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Chapter 129:[Title at the end]

The third floor of the fortress in the Marine headquarters is divided into an ordinary room and a kaiseki room, the Kairoseki practice room needs more points to practice in.
But compared to the points that Roja accumulated, it’s nothing.
When he entered the Room, Roja was surprised to find a weight of thirty tons.
Before he left last time, the max weight he saw was only twenty tons. He didn’t know if this was also something Vega Punk made or something that the ones after him made.
Roja was too lazy to know its origin, So he directly carried the 30 tons and started his practice. He didn’t do any physical exercise for a long time, even when he fought it’s mostly spiritual power not physical.
Roja took the thirty tons to see if he can break the limit again.
In the Fortress highest floor, Sengoku sat there with the three admirals, Garp, Z and the Crane also were present.
This was a top meeting in the headquarters, not even a Vice-Admiral had the right to be present here.
Only those present had the right to attend.
“The world government send some orders about the thing that happened recently.”
Sengoku took the document and opened it up. Although he didn’t want to catch Doflamingo and then release him it was the world government orders.
Sengoku wouldn’t disobey their orders.
Garp was asleep in his chair, he didn’t want to ask about the order and didn’t care at all. Z was unhappy, but before he could complain to Sengoku the world government already sent the orders.
Knowing that he won’t be able to change anything, he sighed with a face full disappointment.
“Alright, the matter of Doflamingo is already finished, next is the most important thing …”
Sengoku said then opened another document, his expression was solemn.
“In this document, The world government has just instructed that a new system will be made, independent of the Marine and will only receive orders from them.”
“This system is called, The Shichibukai.”
The world government made a new system which is a major event, everyone who heard this turned solemn.
Sengoku put the document on the table and looked at those in front of him, Z paused a little then opened the document slowly.
He was stunned.
“What a joke.”
Z couldn’t suppress his anger and fiercely slammed his hand on the table. Cracks appeared on the table as he directly stood up.
“Making the piracy legal, looting and being an outlaw is legalized, this is a joke, how the hell did those people in the world government even think of this.”
“Are you talking about the five seniors?”
In addition to Z outrage, Akainu was gloomy.
The Shichibuaki system will put those well known and powerful pirates under the command of the world government and they won’t be pursued by the Marine anymore.”
The only thing those pirates had to do is to respond to the world government summon.
So those pirates will have the law behind them.
“This is really… Unexpected…”
Kisaru put his hand on his head and said with his usual tone.
Aokiji was also gloomy as he said: “What does the world government want to do?”
Sengoku seemed to expect this, he looked at the crowd calmly and said: “In the world today, Four powerful forces formed, they are called the Yonko.(Four emperors)”
“In addition to those, there are more like the DonQuixote family, with the power of the Marine alone, it’s difficult to keep the balance.”
“This system will make those powerful pirates into an ally to the world government, which will reduce the pressure on the Marine and will make those Marine deal with each other.”
This was the view of the world government as well as Sengoku’s.
Z didn’t calm down as the rage is apparent on his face, he said: “Because they can’t deal with those pirate they will make piracy legalized? they will let them loot and hurt people as they liked?”
“Even if it is difficult to deal with those pirates it’s part of the Marines mission to do it, How can this be called justice anymore?”
Turning piracy into a legal thing, this was something intolerable to Z.
Sengoku looked at the raged Z and didn’t know how to calm him down, he took a deep breath and said: “Z… This is already approved by the world government.”
“Approved, How? this old man will not approve, absolutely not.”
Z was angry; he hit the table and smashed it, and then turned away to look at everyone present one by one and left.
The Crane was drinking her tea, from the very beginning to the end she didn’t say a word.
After taking a deep breath, Sengoku didn’t chase after Z and turned to Garp.
“What do you think Garp…”
“I didn’t hear a thing.”
“I just applied for  a long vacation to go and see my grandson.” he stood and said: “I will leave first.”
After that Garp left the conference room.
Only the three admirals and the Crane were present.
Sengoku stood there watching Garp and Z leave, he shook his head and sighed.
“The meeting continues.”
“let’s talk about the candidates for the Shichibukai.”

Chapter 129: Shichibukai System


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