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G.O.S.S Chapter 250: Kenbunshoku Haki extremity

Half a Month later, on top of a mountain behind the Amazon lily, Roja was sitting leisurely as he closed his eyes in meditation.
At this time from the bottom of the island, a figure flew up step by step on the air.
“Sure enough, learning the Moon Walk is easy for you.”
Roja opened his eyes and looked at Hancock who smiled back at him.
What Hancock was using is the Moon Walk of the Marine. She used her legs pretty well before so learning Moon Walk took her half a month.
With the Moon Walk, she won’t be struggling when she is about to fall into the sea.
“It’s all because of you Roja.”
Hancock smiled, in the two weeks with Roja, she was behaving a lot better. She wasn’t the same person on the original story. This simple dialogue with Roja made her blush and her head was filled with fantasies.
Roja looked at Hancock walking over, he smiled and reached out with his hand, Hancock blushed even more and walked over and sat beside him.
Hancock looked at Roja with concern as she said: “The Moon Walk is a technique of the Marine. Won’t this give you trouble?”
“It’s Okay.”
Roja chuckled, the Six techniques of the Marine weren’t a secret. Even if they were secret techniques so what?
Don’t mention teaching Hancock those techniques, even if he were to marry Hancock in Marijois no one can stop him from doing so.
Overbearing strength requires invincible mentality. Even if he can’t flatten the world right now, there was no one who can defeat him in this world.
Hancock nodded her head gently, but she still decided to not use this technique too much, she would only use it when necessary so she won’t cause any trouble for Roja.
Roja embraced Hancock in his arms as the two sat on top of the mountain.
They were extremely relaxed, Roja felt that he was experiencing an out of body experience, he felt like he saw many things he couldn’t see before.
“This is…”
Roja was stunned as he woke up from that state.
“What happened?”
Hancock looked at Roja curiously. She clearly felt that Roja discovered something.
Roja didn’t reply, instead, he emptied his mind once again. He entered that state unintentionally before, but that was the realm that Roja was pursuing all along.
Roja couldn’t enter this state before, but he didn’t know why when he did enter it now he felt that he could enter it again. Roja suddenly forced this feeling down and took the initiative to enter this state again.
Silently, there was no change to Roja’s appearance, but his eyes suddenly seemed to turn deeper.
He looked at the big tree in the distance and said: “Three leaves will fall.”
At the moment when the voice fell, a breeze blew and three leaves fell from that tree.
Immediately afterward, he turned to look at Hancock and said: “You will ask me how I knew?”
This didn’t make Hancock surprised anymore. She was terrified, because what Roja aid is right. She was indeed ready to ask just now.
For this situation, A thought suddenly appeared inside Hancock’s head.
This is… The extremity of the Kenbunshoku Haki!!
After all, she was the empress of the Amazon lily. She inherited the way to practice Haki from the previous empress. There were records of this level.
Roja looked at Hancock and seemed to know what she was going to say next. He smiled and said: “This should be it, the most advanced level of the Kenbunshoku Haki, I can see the future for a short while using it.”
It was really harder than he expected.
Since he annihilated the Big mom he started practicing in order to reach this level. Although his Kenbunshoku seemed to get more and more powerful, he couldn’t see the future.
While he was on Amazon lily, Roja taught Moon Walk to Hancock and practiced Kenbunshoku Haki. He always closed his eyes and used it to see the world.
After some time, he succeeded.
His soul was many times stronger than other people, so when practiced Haki it was more effective than anyone else. When Roja put his thought to practice something, he will definitively succeed in the end.
Finally, he mastered it.
Hancock looked at Roja in surprise and couldn’t help but say: “Seeing the Future… I am afraid there are only a handful of people who achieved that before.”
She was talented in practicing Haki, coupled with her hard work and the inherited knowledge but she didn’t get to that point, she knew how difficult reaching this level was.
This cannot be done without hard work.
To have the ability to see the future, talent, and hard work can’t be lacking.
Roja looked at Hancock and said with a smile: “Ha ha ha, don’t forget who I am, I am the strongest person in the sea, seeing the future… It’s a piece of cake.”
If it was any other person, Hancock would’ve directly turned him to stone right now.
But Hancock grinned and softly said: “Of course, this kind of thing isn’t difficult for you.”
Roja smiled and kissed Hancock on her cheek.
Hancock was accustomed to Roja. under his ‘Training’ kissing her on the cheek wasn’t as difficult anymore. Hancock blushed and fell into Roja’s hands.
Treating other people with arrogance was the way of this empress, but she can’t put any resistance in front of Roja which was her lovely man.
Finally getting the ability to see the Future, Roja was in a good mood. At this time, Roja’s Den Den Mushi rang without a warning.
The ringing made Hancock recover from her shyness as she glanced at Roja.
Roja exposed a touch of helplessness as he patiently took his Den Den Mushi and responded.
“Hey? What’s up?”
“Roja-sama, the blind person you have been asking about has been found.”


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