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F.S Chapter 108: She is a D, You…

“Wha… What do you mean we look alike?! you obviously made the story based on me!”

Looking at Airi’s picture wearing eyeglasses, Eriri held Mu Fan by the collar as she was ashamed and wanted to find a hole to put her head in.

This bastard wanted her to draw a lolicon story!!!

Was it intentional?

“It’s a plot I made that consist of Loli genre, I didn’t think you’d draw her to look like you.”

Mu Fan didn’t pay attention to the similarity between the two.

“So you’re telling me that Airi wasn’t based on me, but when I drew her, I made it look like me?”

The wicked blue eyes looked at Mu Fan, and if stare could kill, he would’ve died already. Eriri spoke once again. “Mu Fan, look, she even has a twin tail, and it’s the same color!!”

Mu Fan’s face was red: “… That seems to be true.”

“Yes, and what’s more, her eyes are blue the same as me!” Eriri continued.

On the other hand, Mu Fan was full of cold sweat as he said: “Coincidence, This is a coincidence…”

“What’s more is that her stature is petite, exactly like me…”

Eriri said angrily while pulling Mu Fan’s collar until their faces were a few centimeters apart. Eriri gritted her teeth and said: “You still saying that you didn’t write it based on me?”

“Of course, I didn’t.”

Mu Fan glanced at the picture then at Eriri as he found a difference between the two and directly stated it: “Look, she is a D, you?”

Eriri: “…”

After a small silence, Eriri looked down at her resources, then at Airi’s description, and her face darkened.

Her killing intent shot to the roof, and Mu Fan was covered in cold sweat. Even though it was a hot day, he felt cold.

Then, an attack with her twin tails rained upon Mu Fan.

“You did this intentionally! You wrote the script about me, and you just wanted to ridicule my chest, so you made hers bigger!”

Mu Fan grasped her twin tails after a while and said: “Calm down, Eriri, you’re misunderstanding me!”

“Let go!”

Eriri was angrily swaying her head, and Mu Fan loosened his grip on her hair.

Eriri was staring at Mu Fan, originally, because of the novels he wrote, which were good, she held him in high esteem, but this fellow actually was making fun of her.

Eriri said, while not feeling well: “What am I misunderstanding?”

“Right, actually, this person is indeed supposed to be you.”

Although he didn’t expect it, the similarities were too much for him to deny, he could only use the situation he was in, so he wanted to change the topic as he asked: “So why is Asuna-san picture in your stories?”


Eriri didn’t expect Mu Fan to ask that she blinked and her face reddened as she said: “Naturally, Asuna is a beautiful woman and an Ojou-sama, she is the school’s most beautiful girl and her chest size is good for that kind of story…”

“That’s not it.”

Mu Fan smiled as he looked at her and praised: “When writing a novel, one must think of which role the character is best in, and certainly, you would be a Tsundere character that is attractive, are you not attractive? Don’t forget that most guys in the school have eyes for you.”

“So you put me in a story, hentai, to be exact, are you that abnormal?!!”

Eriri revealed her canines while staring at Mu Fan.

How would I know that Airi is so similar to you?

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and said: “It’s just a story, you’re not the one in it, just like how many other people are in stories of their own, you have a perfect stature for the story and compared to others, yours is outstanding in many ways.

Saying this, Mu Fan looked at Airi’s picture: “In fact, when you’re drawing your manga, isn’t it better drawing from an attractive girl then from imagination?”

“You… What are you saying, Baka, although you praised my look, you think you can write a character based on me?”

Eriri’s face was flushed.

She loosened her hand on Mu Fan’s collar, and she turned around in annoyance.

She never thought he would compliment her look, and the fact surprised her greatly…

Even if she used Asuna before, it’s because she thought that Asuna’s stature was the apex of a female student, and with Mu Fan’s explanation, Eriri approved of this.

Her anger was reduced, as she pondered over Mu Fan’s words before she coughed and seriously looked at Mu Fan and said: “Mu Fan, even if you like me, I can’t accept your feelings.”


Mu Fan opened his mouth, and even if he was stupid, he wouldn’t fall for a 3D Tsundere, if he did, his brain would be that of a fish, he didn’t want to die by her ponytail.

Eriri seriously continued: “Although you confirmed how much you like me, you even made a character in your fantasy novel, but we’re still high school students, it’s not time yet to talk about love…”

Good, now he can’t get this off of him.

But it’s good since it’s the only way for Eriri not to be angry now.

Mu Fan followed Eriri’s idea, he directly showed a disappointed face and said with grief: “Oh, I was discovered, what a pity…”