’t help laughing. In fact, he sent a message to Sagiri to tell her he was coming late today, but he didn’t expect to come this late, and Sagiri seemed hungry right now.

“Sorry, Sagiri, I had something to do and came back late, I will start cooking right now.”

Mu Fan shouted loudly for Sagiri to hear him as he directly returned to the kitchen to cook.

Not long after, two bowls of Fried rice and green pepper pork were made. The plate was placed in front of Sagiri’s door before he knocked on the door, reminding her that the food is ready.

After eating, Mu Fan returned back to his room, he started remembering the Yosuga No Sora, Neo’s storyline, and he could do that without the need of Fantasy points.

After that, Mu Fan opened the drawing tools he purchased and started drawing. After finishing, he saved the pictures and sent them to Eriri’s email.

Along with the pictures, he sent the songs he recorded earlier.

After a while, he got a message from President Muira: “Mu Fan, this song is so good, are you the one singing?”