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G.O.S.S Chapter 247: Back to the Kuja Island

Roja wasn’t someone from this world. His soul is merged completely with Sen Maboroshi. So him becoming a Shinigami isn’t weird.
Compared to people from this world, including Hancock, they have a completely different soul so it’s impossible to know how powerful their souls were.
Turning Hancock into a Shinigami won’t be easy at all. Roja didn’t immediately try it. he took Hancock’s ship and returned to Amazon lily island with them.
Inside Hancock’s room at this time, If anyone was to see what was happening, they would definitively be shocked. Because at this time the arrogant empress everyone knew was sitting next to Roja while the latter had his hands on her shoulder.
Roja feared that he won’t be able to control his strength so he cautiously forced his way into her arms
“Is this alright?”
“It is.”
Roja continued to lay in Hancock’s arms. If people saw this, no matter who they were, they would hack him due to jealousy.
Hancock’s cheeks were slightly blushing. Her hands were rubbing Roja’s shoulders gently while he leaned on her.
“You are beautiful.”
After a while, Roja opened his eyes and looked back at Hancock, His face was full of smiles, he couldn’t help but reach his hands gently and stroked her face.
Hancock’s face turned completely red, even her ears turned red, this kind of Hancock was way cuter than her arrogant and cold self.
A voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.
“Hebihime-sama, we reached the island.”
Hancock was immersed in that strange feeling, she felt awkward hearing the voice. She suddenly returned to her cold self.
“You dare to bother…”
While she was talking she squeezed her fist and was ready to go deal with that female warrior.
But before she had taken two steps, Roja stood up and put his hand on her shoulder. He smiled at her and said: “She was just reporting, don’t blame her, since we’re already here, let’s go.”
Hancock who was about to get angry heard Roja’s voice and turned docile again and nodded at him amiably.
“Well, all of you listen to his words from now on.”
Roja revealed a touch of helplessness. Although she completely obeyed him and made him comfortable, there was a problem.
Hancock didn’t think highly of herself. She lacked confidence.
In his heart, Hancock was in a very high place while it’s the same for her, the difference was that she didn’t put herself in the same high place.
If Roja wanted only to own her, he would be very satisfied, but he didn’t want that, he also considered her own feelings.
“Hancock, you got so much to learn…”
Roja watched Hancock helplessly, he stretched his finger and pinched her nose then walked out of the room with her.
As he stepped out of the ship into Amazon lily, Roja turned around and stretched his hand toward Hancock’s to help her down.
Roja wasn’t afraid that his relationship with her would be known to the world.
So what if it’s known?
Although he is an Admiral and Hancock was a pirate empress and one of the Shichibukai. His identity can’t bind him.
Hancock blushed and extended her little hand while trembling slightly but she didn’t withdraw her hand. The past few days they were more intimate then this so she adapted slightly to this.
Instead, by doing this in front of all those people while knowing their status, she was touched by his actions.
This scene made the people on the island look silly at them.
“Hebi… Hebihime-sama, this is…”
“What did that man do?!”
Hancock shy and feminine look made them almost can’t believe themselves while they looked at each other.
Roja walked with Hancock toward the palace in the center of the island.
After entering, Nyanba saw Roja and Hancock holding hands, her eyeballs almost fell out and her chin touched the ground.
“You… You… You guys…”
The Shocked Nyonba looked at the two dumbfounded. She stood there without knowing what to do, she even didn’t talk respectfully toward Roja.
Hancock looked at Nyonba’s appearance and suddenly said: “How did you come into the palace without permission! Guards throw her out!”
“Wait, Hebihime!”
Nyonba finally regained her senses and waved at the guards to stand still. Then she looked at Roja and Hancock amazed.
 She also held the newspapers in her hands, they were all information about Roja.
Since Roja knew the secret on Hancock’s back, Nyonba paid attention to everything concerning him and collect every piece of information about him to report it back to Hancock.
This time; she was prepared to tell Hancock about what Roja just did.
But she didn’t expect this.
Roja actually came back with Hancock And looking at them holding hands, this man apparently made Hancock’s frozen heart melt.
“You two…”
Although she has seen it, she still couldn’t believe it.
This iceberg was melted by Roja, this by itself is incredible, what’s more incredible, is that Roja actually accepted Hancock.
Roja was an Admiral, and he was known as the strongest Admiral in the history of the Marine. He had the title of the strongest and the position of an Admiral which made him have a high position in the world government.
Roja’s famous reached every place in the world!
However Roja actually didn’t care about Hancock’s slave identity, he was even willing to accept her which was simply incredible.
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