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Chapter 72 : Not Strong Enough

Chapter 72: Not Strong Enough

The pirates were ready for an energy attack, but what came down was flames. Not only flames but after them, a huge energy attack came down too. The silver pirates were in chaos after just two strikes.
At this time a figure met with Getsuga Tensho.
This was the silver sword pirate’s captain with a bounty of 225 million berries. In the new world his strength is not bad, But surprised by the flame then hit by Getsuga tensho would he withstand that?
The captain knew that he can’t withstand such power directly.
So he leaped and waved his sword which collided with the Getsuga Tensho and issued a sound of metal hitting metal. Suddenly he felt huge pressure.
The other silver sword pirates tried to black Getsuga Tensho after rushing out of the flames.
A sword strike against all enemies.
The swords split off and the energy attack continued down, which made a crack that was about to cut the whole ship in half.
Far away.
The captain of the warship and the people with him are looking while their mouth wide open to the point of touching the ground.
That trainee … What is his identity … He is too strong.
“Stop firing, Stop firing.”
At this moment, the captain was awakened. No wonder Roja wanted him to stop firing, So this bombing will cause an interference to Roja.
On top of the pirate ship.
Roja was at still stepping on the air. Looking down at the ship his mouth suddenly revealed a smile.
“Indeed the new world pirates are different, There isn’t a single casualty. This is good. This is really good. If they were to die this would be really boring.”
Stating this Roja turned upside down and used Moon Walk to rush directly from the air into the ship.
At the same time, Roja was holding his sword and waved.
“Sword flow, Torch!”
Red flames fell from the sky and Roja who was in the flames came down like a meteorite. He directly hit the center of the ship.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Monstrous flames are being constantly released. it was like waves of hell. They swept every direction of the ship. The ship was enveloped in flames and turned into a huge oven.
Some of the pirates started to jump into the sea and on the other side, the warship was catching them one after the other.
As for those who didn’t jump out … (Tl: You can imagine a BBQ.)
The Marines on the warship looked at the flames that constantly burned the ship and those on it, They couldn’t help but swallow their saliva.
“This is too exaggerated.”
“It seems like we won’t need to go into that ship.”
Even the five captain looked away. They couldn’t help but smile. It seems that Roja can finish everything alone. 
It is obvious … Roja didn’t need any help.
They just need to catch everyone that jump out of the ship.
Wouch! Wouch!
Monstrous flames kept on increasing and from time to time an energy attack will be released at the pirates and the ship. The ship had more than ten cracks now.
And it immediately was filled with water.
After some time from the burning ship, a figure came out slowly.
With this figure getting out the flames made way for it like a group of soldiers making way for their general. After that, the flames started to fade little by little only leaving ruins behind.
Roja gently stepped and he suddenly jumped from the air and returned to the deck of the warship while his sword has long been returned into its scabbard.
Roja had some blood stains but that blood was already dry. In addition, he didn’t have any trace of being burned.
“Go clean, If you don’t hurry that ship will sink.”
After going back to the warship, he saw everyone looking at him in a daze. So he couldn’t help but turn his eyes and point at the far away ship that was burning and collapsing.
After some time, A captain voice broke the silence.
“Go finish the work.”
The Warship finally broke out from the silence.
And this time Roja returned into his cabin. His clothes had blood stains. He looked at his clothes with a frown.
“Although I wasn’t injured… With the flame ability and also Busoshoku Haki aid, i still had blood stains on my clothes. It seems my power still isn’t enough. my experience in real battle isn’t enough.”
When you look at Roja you would think that he came out if a desperate fight.
“If I can achieve the nine air compression in the Tobu zangeki or even ten. Then this battle would’ve been easier. And those bloodstains wouldn’t be there.”
(Tl: This thinking … Badass Mc or is he just stupid. ) (Ed: Both?)
Finally, Roja comes to the conclusion … He isn’t strong enough.
Marine G4 Division.
“You’re back.”
The commodore of the G4 base was sitting on his office and beside him was the other Commodore.
“Well, The Pirates have run.”
The Commodore in charge of the G4 appeared very depressed,  He sat down and ordered a cigarette.
After smoking for a little and put his leg over the other one while smiling and said: ” After I have gone out did anything happen ?”
“Well, there is a young man who came to our division from the elite recruit. He came to participate in the second stage of his graduation exam But …”
He smiled a little then continued “I don’t know what happened but the task assigned to him to catch the silver sword pirates.”
“Second stage of the graduation is … To catch the silver sword pirates !!!”
The Commodore who was in charge of the G4 stared at the other one and said “He must have offended someone. The silver sword pirate group had a bounty if 225 million berries. When I did that I face someone with a hundred million and almost didn’t pass.”
“Probably not. This guy is someone from Vice admirals Garp family.”
“Anyway I didn’t ask about the detail but  just received that they already met the silver sword but I still don’t know the result of the battle.”
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