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G.O.S.S Chapter 245: How Do You Want To Die?

“It’s him!”
“This is good!”
Hancock’s two younger sisters cried as they rushed toward her.
No one stopped them and no one dared to do, all the eyes were focused on Roja right now.
“You guys…”
Hancock’s eyes finally focused and shifted from Roja’s body looking at her two young sisters.
She suddenly understood.
Her life isn’t without meaning. She is not merely living to conceal her secrets. She has two sisters.
Maybe for her, living is with no meaning, but for her sisters and for the others, her life is definitively important.
Thinking to here, Hancock couldn’t help but glance at Roja next to her. A complicated feeling emerged in her eyes that didn’t exist before.
Did I thank him?
But now she couldn’t say it again… Hancock felt complicated in her heart.
Roja noticed her gaze and chuckled. “Well, although I don’t know what you’re thinking it looks like you figured something out. So it’s fine.”
After his voice fell, Roja turned around and looked at Golotto’s body. He cracked his fingers creating a dreadful sound.
Roja looked at Golotto with a sneer and said: “How do you want to die?
Golotto’s face turned pale. He didn’t even think why he was so unlucky. With his strength even, he could walk without anyone daring to attack him, but the one in front of him now held the title of the strongest and he even annihilated Big mom’s crew alone.
“In the sea… The Marine will unexpectedly appear here to rescue her because she is a Shichibukai. Is this the order from the world government?”
Golotto was full of cold sweat as he was buying time to think of a way to escape. He didn’t even have the least thought of fighting Roja.
Roja walked toward Golotto and said “The first point I have to make clear is this isn’t related to the world government. The second point… You can fight however you want with the other Shichibukai, I can’t even bother with that, but no one can harm her!”
Hearing Roja’s words, Golotto was surprised for a moment he suddenly reacted and his eyes were opened wide.
This sentence is clearly saying that Hancock is my woman and if you make a move on her, you will die.
Is this what a Marine should say?
Is this what an Admiral should say?
Roja finally walked in front of Golotto and looked at him indifferently as if looking at a dead man.
“Just tell me are you ready to die?”
Golotto finally understood why many information said that Roja was very dangerous, he wouldn’t move according to common sense!
He went to single-handedly fight a Yonko and no he wants to shelter a Shichibukai.
Golotto reached his hand an pressed Roja to the ground with his fruit ability. Then he used it again and flew to the sky abandoning his ship and crew.
What a joke!
Roja made it clear that he was going to kill him. Then there was nothing else to say.
“Even if you are Ghost sword Roja, it’s not that easy to kill me…”
Golotto gritted his teeth and used his power to the extreme.
As he knew that Golotto was going to use his ability on him, Roja directly used Busohoku and withstood the first strike. Then he took a short step and leaped into the air.
“Gravity? Interesting.”
Stretching his in the empty air, Sen Maboroshi suddenly appeared in mid-air as he grabbed it with his clothes turned into that of a Shinigami. Roja didn’t start chasing after the latter, he only swept away his sword at Golotto.
A grand Sword energy suddenly flew toward Golotto, The latter knew that he couldn’t resist this attack directly so he used the fruit ability to the extreme and tried to change its course.
But even with his full power, he could only shift the strike a little bit to the side.
The gravity fruit is a very powerful fruit, if it was developed a little it’s potential would be really powerful. If its powers were completely developed it wouldn’t lose to Whitebeard’s shock fruit. Golotto having this fruit is a complete waste.
At least, Roja thinks that Onoki the sandaime Tsuchikage using Gravity in Naruto’s world is far more skilled than Golotto, the gap is too great.
Don’t mention other worlds, if he was powerful enough he could destroy an island or even make it float.
“This gravity fruit is really good but you’re too weak to use it.”
Roja shook his head, although the sword energy was shifted by Golotto, he didn’t look at it as he fell into the ship.
Just at the moment that Roja turned around and fell.
The sword energy burst into flames and broke through the gravity field that Golotto desperately made. The flame suddenly wrapped Golotto’s entire person.
Just like that, the flames burned Golotto and not even ashes remained.
The flames swept the sky and after a brief moment, half was dyed golden red.
“What… What!”
“What kind of power is this…”
The female warriors including Hancock’s sisters couldn’t help opening their eyes widely from shock.
In their opinion, Golotto was extremely strong, but in front of Roja, he died in mere seconds.
Although they came into contact with Roja before and knew he was really strong, they couldn’t judge how strong exactly and that was about a year before Roja opened the Shikai Ryujin Jakka.
This was their first time seeing it.
After the flames disappeared, Roja fell back on the deck and his shinigami outfit disappeared along with Sen Maboroshi.
When he saw Hancock looking at him, Roja chuckled and said “Look at what you are doing. I’m going to take a bath are you ready to come and wash my back?”
If he said this before, Hancock would’ve yelled at him and called him disrespectful.
But this time, Hancock didn’t react for a bit. Then her cheeks immediately turned red as she showed a hint of panic. She didn’t know how to deal with this and suddenly flew toward her cabin.
This scene made Hancock’s two sisters open their mouths.
Both of them looked at this with horror, this was the first time they saw their sister act like this.
“This must be a dream, or maybe I didn’t sleep well last night and I am seeing illusions right now.”
“No, the battle was so intense that we started to hallucinate, that should be it.”
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