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G.O.S.S Chapter 249: Power Up

Half a day later, Roja leaned heavily on the soft couch inside Hancock’s room and Hancock sat next to him supporting him lightly.
At the moment, she looked different than before.
Although there was no change to her appearance, her temperament and charm seem to have increased by at least 10%.
“Unfortunately, it isn’t enough…”
Roja tried to make Hancock into a Shinigami but he encountered a problem in the process of doing so which made Hancock’s soul unable to transform into a Shinigami.
Fortunately, his effort didn’t go to waste as Hancock’s soul got stronger than before.
First of all, her charm and temperament increased due to the increase in her soul power. Before she would have to use too much of her mental powers to control the mero mero no mi.
Luffy said that except his brain everything else is rubber.
You can say that soul power made her brain stronger which led to her fruit getting stronger as well.
Hancock’s ability was strong already, a vice admiral would hardly resist her even with Haki and now even people with the same strength as Jack and Doflamingo would find it hard to defend against her.
And because her charm and temperament increased, She absorbed some of Roja’s Reiatsu, which was equivalent to merging her soul with Roja making them feel connected.
It was as though they were in the same body and the power of the Mero Mero no Mi lost its effectiveness of Roja completely.
In addition to the fruit ability, with the increase in soul power, Hancock’s Kenbunshoko, Busoshoku, and Haoshoku Haki are stronger now.
All three types of Haki got stronger, Other than physical strength everything else is stronger.
Now Hancock was as strong as a Quasi Admiral, even when she is placed with them she would be on the top.
“Roja how are you?”
At this time, Hancock didn’t feel joy even as she got stronger. Instead, she was extremely worried about Roja as he laid in her arms.
“I’m Fine, I just overdone it a little, I will recover after a break.”
Roja smiled at her and signaled that he was alright. He just exhausted his Reiatsu and needed a little rest.
But although Roja didn’t care about the Reiatsu used, he used at least 70% of his power but Hancock couldn’t absorb much of it, it’s as if her body already reached the limit and couldn’t break through the shackles.
Roja had Sen Maboroshi and could break the chain, but she didn’t.
“Is it really okay?”
Hancock’s face was full of worry. She felt that if she wasn’t so weak, Roja wouldn’t need to exhaust himself like this.
Although Roja said that he is okay, in her opinion she made Roja this tired because she was weak.
Roja looked at her concerned gaze and couldn’t help but smile. He reached out his hand and squeezed her cheeks as he said: “It’s worth it if it is something for you.”
When Hancock her his words, she was moved and she didn’t know what to say.
Her eyes suddenly turned wet and crystal tears fell off.
Now she wasn’t the pirate empress, she was just a girl, a very normal girl.
“Cry, cry all you want, you will feel better.”
Roja’s face showed a hint of helplessness. It was rare for Hancock to cry. Even when he entered the bath by accident, she didn’t cry.
He sat upright and reached to wipe the tears from her eyes.
Hancock was still crying as her voice shook.
“I’m sorry… I don’t deserve you… I’m a runaway slave, as long as you are willing to stay with me…”
When Roja heard this he looked at her eyes that were full of tears and said.
“Hancock, don’t ever say anything like that again.”
Hancock’s was messy, and her face was all wet due to her tears, even so, her tears still couldn’t stop rolling down.
No one had ever treated Hancock so well before, especially after she closed her heart. Roja was so good to her that she felt scared.
She was scared of losing him.
This is her most fragile side. Losing Roja was more terrible to her than being a celestial Dragon’s slave. She couldn’t afford to lose him.
Roja directly looked at her eyes and saw what she was thinking, He suddenly said gently.
“I won’t leave you, I never will.”
This sentence took effect directly. Hancock directly hugged Roja while her tears still coming out.
No one came to disturb them.
Roja made everyone faint so no one could see Hancock cry.
After a long time, Hancock finally calmed down.
Roja’s clothes were soaked with her tears, But Roja didn’t care about that picked up a handkerchief and wiped Hancock’s cheeks and tears from her eyes then smiled at her.
“You are really gorgeous.”
Hancock looked at Roja with some traces of tears in her eyes. She didn’t know what to say. But she didn’t need to say anything as her eyes told Roja everything.
Roja touched her little face and smiled gently.
“Okay, stop crying.”
After that Roja yawned and finally showed a tired look, then he leaned in Hancock’s arm and said.
“Let me sleep for a little bit.”
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