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F.S Chapter 93: Ruri Gokou!

“Well, isn’t she cute?”

Mu Fan looked at Eriri who left on her bike and smiled.

Going back home, he cleaned up the kitchen and started imagining what to draw in Yosuga no Sora, Nao’s storyline.

After all, Eriri wasn’t as good as him when it comes to drawing Nao, and it’s only appropriate that he would draw this line.

He tried looking for the Tablet used by Sagiri online, but he was speechless to find that it cost 100,000 Yen.

Does it make a sense that he can’t make money as good as a 13-year-old girl?

Of course, he can use the old one, even though it’s old, it didn’t have any problems.

Except for the last time in the Drawing club, this is his first-time drawing. As the brush moved, the outlines of a beautiful girl were drawn near perfection. Mu fan was feeling really great now.

Mu Fan enjoyed the feeling of drawing, and he felt that he was turning words into images.

Noa should have this much in size.

Looking at his fist illustration, Mu Fan’s face was satisfied as he drew the second one.

At the same time, Mu Fan used the system to recall the characters of Yosuga No Sora, which is more convenient for him.

When he finished his third illustration, he went to take a shower as he felt a little bit tired. Later, he put on the nerve gear and laid in bed.

SAO nerve gear was well developed when the user enters the game, and he would be in a state of light sleep, so even if someone actually played until late in the night then slept for a short while later, he would be refreshed in the morning.

“Hey, Kuroneko!”

After going online, Mu Fan directly went to the labyrinth where Kuroneko should be according to Hatsune and greeted her while she was fighting monsters.

“You didn’t come for a whole day, and now you’re willing to enter the game?”

Kuroneko didn’t look back. Her little white handheld, the long spear as it penetrated a monster and killed it.

“You should already know why I was so late to enter the game, right? Ruri Gokou-san?”

Mu Fan narrowed his eyes as he smiled at Kuroneko.

Anyway, last time, she saw him and didn’t want to talk in real life. With this, he wanted to make sure she was Ruri Gokou.

Hearing this, Kuroneko’s face turned red as she said: “Hey, mortal, you actually know my name. It seems like you’re not simple!”

What are you still saying? You came here to eat every day, and you didn’t even want to say hello when we actually met.

Mu Fan rolled his eyes.

“Have you joined the Game Production club?” The surrounding was cleaned up from the monsters, and Kuroneko stood with her spear and asked.

“Not really, but I’m writing the story for the game they will make, after it is finished, I’m not sure whether I will stay there or not.” Mu Fan told the truth.

“You joined that club who make those kinds of games?”

Kuroneko frowned, her tone was unrelenting as she said: “I cleared the most difficult game the President of the club made with ease. Really all I can say is that it was a junk game.”

The difficulty of the game was something the most players wanted to enjoy, and they wanted the challenge.

Mu Fan was speechless about the quality of the game Miura made, and he already grasped Kuroneko’s poisonous tongue.

After all, Kuroneko said what she thought without reserve.

Mu Fan slightly smiled and explained: “Although the game made by them isn’t really that good, the game this time is a little different from their previous style. It’s a dating sim, and in my opponent, it has a great chance to be sold like crazy in Akihabara.”

“It’s a game made by that club, won’t it be boring?”

Although Mu Fan explained again, Kuroneko didn’t change her mind about it.

You said that Yosuga No Sora is boring, don’t you know that it is a masterpiece?

When Mu Fan heard this, he couldn’t help feel a bit uncomfortable.

Seeming to notice Mu Fan’s discomfort, kuroneko glanced at him and explained: “You’re not part of that school, you don’t understand what they did before, their rank is in the bottom, and the sales of all their games didn’t add up to a thousand.”

Are they really so bad, they aren’t right?

Mu Fan smiled bitterly, originally, he wanted to give the club some face, but with this kind of history behind them, He really couldn’t say much.

“Well, we can try it, if less than 10,000 copy were sold of this game, you would make my meals for a month?” Kuroneko added.

“It seems like you’re trying to save money.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes. But since she wanted to bet, not only for Yosuga No Sora but also for Eriri, he won’t lose.

After coughing, he thought that if the future light novel god can’t have 10,000 copies of his story sold wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

“Everyone has something in their past, but it doesn’t mean they can’t succeed in the end.”

Mu Fan smiled and asked Kurnoneko: “Well if more than 10,000 copies were sold, what will you do?”

Kuroneko’s face turned red and thought before saying: “You can’t do it anyway, if you can, I will join the game production club.”


Mu fan smiled, Kuroneko was in the top ten players in SAO, if she joins the club, the overall ability of the club would improve.

When the two were talking, suddenly a sound came from behind which made Mu Fan turn quickly only to see monster carrying a machete.

The blade directly hurled toward him, making him feel danger; he quickly raised his sword and stabbed forward.

The sound of the collision came, and the monster’s arm was numbed.

It’s body swayed, and Mu Fan took this chance and raised his foot and slammed it on the monster’s body.


The power of his attack was much stronger as he reached level three previously. The monster was directly unstable and was directly slashed by Mu Fan, and Its hp dropped by ¾.

Feeling this change, Mu Fan couldn’t help think about the Game Talent he received from the system, which greatly improved his reaction speed.

Kuroneko was shocked as she said: “Mu Fan, why do I feel that after one day, your skills were now at least double of what you had before?”