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Chapter 71 : Personal strength test

Chapter 71: Personal strength test


At this time other cannonballs were flying toward them.
“Almost there.”
Roja put a little force into his leg and jumped into the sky. He once again drew his Honoo no Tsuki and swung twice. Two energy attacks flew toward the cannonballs and sliced them.
If the first time many people couldn’t see, Then this time all of saw him clearly.
“You …”
On the deck, the Commandore stared at Roja in dismay.
Roja was lazy the past few days. He won’t come out of his cabin and when he does come out, it would only be to eat and then he would go back into his cabin. He had a separate cabin so it seemed that he had some background. So no one came to cause any trouble for him.
“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself before. But there is no use now. there is only one thing i want to say and that is The captain of those pirates is my prey.”
Roja looked at the  Commodore while saying that gently. Which made him look creepy after his display of strength just now.
Then Roja continued to say ” So … Can you stop firing at them ?”
“Stop firing? Are you kidding me?”
The  Commodore was still shocked by Roja. The strength displayed by Roja was far more than he imagined a Marine could have. And after Roja asked him to stop firing he shouted back subconsciously.
“This is really giving me a headache.”
“Forget it.”
Roja shook his head. Although the people on the warship has no right to order him, he also had no right to order them either. After all, He is just a Marine trainee.
Roja never cared about his position, He only cared about personal strength. Because of this world personal strength is what will give you the position. As long as his strength is strong enough to become an admiral or more powerful … He could even make the world government obey him.
Whiz !
Seeing that they won’t stop firing Roja just gave up on that idea. He directly used some strength into his leg and jumped out from the warship.
“Wait! What are you doing?!”
The lieutenant was looking at Roja. HE saw him jumping out of the warship and then … Rush toward the other ship … Rush …
Not only him, All the people present were staring. they were stunned. Their brains couldn’t keep up.
Roja jumped from the warship but didn’t fall into the sea. He was in the air. It seemed like he was stepping on a ladder.
The  Commodore and the other important people on the warship have heard about this before. But naturally they weren’t surprised by that, they were surprised because Roja chose this time to use it and go into the pirate ship … alone.
Was he ready to rush into the warship alone?
Was this a joke!
Don’t mention that the canons were still firing. Even if he can deal with the cannonballs, can he deal with all the pirates alone? Does he have that much self-confidence in his strength or is he courting death?
Roja used his sword to reflect of cut the cannonball that was coming toward him.
He learned the Kenbunshoku Haki so there was no need to fear these cannonballs.
Whiz! Whiz!
He didn’t want the two ships to get too close to each other. So he chose this distance to use Moonwalk and go alone.
The reason he came alone is … He didn’t wish for anyone to interfere. So he can go all out.
The silver sword pirate saw Roja coming toward them. They didn’t panic.
“What is it ?”
“Swordplay isn’t bad. Strength isn’t bad either. This guy is mine. No one will have him.”
“Boy, Rushing here alone, It seems that you’re confident ? or are you just courting death ?”
The pirates didn’t really have Roja in their eyes. They were laughing and joking like there is nothing.
“I have come for a reason.”
Roja is dressed in the trainee uniform.He was holding his sword and standing on the air.
“What reason?”
“The reason is … To display my full strength.”
Roja standing in the air suddenly swung his sword toward the ship.
Sword flow, Cremate!
Even when he was fighting Lucci he didn’t use his full power. Because it would’ve spread to a wide range.
Even if the flames burned an area of ten meters but the temperature would be unbearable in a range of 100 meters.
This time he used his full strength.
Without any reservation, Roja sword swung and flames come out rushing. The sky turned red suddenly and the flames with tens of meters long come down crashing.
“Not good.”
“This is bad!”
The silver sword pirates were originally looking down on Roja and didn’t think that his good enough to face them all together. But suddenly when they thought that his gonna use an energy attack, It turned out to be a flame attack.
This can be described as a surprise.
Having thought that Roja was arrogant, they were ready to deal with his energy attack. But suddenly flames come down on them suddenly which made them react a second late.
Monstrous flames rushed into the ship and turned it into chaos.
And almost when the flame comes down Roja didn’t stay still as he suddenly held his sword high. The sword fell down.
“Getsuga Tensho!”
Red energy dozens of meters long suddenly pierced the void. And the Strike fell suddenly on the ship.
this sword strike was unleashed at the same time as the flame fell.
Tens of meters of flames and tens of meters of sword energy. Both formed a cross. The silver sword pirates were unprepared to face it.
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