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G.O.S.S Chapter 244: Confusion

Hancock’s face turned cold, she moved toward Golotto and kicked.
“Perfume fever!”
Golotto faced Hancock’s kick, this time he didn’t dodge. instead, he reached the void and pushed.
A repulsive force suddenly forced Hancock’s foot away. She flew back several meters.
Hancock rolled in mid-air and landed steadily, but at this moment, Golotto moved and used his fruit to attack.
“Damn it!”
Hancock’s learned from the previous attack and instead of close combat, she kissed her finger and formed a heart, suddenly arrows emerged out of that heat and moved toward Golotto.
Seeing this Golotto’s brows furrowed, he used a gravity field to push the arrows away along with Hancock.
Golotto didn’t dare to let Hancock get close because her Haki and Mero Mero ability made him extremely afraid, he didn’t want to be turned into stone.
Fortunately, he had his ways. Hancock didn’t know how to use moonwalk. So Golotto didn’t stop his attack and continued to use his fruit ability.
He used his other hand to make the swords, spears, and rifles fly toward Hancock.
Boom! Boom!
Hancock started kicking the weapons away. At this time, Golotto eyes flashed coldly, suddenly he flew toward Hancock.
“Not good!”
Hancock yelled in her heart, She was guarding herself against the weapons. She didn’t expect Golotto would suddenly use his fruit on her again. Due to that Hancock flew out of the ship.
The two huge serpents in front of the ship hurriedly tried to catch Hancock, But Golotto sneered and again used his fruit and the two serpents were pushed away.
“This is bad!”
Hancock looked at the sea below her, she couldn’t use moonwalk so she will surely fall, and Devil fruit users, falling into the sea is equivalent to death.
All the female warriors exclaimed loudly when they saw this. The tried to jump into the sea to rescue her, but Golotto used his ability and pulled them back.
Hancock fell into the sea.
On the sea, Roja was walking somewhat aimlessly, he raised his head unconsciously and he saw the shadow of two ships in the distance wish seemed to be fighting.
Originally he didn’t intend to bother with them, but when he looked closely, he discovered that one of the ships seemed familiar, so he walked slowly toward them.
And when he saw the ship clearly, his eyes flashed.
“Such a coincidence, isn’t this Hancock’s ship?”
There was a slight smile on his face as he said that, he suddenly sped up. But just when he barely saw the figure on the ships, he happened to see Hancock flying out from the ship and falling into the sea.
Roja was a little surprised.
Obviously, he didn’t expect someone to make Hancock suffer this much. Although Hancock wasn’t that strong, she wasn’t weak either. It’s not easy for an Admiral to deal with her.
“This is really surprising, something that I didn’t happen in the original story…”
(Tl: He killed everyone and still want the story to continue normally xD)
Roja grinned and didn’t slow down at all. He was like an arrow as he crossed the sea, waves started to form behind him as he moved. He quickly dove into the water.
He could feel Hancock underwater so he sped up and went toward her.
When Hancock fell into the water, she lost her ability to move. And instead of panic, she revealed an expression of relief. It seemed like all her pain was going to disperse.
“If I die now, I will be completely relieved of that seal.”
As Hancock closed her eyes and started to sink, A shadow suddenly appeared above her head.
The sea water suddenly burst and huge waves formed around and moved in every direction. All the pirates, be it Golotto or The female warriors were amazed.
“What happened?”
All of them noticed Roja’s figure from afar, but he was so fast that they couldn’t make out who he was even when he went into the water in front of them.
Golotto revealed a look of surprise as looked around and didn’t see any ship.
With a splash sound, Roja and Hancock’s figures suddenly flew from the sea and landed on the ship.
Hancock stood there dazed. She was ready to face death, but everything changed suddenly. This fast change made her confused.
Roja let go of Hancock and shook his head helplessly.
“No matter how big the effect is, you shouldn’t be that surprised, you almost died in the sea.”
As he said this, Roja took off his coat and covered Hancock. Although is coat was soaked as well, but it’s better than Hancock’s clothes which revealed her curves when she is soaked.
It’s just that… A pirate being covered by a Marine’s coat seemed strange.
Hancock still didn’t show any reaction. Roja looked at her confused self and couldn’t help but say.
“You can show such an expression. This is really rare… I’m afraid that you thought about many depressing things when you fell into the sea…”
Roja didn’t speak again as he murmured while looking at Hancock.
The waves in the sea finally calmed down and the ships no longer swayed. The figures of Roja and Hancock finally entered Golotto’s eyes.
At the moment he saw Roja, his pupil dilated while showing hints of terror.
The Hell!
It turns out to be him?!
Although Golotto didn’t sea Roja before, glancing at the coat covering Hancock, he knew that it belonged to an Admiral.
As he knew the other Admirals, he already guessed who it this was. It turns out to be… The strongest Admiral, Ghost sword Roja.
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