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F.S Chapter 106: Game Price

As he looked at the phone; Mu Fan saw Muira’s excitement in the message, and his mouth twitched.

How excited can you get, I bet even Sagiri won’t be so excited about this.

Or else she wouldn’t be Sagiri.

Mu Fan directly replied: “Don’t be so excited about this, Muira Taicho.”

It didn’t take long for Muira to send another message. “Sorry, I was so excited about the song, I know Eriri-san said you would take care of it, but I didn’t think it would be so good. Was it written by you?”

Of course, Mu Fan didn’t write them, but he got them from the system, but Muira didn’t need to know that.

Mu Fan’s face was red as he replied: “Well, what do you think?”

“Sure enough, it’s an honor for our club to work with you Mu Fan. The songs are good, the story and the songs are impeccable, even without the game, the songs would become a legend.”

Muira praised the songs while Mu Fan became a little uncomfortable.

“Since it fits the game, I’m relieved.”

Sending this message, Mu Fan smiled as he expected this.

Originally, Yosuga No Sora was based on these beautiful songs and the attracting storyline. Even in a different world, the game should be popular.

As he finished everything, Mu Fan prepared to enter the game, but suddenly another message was sent from Muira.

“Mu Fan, how much should we sell the Game?”

Muira inquiry surprised Mu Fan. Other than the story and a few pictures and songs, they needed help from the club, so he didn’t think that he can propose a price for the game.

But since Muira asked him, he obviously thought that Mu Fan was very important, he regarded him as a member of the club and had authority as well.

The game that was called trash by Kuroneko…

Mu Fan found some difficulties deciding the price as well.

He didn’t know the prices of games in this world, and he didn’t understand how much he can expect.

“What does president think would be a normal price?”

Mu Fan decided to ask Muira about this, after all, Muira was the president of game production club, and he should have an understanding about the game.

“In term of the current market price in japan, the cheapest R-18 game is over 10,000 Yen, and normal ones are around 15,000 and 20,000 Yen. But I think since we Have Kashiwagi-san’s drawing and also the story is so good along with the music, we can raise the price…”

Sure enough, the price cannot be the same as it was in his world.

Mu Fan understood that in this world, ACG culture was extremely hot, and the price of GALGAMES is rising. Every game is much higher or even twice the price from his world.

This Era was the one for ACG culture.

When he was thinking, Muira sent another message: “For example, the last GALGAME with an idol singer’s song was sold for about 30,000 Yen.”

Has the price of Idol’s song increased so much?

Mu Fan was silent, but he thought now that the game would be the fastest way to make money. He will lower the price and sell it at a normal price.

If he sold it at the lowest price, many people would buy it, and the lowest price is 10,000 Yen.

But in this way, the profit would be much less.

Although he will get a share of the profit, Eriri and the other members of the club would also get a share.

Of course, with the mission he had, which to sell 50,000 copy of the game, a low price would be good.

But again, he didn’t need to sell 50,000 copy in a week, but a year, so it’s not that hard even if he didn’t lower the price that much.

Of course, there is also a game competition award, which should be good money as well.

Therefore, if he really wanted to make money, he should make Yosuga No Sora take the normal boutique route.

The meaning of the boutique route is simple, the game would be sold at a low price, and then when it gets well known, the price would go up till it reaches 20,000 Yen for example, at that time, Otaku’s would need to pay to get it.

And some people would be lucky to grab it when it’s only 15,000 Yen.

However, the pirated copies would be sold as well, which would hinder them a little.

The game is better than most, as it has good music, paintings and story.

The drawing style alone would attract many as it is Eriri’s, and as soon it is released, the music and the story would hook many.

In this world, not many stories contain forbidden relations the same as this one, and this story should attract many with this style of story.

Because in his world, almost everyone that has seen anime with forbidden relations was hooked up to some degree.

As for the music, it would also make the game even more famous.

With that, the price of the game could be improved more.

Mu Fan decided on this and wanted to send his decision to Muira, but he suddenly heard Hatsune’s voice.

“Onii-chan, according to the market prices in this world, you could sell the game at 40,000 Yen.”