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F.S Chapter 107: Eriri And Airi

“40… 40,000 Yen?”

Mu Fan was shocked by this price.

To be honest, just now, he wanted to say that the price should be 30,000 in the long run, after all, just because an Idol’s song, the price of that game shot to 30,000 Yen and he didn’t want to raise it more than that.

He didn’t expect Hatsune actually to increase it by 10,000 Yen.

“Hatsune, isn’t that price too high?”

Hesitating a little, Mu Fan tried to talk in his mind.

Sure enough, he heard Hatsune’s reply in his mind: “Onii-chan, it doesn’t matter, in fact, Yosuga No Sora is a game that belongs to the best type of stories and forbidden relations.”

“For example, in your world, there are many games with sis-con styles, but in this world, there is none at all.”

“So, with this story, the price can easily reach 40,000 Yen. Don’t forget that Eriri-san will be the one drawing and with her fans buying the game, it wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, if Onii-chan was famous, the price would be at least 50,000 Yen.”

“I understand Hatsune, so because the style of this game is unique in this world, the game can be sold at a high price because the lack of such a genre in the market?” Mu Fan asked curiously.

“Well, Onii-chan, don’t forget that this world is better than the one you lived in when it comes to ACG culture.”

Hatsune said with a serious voice, before taking a breath and continuing: “In your world, the highest price of a game is 10,000 Yen, and it sold 100,000 copies, but in this world, it’s 30,000 Yen, and it sold 300,000 copies. And the games that are sold less than 1,000 copies are considered the trash, and Yosuga No Sora is the best Sis-con styled Game in this world currently.”

“Don’t worry, many brothers and sisters should be waiting for this game.”

Sister waiting?

Listening to this sentence, it seems that many types of people in the world.

After she finished, no matter how much Mu Fan asked again, there was no sound at all.

Of course, Hatsune could only talk at a critical moment and could only have a conversation with him when he’s inside the game.

“President, I think the game should be sold at 40,000 yen.”

Mu Fan sent the message.

“40,000 Yen?”

The same as Mu Fan’s reaction, Muira was also shocked. He quickly sent a message: “Mu Fan, 40,000 Yen will be too expensive, no one would buy it, right?”

“Yes they will, this game is a new genre of games, with ‘Kashiwagi’s popularity, and the music along with the story, the price won’t be that high for people.”

Mu Fan explained his own opinion on this matter after Hatsune explained to him earlier.

According to Kuroneko, the Game Production club didn’t produce any good games, and if he doesn’t explain this to Muira, he won’t understand much.

After all, he hit the wall several times, and he shouldn’t be afraid of pain again.

After reading Mu Fan’s explanation, Muira was silent for a while before he sent another message.

“Well, we’ll go with your decision then! The club didn’t produce any good games before, so we don’t know what price we should sell this game. We’ll work as hard as we can for it to be a masterpiece, and we’ll sell it for 40,000 Yen.”

“Well, then let’s work hard together then.”

After saying this, Mu Fan put down his phone after saying a few things to Muira. Even if they couldn’t sell it, they should fight for once.

Of course, Mu Fan didn’t think that Hatsune would suggest something that will bring harm to him. Although she is the system’s fairy, and he can’t buy things directly from the system without points, he knew that she had her reasons and won’t try to hurt him in any way.

The next day, Mu Fan arrived at the drawing club, or manga club early in the morning.

After all, he promised her to write a good story for her manga yesterday.

“You’re finally here, Mu Fan.”

As soon as he entered, he saw Eriri who was drawing look at him directly.

“You weren’t waiting for too long, were you?”

Mu Fan put his backpack down and looked at a stunned Eriri.

“No, the school’s gate just opened, I just got here.”

“Did you get a good sleep?”

Mu Fan was helpless, and he couldn’t skip on sleeping too much, he would be tired no matter what and need to sleep for a while even with the system helping him. He didn’t think it’s good for Eriri to pull an all nightery that much.

Is she in love with drawing and being a Mangaka that much?

Mu Fan just opened his bag and gave her a document: “Here, the story you wanted.”

“Only the first volume?”

Eriri looked at the script for that was few sheets and asked in amazement.

“Of course, isn’t the first volume enough for you to start drawing now?”

The story in these few sheets of paper could last her a few months. He can still write other ones later.

“This is reasonable, but the plot should attract people, as long as it does, the next few volumes won’t last that long.”

Eriri took a look at the papers with a little doubt: “Oni chichi (T/N: Careful guys, don’t look it up on google?”

Eriri was curious as she flipped through the papers and after reading the plot, her face was full of joy as she raised a thumb up to Mu Fan and praised: “Well, it seems like you have a thing for this!”

“I prefer normal Manga, no Hentai.”

Mu Fan sat down, and he actually didn’t want to share the profit with her as the story wasn’t his and she was drawing the ‘manga’.

Eriri looked at Mu Fan and said: “I certainly want to draw normal ones, but I can’t write that kind of content, I’m not good with normal plots.”

“How about this one?”

“Of course, I can.”

Eriri carefully read the papers about Airi and her design and started drawing her figure.

Just as she painted the upper body, she was stunned, her actions stopped, and the brush fell to the ground.


Her hand hit the table as she looked at Mu Fan, who was surprised. Mu Fan looked at her and found her glaring at him.

Eriri didn’t care about the pain she felt in her hands. Her blue eyes were looking at Mu Fan with tears in her them because Airi was just like her counterpart. She couldn’t help saying: “You… You set Airi’s appearance based on mine?”


Eriri’s voice made Mu Fan slightly stunned and confused as he scratched his head. How could Airi, who was so famous in his past world, be Eriri?

He subconsciously looked at the drawing board and looked at the blond twin-tailed girl. He picked up the brush and drew a pair of glasses on her…

Then Mu Fan was Petrified…

“She really looks…”