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Chapter 25 : Challenges

Chapter 25 : Challenges


In addition to the ranking of Roja and Hina there is also a strange thing in the overall ranking.And that is The fifth group had the top three rankings but the forth from that same group was ranked in the fiftys.

Other then Roja and Hina and Drake all the other recruits from the same group were outrageousely low .

“I didn’t expect my ranking in the camp whould be so low.”

“My ranking is also very low , it seem that the forest fire caused serious damage on our results.”

“Fortunately the fire didn’t continue to expand. The instructors should’ve interfered or else it would’ve turned much worse.”

“I am still curious to why was there a fire in the forest.”

After remembering the fire most of the fifth group showed fear.

Even the other groups had heard about this noting the fifth group overall performance they couldn’t help but start to gossip.

In the crowd Roja looked at the assessment ranking while holding his chin.

“It seems some of my score had gone to Hina as she was with me .”

“But even so, i didn’t expect Drake to be third place, It seem that Luffy in the future will have to work hard to be part of the eleven supernova.”

In the whole camp Drake was second only to him and Hina even after that slaughter he made. Still for the entire camp to not stay that far behind made Roja surprised.

It seem that this assessment won’t be boring.

“The ranking from the last assessment has been displayed so then … Let the competition now begin!”

Z voice drew the attention of the recruits.

And almost as Z finished taking another voice sounded .

“I , Moss , Challenge Roja!”

Someone rushed to challenge Roja .

Hearing this all recruits were stunned for a moment.

Because there was no challenge limit and the challenge could not be refused or avoided you can wait for other people to start the challenge and then challenge them. That will give them the advantage as they challenge someone with less stamina and energy.

And now Moss challenged someone just after Z announced the beginning. That was rare.

Moreever he challanged the first ranked in the whole camp.

Which made many recruits feel strange because this moss ranked in the two hundreds. a two hundred ranker challenging the first ranker. so that was really strange.

Although the challenge was unreasonable but it still comply with the rules of this cometition. So the reer Admiral directly said.

“The first felid , Moss and Roja go up.”

The crowd opened a road for both of them from which they came out.

Moss has been thinking of exposing the tempering that happened to make Roja the first ranked recruit. So he directly went and challenged Roja just after Z finished speaking.

In fact he had a little regret after making this decision because even if he won against Roja he can’t stay for long on first position.

But after getting so far there is no escape already.

As long as he could expose Roja then it’s fine.

Moss and Roja were in the same group So he knew about Roja physical strength.

“I am first to go ?”

The other side of the crowd.

Roja stretched Lazily. He actually predicted this. And he already guessed as to why Moss challenged him.

Since it’s like this … It’s time to improve my reputation a bit.

Out of the crowd Roja come out and stood about 20 meters about from Moss .

“Someone in the two hundreds rank challenging the first ranked. Can someone teel me why ?”

Some of the recruits looked at this scene with a strange expression on there faces. they couldn’t help rush to ask others.

“Hey , you don’t know ?”

“Don’t know what ?”

“It’s like this . Roja got his first rank … ”

As several recruits held Roja in comtempt they couldn’t help but expose the “Truth” to others. So the news quickly spred through the crowd. Most of the recruit showed suprise.

No wonder there was such a strange situation here.

So Roja relied on his relationship and tempred with the result to get first place.

This kind of thing even Z couldn’t control. But carefully thinking isn’t Garp and Z friends since decades. Is that’s why he didn’t say anything ?

In any case many people looked at Roja with disdain now . Although most recruit didn’t bother much about it but some recruit believed it and looked at him with strange eyes.

on the arena.

Moss looked at Roja and remembered that he couldn’t keep up with the group even while running.

So he looked at Roja and said with low voice ” I advice you directly throw the towel or else …”

After hearing his word Roja didn’t get angry but loked at him with a smile and said ” Otherwise what ?”



Moss Said loudly “Don’t expect me to show mercy.”

After the instructor announced the beginning Moss pouced directly at Roja.

Moss weapon was the marine standard sword. HYolding his sword he ruched at Roja and his suddenly striked fiercely. In the air sharp sound come out it seemed that he will be cut under the sword.

However , Infront of this attack Roja standed motionlessly, He didn’t ruch ahead , didn’t retreat and didn’t avoid. He only held the hilt of Honoo no tsuki gently.


In the next moment countless people just saw red light appear in the hand of Roja like red silk floating in the air. Roja’s sword collided with Moss sword.

Roja used only his hand , other then that he didn’t move anything else. It was a casual swing like he was playing around.


From left to right His hand formed a semicircle , And even after meeting Moss’s sword his Honoo no tsuki didn’t stop like there was nothing in front of him. It was as if the sword become light and direcly swept over.


Half the Marine sword was sent flying into the air and made a clatter as it fell to the ground.

Moss’s sword was directly cut into two.

After that all the recruits on the field stayed quiet.

“With one of the O wazamono series and ordiary sword would seem like i bullied you …”

Roja glaced at the broken sword on the floor and he couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. Now even with a normalsword he can produce the same effect.

This time Moss was at loss.

He looked at his hand and saw the broken sword He didn’t expect such situation. He was at loss as he didn’t know what to do.

And the recruits watching this scene all exposed a stunned look. And asked themselves

What’s going on here ?


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