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Chapter 26 : Shock

Chapter 26 : Shock


Almost as soon as Roja drew his sword Moss’s sword was cut in half.Z as well as most the instructors exposed a look of surprise.

“Isn’t this …”

One of the instructors looked amazed and couldn’t help but murmur “Didn’t expect that in just one month and his swordplay would grow to this extent. Is this the power of a natural swordmaster ?”

A month before at the actual assessment Roja although showing the power of his flame his swordplay was too rough.

But now after a month Roja’s one strike that cut Moss’s sword in half already seemed like flowing water. Apparently he got the first glimpse of the essence of the sword way.

On the arena.

Roja looked at Moss who lost his sword and was standing there stunned.

“If your body is stronger than the sword you can continue. The question is… he is ?

Roja looked at Moss with a smile but coupled with such words suddenly made that smile turn evil.

Moss didn’t expect those results and couldn’t accept them so he hel the broken sword and raised it again.

But .

Not waiting for the sword to come down Roja placed his Honoo no tsuki on Moss’s throat.


The Broken sword fell to the ground.

Feeling the sword on his throat. Moss heart tuned cold and didn’t dare to move. finally he completely fell over with his eyes showing surprise.

Looking at this scene The instructor directy announced the result after shaking his head.

“Roja wins!”

Seeing that the instructor announced the result Roja retracted his sword and returned it into it’s scabbard also using only one armwhile going down from the arena.

And those dazed recruits finally woke up now.

“Moss’s sword was directly cut off ?”

“If I am not wrong then Roja’s sword isn’t a normal sword.”

“Even if it’s not a normal sword can anyone just cut a steel sword.”

Many recruits were surprised And looked at half the sword that was on the arena. The cut was very neat, Like a merrior it reflected the sun.

This wasn’t steel agaisnt steel this was more like steel =cuttin wood.

Even some strong recruit like Drake looking at this scene couldn’t help but reveal a surprised look too.

Some people remembered what they saw and suddenly murmured .

“That guy … seem that he used just one arm.”

Using two hand would bring more power but still Roja used one and cut Moss’s sword in half. What if used two hands ?

Would he cut Moss  into two as well ?

Many people looked at Roja and saw his dignified eyes, they couldn’t help but recognize his strength even if he can’t be first place. Those rumors were just nonsense all along.

In addition the  strong recruits. The most shoked and most frightened were The people from the same group as Roja.

They just spred that Roja was at the bottom of the fifth group and retaliation came directly to slap thir faces.

“Moss’s sword …”

“How can this be !!”

Those who were familiar with Roja’s strength had their eyes pop out from the shock.

Although Roja didn’t come to the training for two months But two months ago he couldn’t complete the most common run and would always be last. two months later he could easily defeat Moss.

The Roja from now and the one from past have a gap of strength heavens apart.

On the other side the recruits who just heard about him from the fifth group sneered.


“So he is at the bottom of the fifth group right ? what nonesense. Even if he wasn’t first His strength is above most of the recruits. The fifth group are really something to just spread those rumors.”

“Or is it that … Everyone of your group is stronger then him ?”

Recruits sneered at the fifth group that spred rumors about Roja and made their faces burn with anger.

Some looked with strange eyes and couldn’t help but bite the bullet and said ” His not great it’s just his sword is too sharp.”

“Honoo no tsuki one of the 21 O wazamono series but even so he just cut a steel sword not some rotten woud.”

Next someone recognized Roja’s sword and that sentence made the one that talked before stiff.

This time it was difficult to step down so he just shouted ” I ,dars, challenge Roja.”

If he can win against Roja everything will alright.

Although Roja’s sword is sharp , But as long as He don’t face it directly he can win . Because his has more power and more speed then Roja. Even if he is became powerful in those two months. i won’t be that much different.

Yes  , That’s it!

Thinking to here Dars directly went up to the arena.

The recruits didn’t think that someone else would challenge Roja just after he finished the fist match. And the challenger although his results are slighly better but his still his in the hundreds ranks.

Well , The challenges can’t be rejected ans long as they meet the rules. but if you were challenged consecutively you can choose to rest for ten minutes before starting the fight.

Roja didn’t use any force and obviously didn’t need to rest. But as the responsible for stating the rules to the recruits the instructor turned his head to Roja and said.

“Roja , because you were challenged consecutively you have the right to rest for ten minutes.”

“I don’t need to, you can directly start.”

Roja shrugged his shoulders and went up the arena to play.

Seeing this the instructor directly started the match.

“Roja vs Dars , Begin!”

With the instructor announcing the beginning of the match In the blink of an eye, a sword clash sounded and half a sword flew into the air and then gently came down.

Different people but the same outcome.

Dars wanted to avoid Roja’s sword and strike back but that was his wishful thniking. Would Roja allow him to have the chance ?

He readied his sword and forced dars to block his strike then directly cut Dars’s sword in half.


Roja standing with his sword shouted while still on the arena.


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