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G.O.S.S Chapter 246: Trying

Hancock’s room wasn’t comparable to any other pirate captain’s room. It can be said that most of the ship was Hancock’s room while her room was connected to many other rooms.
In addition to its great look, it appeared to be really comfortable.
Roja was in this room sitting on the couch casually. his clothes didn’t have any drop of water on them.
After a while, Hancock returned to her room and saw Roja sitting on her couch. Her eyes flashed, she hesitated a little then said.
“Your coat… When it dries, I will give it back to you.”
She changed completely from before. Even after the bathing accident, When Roja sit in her room she would be furious and want to kick him out.
But now, she didn’t know what she is doing. When she saw Roja sitting there, she didn’t have any feeling of anger, instead, she wanted to be closer to him.
Roja looked at her and couldn’t help but laugh.
Hancock herself didn’t notice this change. Of course, Roja didn’t know the reason but he noticed the change in her attitude.
Roja looked at Hancock and said jokingly: “I just fell into the sea to rescue you and you didn’t say a thing. I still paused and gave you my coat because your clothes were wet but you still didn’t say anything.”
Previously when Roja said such a thing, Hancock would directly ignore him, but now she didn’t know how to respond and her cheeks were flushed.
“Yes… That was a bit rude of me.”
Hearing her reply, Roja almost chocked and couldn’t help but cough twice. He somewhat looked at her strangely.
Although she did have such a change in his memory, it still felt weird.
Hancock was looking at Roja, her eyes were dodgy and she didn’t dare to look into his eyes. She seemed to completely lose her previous overbearing character of an empress.
Roja didn’t expect rescuing her would result in such an earth-shattering change in attitude.
Between life and death, people are always venerable in such a state.
Roja scratched his hair and slightly smiled: “Don’t look at me like this. You suddenly became like this that I don’t know what to say…”
Roja never denied that he liked Hancock.
The thing that happened in the original story didn’t matter to him, he came to this world and decided to be unbridled.
Since Hancock also liked him, then other matters didn’t matter at all. What original story, for that does he need to ignore his feelings. That is nonsense.
Whatever is happening is the reality for him, this world is real and Hancock is real. Her ideas are also real.
Roja tilted his head and touched Hancock’s hair. he looked at her and smiled.
“Then do you know what love is?”
A simple and straightforward sentence, it sounded like a roaring thunder in Hancock’s ears which left her not knowing what to do and her mind blank.
“Yes, but I…”
Hancock’s whole body jolted, she was blushing and biting her lips and her eyes were fluttering over the floor.
Roja smiled: “It’s ok if you don’t know, I will teach you slowly.”
Hancock was overwhelmed. She was afraid to agree, but she didn’t refuse either. Her heart was filled with complex emotions. Roja’s image when he went into the water to rescue her was flashing in her mind.
“But you are a Marine…”
“While I have many identities, they are nothing but words written on papers for me and you should be clear enough about that.”
Roja looked into Hancock’s eyes.
Hancock felt herself suffocate and her heart started beating like a drum.
Even when she fought, she never felt this way before. She was a pirate empress, but unfortunately, when such a feeling comes, everyone would be the same with no exception.
“Then what do I need to do?”
Hancock didn’t dare look into Roja’s eyes as she said that.
Roja smiled and said: “First, let’s a kiss.”
Hancock felt awkward, but she felt her blood rush to her face, she felt unstable and almost fell to the ground. Roja suddenly reached his hand and helped her.
“Just kidding, we won’t start like that.”
Roja felt helpless, this empress was different than others. She was arrogant on the outside which led to her being completely innocent on the inside. She even couldn’t that this was a joke.
Roja helped the dizzy Hancock to sit down as he touched his chin and started thinking.
Not thinking about what just happened, he was thinking about how to make Hancock stronger.
She was about to die previously and Roja didn’t want such a thing to happen again.
At least she should be able to handle an Admiral.
“She already has a devil fruit. It complements her charm, even though it isn’t the best ability it’s still very strong…”
Although Roja didn’t completely know about the Mero Mero No Mi, he knew that the development of this fruit is related to Hancock’s charm and temperament.
So in this aspect, Roja can’t give Hancock any help.
As for Haki, Although he was stronger than her, this matter is about hard work and extremely arduous training.
He can’t possibly make her go through such training.
As for swordsmanship, it’s less likely to be of any help, as Hancock wasn’t the type to use swords to fight.
After all of this is eliminated, Roja had a way, perhaps it could directly enhance Hancock’s ability without the hard training.
The only problem is, Roja didn’t do this before and didn’t know whether this will be successful or not.
In a way, it’s very simple, Roja just has to make Hancock into a Shinigami like him, the same way Rukia turned Ichigo into one… And if this succeeded before, then it should also succeed now.
“Can people in this world turn into Shinigami?”
Roja looked at Hancock next to him as he murmured deeply. He didn’t know the answer to this question so he could only try it.
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