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G.O.S.S Chapter 248: Never Heard of it

“As you can see, we’re already together.”
Roja let go of Hancock’s hand and shrugged at Nyonba.
Cold sweat gathered on her forehead, she couldn’t help but say: “Do you know what this means? Are you prepared for it?”
Roja looked at Hancock who was beside him and stretched his finger, he brushed his hair gently behind her ear and smiled.
“Of course.”
Nyona let out a long cold breath and reluctantly calmed herself. She looked at Roja and Hancock, her eyes flashed with light.
She didn’t know whether Hancock liking Roja was a good or a bad thing.
“If so, I won’t stay here any longer…”
After shaking her head, Nyonba took her snake stick and walked out of the palace.
After leaving, Hancock looked at Roja slightly and asked: “Now… What do we do?”
“Eating and taking a bath.”
Roja rolled his eyes at Hancock and smiled helplessly. “You fell into the sea and just changed your clothes. you need to take a bath.”
When Hancock hear Roja’s words, she nodded in a well-behaved manner and then asked shyly: “That… Will you also come into the bath?”
Roja was thinking about how to make her stronger, and his thoughts were broken by those shocking of Hancock.
Hancock didn’t know what kind of harm did this sentence to Roja.
Although he entered the bath by mistake the last time, it was only an accident. Now Hancock took the initiative to say this, so how could his blood not boil?
He wasn’t a saint.
What’s more, Hancock’s charm was incomparable in this world.
Roja took a deep breath. He suppressed his desire and seriously looked at Hancock and said: “Are you ready?”
Hancock certainly knew what this preparation means. At this moment her face was covered with her hands and her heart was beating chaotically, she didn’t know what she was thinking.
“If… Roja wants…”
“No, What I’m asking is your thoughts.”
Roja walked toward Hancock and pressed his hands on her shoulders. He looked at her very seriously and said: “I know you are concerned about my thoughts, and you don’t even consider yours… But I want to know your thoughts? Can’t I?”
Roja said to Hancock who was standing there, no one had ever said anything like this to her. All people in her eyes were ugly. She didn’t want anyone to know her secret, and anyone who did, she turned him to stone.
Only Roja, it’s the only time she heard this from someone.
“Well, Go and take a bath.”
Roja looked at Hancock’s vacant face, chuckled and squeezed her face.
Hancock’s room and Many other rooms were destroyed before, because of Roja. But there were all rebuilt now.
Roja sat in her room casually while holding Sen Maboroshi.
“The Shinigami mode and my Zanpakuto couldn’t be seen by normal people In this world… Their soul is too weak so they couldn’t see.”
Roja whispered in his heart.
And in this word although no one can compare with Roja in soul power, even someone as Big Mom couldn’t contend with him in soul powers.
In addition, even if they can’t see it using their eyes, they could see it using their Kenbunshoku Haki.
“It’s just… Those two worlds are different. After all, although I haven’t gone to Bleach’s world, I can feel that the souls of the people in this world are completely different than those in Bleach’s world.”
“They are simply different…”
Roja was sinking into his thoughts. His soul was stronger than anyone’s in this world. But even if his soul was weakened to the power of one from this world, he wouldn’t be as weak.
After all, he was someone who was transmigrated.
“Anyway, it’s time to try.”
Just as he thought so, the door to the room opened. Hancock was wearing a bath towel as she entered the room and glanced toward Roja.
After she looked at him, she noticed the sword in Roja’s hands. She couldn’t help but ask curiously: “Is that your weapon?”
Hancock wouldn’t care about swords, but the one in Roja’s hand made her ask instinctively.
Even Hancock felt that her fruit ability won’t be able to turn this sword to stone.
“Well, it’s called Sen Maboroshi, it’s my Zanpakuto…”
Roja nodded his head toward Hancock and didn’t explain further. Instead, Hancock’s body lowered slightly showing more skin.
Hancock didn’t mind Roja there and directly went to the side. she picked up a piece of clothing and threw the towel aside ready to start changing.
She really started changing in front of him.
Roja couldn’t help but cough after he saw Hancock throwing away the towel, he really couldn’t completely resist her charm.
However since he couldn’t ignore it, he just stared and appreciated the view.
After Hancock got dressed, Roja walked next to her with Sen Maboroshi in his hand and said: “Hancock, I would like to try something with you?”
Hancock definitively didn’t know what Roja wanted to do. When she heard his words, she instantly thought about something shameful. Her face turned completely red, she laid on the bed while she looked at Roja shyly.
“Roja you want…”
Roja heard Hancock’s words and almost couldn’t hold the blood from coming from his nose. He looked at Hancock appearance. He still couldn’t understand why she thought about that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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